Medical devices at SEVERE risk of hack attacks

Regulators and medical device manufacturers are expecting a wave of attacks targeting medical devices, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is worried.This expected frenzy of attacks on the healthcare sector is nothing new, with outdated security infrastructure and copious amounts of personal information it is the perfect target for hackers. Read about the latest […]

Healthcare CEOs start taking action against cyber threats

Healthcare CEOs have started taking action against cyber threats. Results of PwC’s 20th Annual Global CEO Survey reveals that 63 percent of top executives in the healthcare sector are addressing breaches in data security and ethics, higher than the global average of 53 percent. Read more about the latest PwC’s 20th Annual Global CEO Survey which […]

The frightening new frontier for hackers: Your medical records

If you’ve ever had your credit card or bank account hacked, consider this grim new statistic: By 2024, everyone in the U.S. will have had their health care data compromised if online theft keeps accelerating at the current pace. Read how medical records are becoming favoured targets for cyber criminals and hackers on Chicago Business.

Teaching Hospitals at Greater Data Breach Risk

A research on data breaches at hospitals has revealed that those with major teaching facilities and more beds were at greater breach risk, says a Johns Hopkins University report. Conducted by Ge Bai of John Hopkins Carey Business School, the study examined federal Department of Health and Human Services’ data breach statistics of health facilities […]

Public-private partnership key to countering healthcare cyber threats

Read why Greg Slabodkin says that public-private partnership is the key to counter healthcare cyber threats on Health Data Management : If the healthcare industry is to effectively combat the growing threats to its sensitive health data, the besieged sector must strengthen public-private partnerships to more actively coordinate cybersecurity among stakeholders. Read his full article […]

5 data breaches healthcare providers will find frightening

You’ve probably read about some truly malicious data breaches. But let’s talk about the genuinely terrifying topic of healthcare data breaches. Why would hackers care about John Doe’s blood pressure log, the heart medication he takes or the genetic mutation he carries that makes him prone to cancer? Read about the five frightening data healthcare […]

Healthcare Data Breach Risk Higher in Larger Facilities

Having greater access to healthcare data, which is common in larger hospitals and teaching-focused facilities, can create a higher data breach risk, according to a recent study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. Read more about the new report by JAMA Internal Medicine which reveals that larger healthcare facilities are at greater data breach on Health […]

Risk of Data Breaches at Hospitals Is Greater at Larger Facilities and Those with Major Teaching Mission, Johns Hopkins Researcher Finds

The risk of data breaches at U.S. hospitals is associated with larger facilities and hospitals that have a major teaching mission, according to a study published online today by JAMA Internal Medicine. Read about the new study by JAMA Internal Medicine which reveals that hospitals are greater risk from cyber attacks than large facilities and […]

How to protect your practice when data breach hits a partner

Read Julie Knudson’s article about how healthcare practitioners can protect against data breach when their partner has been hit by a data breach on Medical Economics : A cyberattack affecting nearly 200 hospitals, clinics and independent practices—exposing an estimated 3.9 million records—occurred in 2015 when systems at NoMoreClipboard, an online patient portal and personal health […]

2016 Record Data Breach Year, Attackers Less Healthcare-Focused

There were a record number of records compromised from data breaches in 2016, growing 566 percent in 2016 from 600 million to more than 4 billion, according to a recent IBM report. Read more about the new 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index which reveals that there were a record number of data breaches in […]