Profiling The Insider Threat – Breaking Down a Complex Security Term

Read Dr Jamie Graves’ article about how to deal with insider threats on Infosec Magazine  : From a disgruntled employee looking to destroy IP, or an opportunist looking to make money by selling data, all the way to a security-naïve worker that might unwittingly let criminals into your network without knowing it, there are dozens of […]

Safeguard Email From Internal and External Threats

Email continues to be a major source of cyber-attacks, and security and risk officers need to be more aware of both outside attackers and internal threats, says a recent study. The report, “Don’t Just Look Externally for Security Threats,” points to three groups responsible for these threats: external attacks that have compromised internal accounts. Read/see […]

The Human Factor: The unspoken threat in cybersecurity

Read Israel Levy’s article about the human factor in cyber security and why it is the unspoken threat on IT Pro Portal : Ever since there have been humans, there have been human errors – and some of them have been whoppers (like the Japanese trader’s “fat finger” trading error that cost his company $600 […]

95% of Organizations Have Employees Seeking to Bypass Security Controls

The insider threat issue is well-understood and something that countless surveys have shown poses almost as big a risk to enterprise data security as external attackers. A report from Dtex this week offers a slightly different look at the problem by highlighting some of the clues that organizations should be looking for to detect and stop […]

Detecting insider threats is easier than you think

Read Ryan Francis’ article about how companies can detect insider threats on CSO Online : When it came to the physical plant, it used to be easy with surveillance cameras and access badges to tell if an insider was up to no good. Now with a more virtual network, you can’t always know if the […]

Why your employees are integral to tackling cyber threat

Read why Sinead Watts says that employees are a integral part of any cyber defense strategy of an organisation on Belfast Telegraph : In a recent article, I addressed the risks to a company from within. There are also inherent external threats that, as technology advances, become more sophisticated and difficult to spot internally. Read […]

Insider Threat Fear Greater Than Ever, Survey Shows

Despite continued spending on security measures for controlling and monitoring access to sensitive data, more organizations than ever feel vulnerable to breaches caused by insiders with legitimate access to enterprise systems. Read more about the survey conducted for  Haystax Technology by LinkedIn’s Information Security Community and Crowd Research Partners which reveals that 74 percent of […]

European CISOs facing challenge to protect employee data

Global cyber security company Forcepoint has today unveiled research showing that 35% of employees across the UK, France, Germany and Italy admit to have been involved in a security breach, presenting regional CISOs with a significant challenge when it comes to protecting company data. Read more about new report by Forcepoint which reveals that European […]

Passwords: Workers say they will hand them over for next to nothing

A cyberattack could cost an organisation millions, but an employee within your company might be willing to give an outsider access to sensitive information via their login credentials for under £200. Read about the new report examining insider threats by Forcepoint which reveals that 14 percent of European employees claimed they would sell their work […]

New York data breaches rise by 60% due to hacking and insiders

New York data breaches have reached new heights according to the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Security breaches skyrocketed by 60 percent in 2016. Firms reported 1,300 breach incidents involving the data of 1.6 million New York state residents. Hacking was the prime cause, appearing in 40 percent of reports. Read about the latest report by […]