Healthcare IT pros believe data is safer in the cloud

Healthcare IT professionals and executives believe overwhelmingly that when facing hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters, their organization’s data is safer in the cloud than on premises, according to Evolve IP. Read about the new report by Evolve IP which reveals that most healthcare IT pros believe that data is safer in the cloud on Help […]

What healthcare CISOs should know

Read Zeljka Zorz’s article about what every healthcare organisation CISO should know on Help Net Security : “Are we more secure today than yesterday?” is the question every healthcare organization needs to asks itself every day. in order to develop a more effective security posture, says Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks. Read her full […]

How to fix healthcare’s greatest cybersecurity weakness: People

A healthcare organization’s workforce is its greatest cybersecurity threat, but there are reliable steps organizations can take to lessen the risks, said Kurt Long, founder and CEO of FairWarning, a cybersecurity firm that protects patient information in more than 8,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. Read Kurt Long of FairWarning explain how healthcare firms can fix their […]

Healthcare data breaches skyrocket, but is there good news coming?

In 2016, 328 individual healthcare breaches occurred, surpassing the previous record of 268 in 2015, according to Bitglass’ recent Healthcare Breach Report. As a direct result of the breaches, records of approximately 16.6 million Americans were exposed due to hacks, lost or stolen devices, unauthorized disclosure and more. Read about the Bitglass’ recent Healthcare Breach […]

Healthcare Breaches Hit All-Time High in 2016

A record-breaking 328 healthcare businesses reported data breaches in 2016, surpassing the record of 268 set one year prior. Healthcare records of about 16.6 million Americans were exposed due to hacks, lost or stolen devices, unauthorized disclosure, and other activity. Read about the new  Bitglass 2017 Healthcare Breach Report which reveals that healthcare data breaches […]

Healthcare organizations’ employees pose cybersecurity risk

Despite the growth in ransomware and phishing attacks, including several well-publicized events that have resulted in data systems being held hostage, healthcare organizations are only moderately concerned that a breach will affect patient care, according to a new survey. Read more about the new survey by Level 3 which reveals that employees pose biggest cyber […]

How to Prevent Costly and Dangerous Cyberattacks

Read Greg A. Hood’s article about how businesses can prevent costly and dangerous cyber attacks on Medscape : There are two types of practices: those that have been hacked, and those that probably will be hacked. Large and small practices are vulnerable to data breaches. However, many resources are available to thwart an attack, and […]

One in eight people have suffered a healthcare data breach

A quarter of victims had their NI number compromised and 18% saw their biometric identifiers compromised, but most people trust healthcare providers with their data. One in eight consumers in England have had private medical information about them stolen from systems that lack the right level of security, according to a survey. Read more about the […]

Healthcare leaders crown employee cybersecurity awareness as primary threat concern

Most organizations use a variety of methods to mitigate cybersecurity risks, the survey reveals. Eighty-seven percent employ remote access/secure access controls, 85% use employee security awareness tactics and 75% utilize security counseling services like vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Read why most healthcare industry leaders are saying that employee awareness remains top threat concern on […]

Level 3: Low awareness and education threaten healthcare cybersecurity

Level 3 Communications found that there are two issues that are posing dangers to healthcare companies’ network security: awareness and education. Read about the new study by Level 3 Communications which found that healthcare sector cyber security is threatened by low level awareness and education on Fierce Telecom.