Accelerate Incident Response with Threat Intelligence

The white paper shows how Threat Intelligence improves Incident Response (IR), as it leads to both faster escalation and faster reaction. Download the whitepaper about how companies can accelerate incident response with threat intelligence on Infosec Magazine.

Improve Incident Response with SOPs for Cyber Threat Intelligence

Read Alex Cox explain how companies can improve incident response with standard operating procedures for cyber threat intelligence on CSO Online: When it comes to improving cyber incident response, security teams can learn a valuable lesson from the military about the importance of standard operating procedures. “SOPs” document prescribed methods for carrying out an activity […]

IDC: Most Orgs Mount Ineffective Security Investigations

IDC found that half (47%) of surveyed organizations (across the US and Europe) fail to gather enough information about cyber-incidents to enable appropriate or decisive action. Firms experience an average of 40 actionable incidents per week, but only a quarter (27%) think they are coping comfortably with this workload, and a third (33%) describe themselves […]

Caught in the breach – what to do first

Security experts have been saying for more than a decade that it is “not if, but when” an organization will be hacked. So, the more relevant question, posed in the title of a panel discussion at Wednesday’s MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is: “You Were Hacked: Now What?” Read what the panel of experts at MIT Sloan CIO […]

Data Breach Acceptance Replacing Breach Prevention?

The number of records lost, stolen or compromised in data breaches jumped 86% between 2015 and 2016 even though the number of breaches worldwide dropped 4% in the same period, suggesting that hackers are aiming at organizations with big databases. Read how data breach seems to have become a norm for businesses on Credit Union […]

Data Breach Notifications: What’s Optimal Timing?

Read Mathew J. Schwartz’s article about the optimal timing of when companies should notify users and authorities of data breach incident on Bank Info Security : Question: How quickly do organizations have to notify oversight agencies or affected consumers after they suffer a data breach? Answer: It depends. “Not too soon, not too late.” Read his […]

Almost half of UK business has NO cyber security plan

Almost half of UK businesses do not have a formal cyber security strategy implemented, despite the perilous nature of the current threat landscape. Read more about the new  IoD report titled Cyber security: Ensuring business is ready for the 21st century which reveals that only 57 percent of United Kingdom businesses have a cyber security […]

Verizon’s Data Breach Digest Uses Case Studies as Security Response Teaching Tools

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is one of the most respected studies on cybersecurity, cited by security professionals and security writers regularly and throughout the year. Although the 2017 DBIR was not released at RSA – it will come out later in the spring – Verizon did introduce its Data Breach Digest — […]

Do you have a cyber A-team?

Read Jeremy King’s article about why every organisation should have a A-team for any cyber security incident on CSO Online : Only experienced executives can create and improve a risk management, threat mitigation and cyber defense plan. And only people can implement and execute that plan. In a people-process-technology equation, without top talent nothing improves. The […]

What’s The Deal With Digital Forensics, Incident Response, And Attribution?

Read Andy Patel explain how the digital forensics, incident response and attribution can help a company against cyber attacks on F-Secure Blog : After several high-profile cyber attacks made big news headlines this year, it’s become evident to me, through online commentary, that there’s some confusion in the public space about how incident response services […]