Incident Response: Your Last Line of Cybersecurity Defence

In 2018, no executive that reads the papers can be unaware of the cybersecurity risks facing their organisation. With the size and frequency of data breaches increasing, companies should be prepared to handle one when it happens. The best way to cope with a security incident is to hit the ground running. A well-structured, efficient […]

Three Mistakes in Responding to Security Incidents, and What To Do Instead

It’s all about time; responding promptly to the threat of any cyber incident is the most important part of any response. However, according to a recent white paper from security consultant Derek A. Smith: “Effective Incident Response Through User Activity Monitoring.” Read more about the new white paper by security consultant Derek A. Smith which takes […]

What it takes to be a security incident responder

Read Bob Violino list the skills that the personnel in charge of security incident response team needs on CSO Online : Cyber security response teams are keeping busy these days, with an abundance of hacking and other attacks launched against organizations on a regular basis. The professionals who make up these teams are skilled in […]

Dealing with a data breach

Read James P. Harris’ article about how companies can deal with a data breach on NH Business Review : Most people loathe the annual ritual of filing a tax return. Compounding that unpleasantness, a number of filers attempting to file a tax return only are notified by the Internal Revenue Service that someone else has […]