Combining Technology to Combat Cyber Threats

Read  Stephanie Neil’s article about how companies are combining technology to combat cyber threats on Automation World : As cyber threats become more complex, industrial control systems (ICS) are even more vulnerable to attack. To that end, plant floor security can’t be handled the same way as it is in the enterprise where all the […]

The next big hacking threat is already happening—you just can’t see it

Read Chris Baraniuk’s article about the industrial and public key infrastructure cyber security on Quartz : The industrial hack is a well-known trope of the silver screen. In just a few keystrokes, an evil computer whiz with a vague accent gains access to a sensitive system. They press enter, a nuclear power plant explodes—and you […]

Three Questions Every ICS Security Team Should Ask

Read Barak Perelman explain the three questions every ICS security should ask on Security Week : Securing ICS networks is an extremely challenging task. Primarily because they lack many of the threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities commonly found in IT infrastructures. To put ICS security in context, let’s consider the top three questions every organization […]

Overload: Critical Lessons from 15 Years of ICS Vulnerabilities

In the past several years, a flood of vulnerabilities has hit industrial control systems (ICS) – the technological backbone of electric grids, water supplies, and production lines. These vulnerabilities affect the reliable operation of sensors, programmable controllers, software and networking equipment used to automate and monitor the physical processes that keep our modern world running. […]

Five myths of industrial control system security

Despite growing awareness of cyber-based attacks on industrial control systems, many IT security models continue to adhere to the outdated belief that physically isolating systems and ‘security by obscurity’ is enough, says David Emm. Read more about the five myths of industrial control system security on SC Magazine.

Paying Attention to Critical Controls

International organizations such as the Australia DSD, the European Commission and the US NSA have developed their lists of top mitigations and actions they consider necessary for organizations and governments to implement. It has been further established by the international information security community that the twenty critical security controls are the top relevant guidelines for […]

Defending Industrial Ethernet Switches Is Not Easy, But Doable

Read why Rutrell Yasin says that though defending industrial ethernet switches is not easy, it is doable on Dark Reading : A team of researchers who found a slew of vulnerabilities across five models of Industrial Ethernet Switches said that the SCADA community can monitor for and respond to vulnerabilities in their network devices and do […]

Beyond the Basics of ICS Security – Getting It Right From the Start

Larry Vandenaweele explains the fundamentals of ICS security on Trip Wire : The Internet of Things is gradually but very surely creeping in to impact every sphere of modern life. And that goes as much for people as for business, as much for new industries as for incumbent sectors. This network of physical objects has […]

One-Third of Industrial Control Systems Breached in Last Twelve Months

According to a report from SANS on the state of Industrial Control System (ICS) security, one-third of respondents (34%) said their systems had been infiltrated or infected in an attack at least twice in the last twelve months. Of the organizations breached, nearly half (44%) said they were unable to identify the source of the […]

Hacking oil and gas control systems: Understanding the cyber risk

In a “60 Minutes” interview that aired on Feb. 8, 2015, Dan Kaufman, a former video game developer, who now works for the U.S. Dept. of Defense to secure the Internet, demonstrated how to take control of an automobile’s computer system to the point that he gained complete control of acceleration, braking—even the horn—via the […]