Colocation Should Be Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Read Chris Schwarz’s article about why colocation should be a part of any organization’s disaster recovery plan on Techspective : Catastrophic failures are, by definition, unpredictable. It is, however, safe to predict that at some point in the life of a company, it will suffer a failure of its primary infrastructure. Read his full article here.

Small business needs cyber security plan

Many small- and medium-sized businesses could be at risk of losing money and customers because they don’t have a cyber security plan. Only 13 per cent of small businesses have a plan to protect their money and valuable client data, according to a monthly survey of 400 small business owners by online business management solutions provider […]

Data breach: What if it’s you?

While most people worry about their credit card information being stolen, true identity theft that involves names, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers or Social Security numbers is a much bigger headache. Read what you can do if you get a data breach on Express News.

Equifax’s Crisis Response Strategy: What You Need To Know

Read Melissa Agnes explain how Equifax’s crisis response strategy failed on Forbes : Cybersecurity crises are a high-risk scenario that threaten every single organization today. It’s a scary scenario. One that is very difficult to manage, as it involves many grey zones and unknowns, which can be frustrating for both the organization and its impacted stakeholders, […]

More than half of small businesses are worried about cyber threats, survey finds

Almost 60 percent of U.S. small business owners are concerned about cybersecurity threats, according to the recently released MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index. Read about the new report by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index which reveals 59 percent of small businesses don’t have contingency plans on how to respond to a […]

Plan security to survive a disaster

Read Tom Echols’ article about how organisation’s can plan security to survive a disaster on Security Info Watch : Security doesn’t have the luxury of shutting down in the midst of a crisis. Yet in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it may be days or weeks before some Texas building facility or security directors can physically […]

Hacked? Here’s your recovery plan

Read George Cox’s incident recovery plan for hacked companies on The Spectrum : Data breaches are seemingly commonplace these days. Yahoo has especially had serious problems with them over the last year, with over 1 billion customer accounts exposed. Read his full article here.

Disaster recovery vs. security recovery plans: Why you need separate strategies

Read John Edwards explain why organisations need a separate disaster recovery and security recovery plan on CSO Online : Many enterprises blend their disaster recovery and security recovery plans into a single, neat, easy-to-sip package. But does this approach make sense? Not really, say a variety of disaster and security recovery experts, including Marko Bourne, who […]

Recovering from a Data Compromise: What should My Business Do Next?

Read Larry Brennan explain how companies can recover from a data breach on CIO Review : From major fast food chains to branches of government—and everything in between—it’s clear cyber criminals don’t discriminate when it comes to breaching businesses’ data defenses. Read his full article here.  

Cyber security: Firms underestimate ‘seismic aftershock’ of breaches

Read why Matt Smith says that organisation often underestimate the aftershock of a data breach on Director of Finance : UK businesses are overconfident in their cyber security planning and underestimate the damage of the “seismic aftershock” that occurs after a breach, according to a new report. Read his full article here.