Lessons Learned from 2016: It’s Time to Address Internal Security Threats to Health Data

Read Heather Landi’s article about how healthcare firms can address internal security threats on Healthcare Informatics : Throughout 2016, the message from cybersecurity experts has been fairly consistent and increasingly urgent—leaders at patient care organizations need to prioritize IT security. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, a recent year-in-review report on health […]

Number of U.S. healthcare data breaches almost doubles in 2016

Health care organizations in the United States lost far fewer patient records in 2016 due to cyberattacks, compared to the year before, but suffered through almost twice as many data breaches during the year. Read about the new report by Protenus which reveals that the health care industry averaged more than one data breach per day in […]

Healthcare Industry Saw 63% More Cyberattacks In 2016

A lot of exciting reports come out during this time of the year, even though the news is not always positive. The latest cyber attack report shows how the number of attacks against the healthcare industry has increased by 63% in 2016–a troublesome finding which may only grow worse as time progresses. Read more about […]

Healthcare organizations lag in digital marketing for cybersecurity strategies, study finds

Hospital executives are investigating new marketing automation channels, such as real-time computer buying, geo-fencing, text messaging and dark posts on social media, according to a new study. Read more about the new “The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare in 2017” survey which reveals that healthcare firms are far behind in deploying modern tools they […]

Balancing Cybersecurity Practices With The Realities Of Healthcare Operations

Read Reg Harnish explain how healthcare companies can balance their cyber security strategies on Forbes : A thorough risk assessment is prudent for any organization, but is particularly essential for companies in the healthcare industry. Protecting patient data is important, and failing to have robust security measures can shut down facilities and have life-or-death ramifications. Read […]

Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What’s Ahead

For the second year in a row, the vast majority of health data breach victims were affected by hacker attacks in 2016, and the trend shows no signs of abating. “Hacking is just getting rolling in healthcare, or probably more accurately, just beginning to be recognized more often,” says Mac McMillan, CEO of the security consulting […]

FDA settles guidelines for cybersecurity in medical devices

The global IoT healthcare market is forecast to reach USD 163 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 38.1%, according to MarketsandResearch. However, following the increase of cyberattacks on internet connected devices in 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration has released final guidelines and recommendations to help manufacturers build a better cybersecurity strategy and […]

Protecting Healthcare Physical Assets Containing PHI

Read why Bill Kleyman says that healthcare companies should protect their physical assets containing PHI on Health Security IT : Administrators are actively looking into more ways to protect their virtual machines, their data points, and all of those logical resources that the organization relies upon. As the healthcare entity becomes even more digitized, we must […]

New cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices tackle evolving threats

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration released its recommendations for how medical device manufacturers should maintain the security of internet-connected devices, even after they’ve entered hospitals, patient homes, or patient bodies. Unsecured devices can allow hackers to tamper with how much medication is delivered by the device — with potentially deadly results. Read about […]

Cybersecurity: What 2016 taught the healthcare industry

Read Marla Durben Hirsch’s article about what 2016 has taught the healthcare industry about cyber security on Fierce Healthcare : One of the biggest developments in EHRs and health IT in 2016—unfortunately—was the rise of cyberattacks. It’s the unintended consequence of ditching paper records for electronic, on in-house systems or in the cloud. Read her […]