Insiders – Still an organization’s biggest silent cybersecurity threat

Read why Danielle Jackson says that insiders still form the greatest cyber risk to any organisation on Information Management : The largest and most notorious data breaches of our time, such as Yahoo and Target, are credited to the work of sophisticated cybercriminals. In these cases, attackers infiltrated the system and caused mass chaos among […]

Cyber-security Must Focus On The Human Point

Read Moumita Deb Choudhury’s article about why cyber security must focus on the human point on CXO Today : A dramatic shift has already taken place in the enterprise technology world. With Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence occupying the center stage, there has been an increased focus on security. For enterprises, securing devices […]

Security Awareness: How to Make Your Weakest Link Part of Your Defense

Read Reto Zeidler explain how companies can make their weakest link a part of the cyber defense on Security Intelligence : While the origin of the recent WannaCry exploit is still under investigation, there is no doubt that humans remain the weakest link in the chain of defense against cyberattacks. According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence […]

3 types of employees that can cause a data breach

When it comes to cybercrime, it’s easy to imagine that the biggest threat to your company is external. However, more and more companies are realizing that trusted and trained employees can also pose an enormous threat. Indeed, a recent report by Haystax Technology discovered that 74% of organizations questioned “feel vulnerable to insider threats,” with […]

Cyber security: Why you should fear insider threats

Read why says Martijn Verbree that companies need to fear about insider threats on Management Today : The cyber threat. It’s becoming a never-ending game in which criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated, continually raising the bar for companies to defend against. Cyber crime has become a whole industry of its own now: it’s what some people […]

Human Error and Cybersecurity: 4 Ways to Mitigate the Risk

Read  Andrew Vest’s article about how companies can mitigate human error cyber security risks on Huffington Post : We are fighting a cyber war right now, and humans who make mistakes often unwittingly create opportunities for cyberhackers to exploit. Over the past several years, I’ve developed a healthy appreciation for the importance of keeping highly […]

95 per cent of organisations have employees seeking to bypass security controls

The insider threat issue is well understood and something that countless surveys have shown poses almost as big a risk to an organisation’s data security as external attackers. A report from Dtex last month offers a slightly different look at the problem by highlighting some of the clues that organisations should be looking for to detect […]

People are still the biggest threat to cyber-security

People are the biggest threat when it comes to enterprise cyber-security, not technology or processes. This is according to a new report by The Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), which says there are a couple of ways people are putting organisations at cyber risk. Read about the new report by The Institute of Information Security […]

Bank data breaches are up, and it’s an insider job

There have been many high-profile bank breaches in the news of late, and much of the blame has been laid on these institutions’ legacy operating systems, and their inability to cope with new forms of cyberattacks, including breaches. Read about the new report by IBM’s X-Force Research which reveals that banking sector data breaches are up […]

Profiling The Insider Threat – Breaking Down a Complex Security Term

Read Dr Jamie Graves’ article about how to deal with insider threats on Infosec Magazine  : From a disgruntled employee looking to destroy IP, or an opportunist looking to make money by selling data, all the way to a security-naïve worker that might unwittingly let criminals into your network without knowing it, there are dozens of […]