Recovering from a Data Compromise: What should My Business Do Next?

Read Larry Brennan explain how companies can recover from a data breach on CIO Review : From major fast food chains to branches of government—and everything in between—it’s clear cyber criminals don’t discriminate when it comes to breaching businesses’ data defenses. Read his full article here.  

Cyber security: Firms underestimate ‘seismic aftershock’ of breaches

Read why Matt Smith says that organisation often underestimate the aftershock of a data breach on Director of Finance : UK businesses are overconfident in their cyber security planning and underestimate the damage of the “seismic aftershock” that occurs after a breach, according to a new report. Read his full article here.

The Best Steps in a Cyber Incident

Read Marty Puranik’s article about the best steps companies should take in case of a cyber incident on Infosec Magazine : In the wake of the recent OneLogin unauthorized data access, it has become evident that no one is safe in the cyber world. All companies are susceptible to attacks and should be prepared to […]

How to select a suitable incident response program for your organization

All organizations, regardless of how well they think their walls are fortified, will at some point fall victim to an attack. How they respond to the attack could mean the difference between recovering with minimal loss to shutting the organization down. Read/hear the podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2017 by Susan Carter of NTT […]

An Ounce of Data Breach Prevention…Address Attorney-Client Privilege in Your Breach Planning

Read why Rosemary McKenna says that every company should factor in attorney-client privilege in their data breach response plans on Data breach “horror” stories have become a new staple in today’s business environment. The frequency of attacks which threaten (or compromise) the security of business networks and information systems continually increases — in the health […]

7 things your IT disaster recovery plan should cover

Read James A. Martin list seven things every company’s IT disaster recovery plan should cover on CSO Online : Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Terrorist attacks. Cyberattacks. You know any of these could happen to your business at any time. And you’ve probably got a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place to protect your enterprise’s […]

Companies unprepared to measure incident response

Companies struggle to keep up with and respond to cyberattacks due to lack of resources, according to Demisto. For example, more than 40 percent of respondents said their organizations are not prepared to measure incident response, and only 14.5 percent of respondents are measuring MTTR (Mean Time to Respond). Read about the new report by Demisto […]

Business Challenge – Just Who’s in Charge of Data Breach Response?

Read Jim Steven’s article about who should be in charge of data breach response on BDaily : All businesses need a savvy IT department. Whether it’s one person or a consultant in a small business, or a dedicated team, businesses call on experts for the smooth operation of an organisations. Be it a minor inconvenience […]

Steps not to take after a data breach

The recent ransomware Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks brought further attention to what is a top concern at nearly every organization – cyber security. Information Management spoke with John Suit, chief technology officer at Trivalent, about the steps that organizations should not take following a data breach. Read the interview with John Suit of Trivalent who explains that […]

Creating a Healthcare Security Incident Reporting Process

Read Clyde Hewitt’s article about how healthcare organisations can create their own incident reporting process on Health IT Security : With the recent wave of ransomware attacks, hacking attempts, and unauthorized disclosures, healthcare organizations have more opportunities to exercise their incident management plans. Read his full article here.