26% of Orgs Would Pay Ransomware After Healthcare Cyberattack

While the majority of healthcare IT and security professionals in the UK and US are confident in their organization’s ability to respond to a healthcare cyberattack, there are still some that are not sure their entity can properly respond, according to a recent survey. Read about the new survey  Infoblox titled Cybersecurity in Healthcare: The […]

Are they prepared: The healthcare industry’s fear of the cyber threat

Technology is booming in healthcare organisations with digital transformation policies leading to increased adoption of connected medical devices, big data analytics for faster and more accurate diagnoses, and paperless systems for the easy exchange of patient information. Read about the new report by Infoblox which reveals that 1 in 4 UK healthcare IT professionals aren’t confident […]

ECRI: Healthcare Ransomware, Cybersecurity Threats Top Concerns

Healthcare organizations need to understand the potential safety issues that come with medical devices and systems, according to the ECRI Institute. Healthcare ransomware threats, medical device networking flaws, and other cybersecurity threats are just some of the possible threats noted on ECRI’s latest list of health technology hazards. Read about the ECRI’s latest 2018 top 10 […]

No. 1 Patient Safety Threat? Ransomware, Cyberattacks

While dirty hospital mattresses and the failure to properly disinfect medical gear are among top safety risks posed to patients, ransomware and other cyberattacks will pose even bigger threats to patients in 2018, according to the ECRI Institute. Read about the new report by ECRI Institute which says that ransomware and cyber attacks will pose […]

Hacking medical devices is the next big security concern

Read why Jessica Twentyman says that hacking medical devices is a serious threat on Financial Times : From medical errors to superbugs, the risks during a spell in hospital can be daunting. The prospect of the medical device you are hooked being compromised by hackers is just another worry to add to the list. Read […]

Cybersecurity threats pose biggest healthcare hazard, ECRI reports

Malware attacks in healthcare can put patient safety at risk, shutting off access to records, taking down medical devices and interrupting supply chains, according to a new report from the ECRI Institute that puts ransomware and cybersecurity threats at the top of its technology hazards list for 2018. Read about the new report by ECRI […]

3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Build Better Cyberdefenses

Read Juliet Van Wagenen list three ways in which healthcare organisations can build better cyber defenses on Health Tech Magazine : Is your healthcare organization as secure as it can be? National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is upon us, and with recent cyberattacks like WannaCry and Petya proving that the healthcare industry needs to be more […]

3 Common Cybersecurity Threats to Healthcare

Read Ryan Black list three common cyber security threats to the healthcare sector on Healthcare Analytics News : Lee Kim, JD, refuses to sugarcoat it. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) cybersecurity expert said threat actors are “super technical,” and that’s bad for healthcare. “Sometimes the defenses that we have in place are […]

What Outdated Medical Devices Mean for a Network — and How to Protect Yours

Read Susan Hall’s article about how outdated medical devices could impact network security of healthcare firm on Health Tech Magazine : Despite an understanding in the healthcare community that unsecure and legacy medical devices are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks, that concern hasn’t necessarily translated into action. Read the full article here.

Education and Simulation Essential for Hospital Cybersecurity

Read Ryan Black’s article about why education and simulation are necessary for preventing healthcare data breaches on Healthcare Analytics News : Lee Kim, JD, is encouraged by healthcare’s recent cybersecurity approach. In a survey conducted by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 85% of healthcare information security professionals said their institutions performed risk assessments […]