How many hacks happen every minute against healthcare? More than 700,000, Fortinet says

There were more than 700,000 hacking attacks in any given minute against healthcare organizations in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a study of 450 providers around the world by the threat intelligence arm of cybersecurity vendor Fortinet. Read more about the new report by Fortinet which reveals that healthcare organisations face 70,000 cyber […]

How to achieve HIPAA compliance on AWS: A guide

Healthcare companies that are accustomed to complete control over physical systems often struggle to understand their responsibilities in a cloud environment. Who is responsible for which aspects of compliance? Can healthcare companies trust Amazon with their mission-critical apps and sensitive data? What are the rules and boundaries for AWS compliance? Read how healthcare firms can […]

Cybersecurity of medical devices: The new threat landscape

Karl West believes “medical devices are the new threat landscape.” The CISO at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah, explained that the influx of medical devices into health organizations, often without the knowledge of IT, may be adding to existing security problems. Experts agree that precautions concerning the cybersecurity of medical devices need to be […]

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously Could Save Your Business – or Even a Life!

Read Annie Pilon explain why healthcare organisations should take cyber security seriously on Biz Trends : If your business uses technology of almost any kind, you could be vulnerable to hackers. This is something that is already understood in many high-tech businesses. But in other industries that simply use technology in some capacity, cybersecurity falls […]

5 steps to take after your practice suffers a data breach

Perhaps you thought it would never happen to an office your size, or that you were protected, but it’s happened anyway: your practice’s computer systems have been compromised and patient protected health information (PHI) may be at risk. Read about the five steps healthcare organisations can take if they suffer a data breach on Medical […]

How Machine Learning Can Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity

Machine learning in healthcare cybersecurity is expected to increase spending on big data, intelligence, and analytics, according to a report by ABI Research. Cyber threats are a constant concern for enterprises and are expected to cause over one trillion dollars in damages by 2018, the report predicted. Read about the new report by ABI Research which […]

Guarding against data breaches

While hackers grab headlines, one should also worry about what employees and business partners do with their smartphones, tablets and laptops, experts tell Dermatology Times. In today’s digital climate, says Jennifer Searfoss, Esq., loss or breach of protected health information (PHI) is not a question of likelihood – “It’s a certainty. Read expert opinion about how […]

HITRUST compiles Threat Catalogue to help healthcare orgs prioritize cybersecurity risks

In an effort to improve visibility into data security threats and help healthcare organizations manage security strategies with that knowledge, HITRUST has put together what it calls a Threat Catalogue, based on risk factors and controls of its Common Security Framework. Read about the new Threat Catalog compiled by HITRUST to help healthcare firms prioritize cyber security on […]

Hospitals as Cyber-Targets: How to Prepare for the Inevitable Data Breach

Read Christina Hernandez Sherwood’s article about how healthcare organisations can prepare for the inevitable data breach on Cardiovascular Business : Just a month after one California hospital paid a $17,000 ransom to end a cyberattack, three more medical centers in the state were hit by hackers. Some clinical systems, such as radiology, were down for days at […]

Top 10 cybersecurity must-haves for 2017

The healthcare industry was riddled with cybersecurity issues in 2016 as ransomware, human error, IoT flaws and hacking attempts were some of the biggest problem areas. The good news is that it appears the industry is taking notice and attempting to secure its vulnerabilities. The bad news? There is still a long way to go to […]