Insiders, hackers causing bulk of 2017 healthcare data breaches

Ransomware and hacking incidents plagued 2016, and this year is no different, with the latest Protenus Breach Barometer midyear report finding that 2017 is on pace to exceed last year’s rate of one breach per day. Read about the new Protenus Breach Barometer midyear report which found that insider threats and hacking attacks caused majority of […]

Appeals court rules health insurance breach victims can sue providers

The tides may be turning in favor of data breach victims after an appeals court Tuesday ruled a health insurance company’s customers could sue the provider after a data breach. Read about the new verdict given by an appeals court in United States which allows health insurance data breach victims to sue their providers on […]

Report: Healthcare Orgs not Keeping Up with Daily Cybersecurity Threats

Far fewer cybersecurity alerts are being investigated than healthcare security leaders may believe, according to a recent report from Cisco. The Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity report was released last month and spans across a variety of industries. Related to healthcare, the multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, Calif. revealed an array of findings. Read about the new Cisco […]

Healthcare Execs Report Rise in Data Breaches and HIPAA Violations

A survey of IT healthcare executives found that 47% have suffered a data breach or violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) at their organization this year, compared to 37% in 2015. Read more about the  KPMG 2017 Cyber Healthcare & Life Sciences Survey released today which reveals that nearly half of […]

How hospitals can shore up cybersecurity on a ‘skinny’ budget

Read Jessica Davis explain how healthcare firms can shore up their cyber security which shoestring budget on Healthcare IT News : Hospital infosec pros are battling a rise in increasingly sophisticated hacker and cyber attacks while simultaneously struggling amid a security staffing crisis. And if that scenario wasn’t hard enough, many are also operating on […]

Hospitals Face Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Read why Lauren Silvermans says that hospitals are facing the brunt of growing cyber attacks on NPR : In the neonatal intensive care unit of Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, a father is rocking a baby attached to a heart monitor. While doctors roam the halls trying to prevent infections, Chief Information Officer […]

HHS Updates HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool, Empowers Consumers

The recently updated HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool (HBRT) will highlight recent healthcare data breaches and help consumers learn how such incidents are investigated, according to OCR. Read about the newly updated online HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool designed to help consumers find out more information on healthcare data breaches on Health IT Security.

Defending against dark web-fueled attacks calls for research, strategy

Read Greg Arnette’s article about why CISOs and CSO should understand the dark web to defend their firms against cyber attacks on Healthcare IT News : Unlike the visible web, what most people experience as the internet, there is the deep web – a part of the internet not indexed by search engines and without […]

How healthcare IT decision makers approach IoT security

More than 90% of healthcare IT networks have IoT devices connected to them. Over 70% of IT departments believe that the traditional security solutions used to secure laptops and servers are sufficient to secure IoT connected medical devices, according to a new ZingBox survey. Read about the new survey by ZingBox which reveals how healthcare […]

Hacking Continues to Cause Majority of Reported Data Breaches

Through June 2017 there has been a 29 percent increase from 2016 in US reported data breaches, according to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout. Overall, the number of breaches could hit a 37 percent annual increase over 2016, rising from 1,093 total breaches to 1,500, the study found. Read about […]