OCR Warns Health Care Industry of Risks with Previous Employees

In its November newsletter, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) made a great point that we are seeing in the industry—the risks associated with previous employees. Read the full article here. Cognitio’s Context:  We are seeing a disturbing insider threat trend impacting operations and causing corporate harm in the days leading up to an employee’s departure […]

Human factor: The Blindspot in Cybersecurity

As a major international centre for trade, finance and logistics, a cyberattack on Singapore’s network could potentially impact the wider regional and global economy. Despite the rapidly changing face of cyberattacks in this digital age, many logistics companies continue to rely heavily on traditional programmes and tools to tighten their security infrastructures.  Read the full […]

IoT Is Another Insider Cyber Security Threat To Consider

IoT devices are increasingly being considered, or adopted, by organizations which were already facing enduring risks from malicious and non-malicious insiders. This expands and further complicates the attack surface that IT teams must defend. Read more on this technical insider risk from Dave Palmer, the director of technology and co-founder of Darktrace, in his interview with […]

NSA Contractor Charged in Leaking Russian Hacking Document

A strategic approach to mitigating insider risk includes careful consideration of technical data, user behavior insights, and individual, motivational attributes.  The recent arrest and charging of a 25-year old federal contractor with removing classified information from the NSA and mailing it to an online news outlet, the Intercept, is another example of why organizations should […]