Identity management the new ‘perimeter’ for hospital cybersecurity

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about how identity management is the new perimeter for hospital cyber security on Healthcare IT News : Protecting a hospital network’s perimeter used to be the guiding principle for security professionals, but today they must focus more on managing the identities of every user, said John Houston, vice president of information security […]

Securing the Digital Economy With Federated Identity Management

Read Marko Tmusic’s article about how to secure businesses with federated identity management system on Security Intelligence : As the global digital economy grows, the number of digital identities rises, and so does the need to protect and manage how personal information is collected, used and distributed. Managing digital identities is key in the online world […]

Is it OK to monitor privileged users?

Read Mathew Ravden take a look at whether it is OK for companies to spy on their privileged users on SC Magazine : It’s the billion-dollar question ‘du jour.’ Was Edward Snowden a villain or a hero?  He believed the U.S. government was abusing its powers by excessively monitoring its citizens. Some consider him a voice of […]

Why you should re-engineer your approach to Identity and Access Management

Read way Gabriel Wilson says that companies should re-engineer their approach to identity and access management on  IT Pro Portal : With the growing number of business applications and services moving to the cloud and the increase of mobile working, controlling and securing the access to data and applications is becoming more and more challenging. […]

Microsoft Execs: Identity, Threat Intelligence Driving Company’s Security Strategy

In November 2015, Microsoft shared the details of its $1B investment in a new integrated security strategy across its portfolio of products and services including Windows, Office, and Azure. The funds were allocated toward initiatives such as doubling the number of security executives and launching the Microsoft Enterprise Cybersecurity Group (ECG) and Cyber Defense Operations Center […]

Context is Key to Identity and Access Management When Securing a Mobile Workforce

Read why Richard Walters says that context is the key to identity and access management when security a mobile platform workforce on Information Security Buzz : As the workforce becomes more mobile and more critical enterprise applications are hosted in the cloud, identity and access management (IAM) grows increasingly important to help assure secure remote […]

2016 Identity & Access Management Study

According to Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations study, more than 60 percent of the most recent breaches resulted from default, stolen or weak passwords. And most of the high-profile breaches of recent times – Target, JPMorgan Chase, Anthem to name a few – were caused by a breach of privileged access. What is your organization […]

Let’s stop talking password flaws and instead discuss access management

Read why Dean Wiech says that companies should focus on access management instead of identifying password flaws on Help Net Security : A good bit of attention has been given to a new report that suggests that there are organizations that don’t change their administrative passwords at all, ever. Read his full article here.

Identity and access management still a concern when it comes to breaches

Hackers are still using weak credentials and identity and access management policies to gain access to systems and cause havoc. Read more about the new Cloud Security Alliance released The Treacherous Twelve: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016 report which reveals that identity and access management are one of the top reasons for data breach on […]

How to Get Identity Authentication Right

A criminal logs on to your systems, carries out a fraudulent high-value transaction and disappears into the ether. That nightmare scenario could end up costing your organization lots of money. So how do you prevent criminals from ripping off your organization in this way? Read about how to get your Identity Management system right on […]