Cyber security threats at all-time high

Be it the WannaCry” attack in May, or the “Petya” attack with early this week, recent cyber attacks show just how devastating their impact is on business and infrastructure. Here’s a look what some of the worst attacks in recent years, what causes them and how cyber security threats are on the rise the world […]

How cyber insurance helps you deal with a data breach [Infographic]

Data breach is a phenomenon every company hates yet we hear about data breaches so frequently. Not only a data breach can financially wreak a havoc on a companies’ finances, it can also seriously damage its public image and goodwill. Read more about how cyber insurance can help companies deal with a data breach on […]

Tracking Hacking: The World’s Biggest Data Breaches

The graphic below shows a timeline of some of the biggest data breaches on record. Each bubble represents the number of records lost in any given breach, with the most sensitive data clustered toward the right side. Read/see the infographic explaining the world’s biggest data breaches on Visual Capitalist.

Three shades of hackers: The differences among the white, grey, and black hats

The infographic below provides good, entertaining definitions of the terms white hat, grey hat and black hat hackers courtesy of Exigent Networks. As the infographic explains, there are some, well, grey areas between categories—for example, there is sometimes a fine line between grey hats and black hats. Read/see the infographic explaining the three shades of […]

Who’s behind data breaches globally & what tactics do they use [Infographic]

Cyberespionage is now the most common type of attack seen in manufacturing, the public sector and now education, according to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report. Read/see the analysis of Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report about how data breaches occur and who is behind them on Economic Times.

How Data Breaches can Ruin CX for your Startup

Over the past few years, businesses moved from old fax machines and landlines to IP PBX systems and VoIP as the main methods of business communication. Despite the obvious advantages (speed and quality), these communication platforms are still vulnerable to hacks and breaches that can potentially place sensitive customer data into the wrong hands. Read/see […]

Mobile working a major cause of data breaches (Infographic)

New research has highlighted how organisations are failing to protect data properly, especially when utilising mobile working. The study, conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by hardware-encrypted USB drive specialist Apricorn, found that 29% of surveyed organisations have already experienced either a data loss or breach as a direct result of mobile working. Read/see the infographic […]

Cybersecurity and Hacking Concerns for Today’s Cars and Tomorrow’s Driverless Vehicles

Cyber thieves have made international headlines of late with the theft of millions of people’s financial data through credit and debit cards. And those same hackers have gotten into personal computers too, either through direct access or viruses spread through email. But have you thought about another potential risk for your personal safety and data—your […]

10 Biggest Cyber Crimes And Data Breaches

You may not think you’re at risk of a cyber-attack, but in today’s digital world, it’s a huge problem. Hackers can learn anything about you by stealing data, such as social security numbers, computer passwords, credit card information, health care data, bank account information, and more. Read/see the infographic explaining the 10 biggest cyber crimes […]

What Happens When Our Greatest Cybersecurity Threats Come From Inside?

Outside threats such as cybercriminals, nation state-sponsored attacks, competition-sponsored attacks, and hacktivists are certainly more sophisticated in their approaches, but they also lack the credentials and information that insiders may hold. For that reason, the most likely root cause of data breaches involve both insider and outsider threats together. Read/see the infographic explaining the top […]