Mobile devices boost digital transformation in healthcare, but security issues remain

Many industries are grappling with how to digitize their services, and healthcare is no different. Hospitals have turned to electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) in recent years to streamline communication between doctors and improve the patient experience. Google and Windows have offered their services to hospitals, and Apple recently added a health […]

OCR Warns Health Care Industry of Risks with Previous Employees

In its November newsletter, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) made a great point that we are seeing in the industry—the risks associated with previous employees. Read the full article here. Cognitio’s Context:  We are seeing a disturbing insider threat trend impacting operations and causing corporate harm in the days leading up to an employee’s departure […]

Health data breaches in Q3 2016 outpace first two quarters

More data breaches happened in the third quarter of 2016 than in the year’s first two quarters. That’s according to the Protenus Breach Barometer, which found that 118 security incidents either reported to the Department of Health and Human Services or first disclosed in the media or other sources in the third quarter compared with 89 […]

Causes of Healthcare Data Breaches

Read Michael Laycob, Pou-I Lee, and David Zetoony explain the causes for healthcare data breaches on JD Supra : Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”), covered entities (e.g. healthcare providers and health plans) must notify the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) of breaches of unsecured protected health […]

Information Sharing Key in Improving Healthcare Cybersecurity

Read why Elizabeth Snell says that information sharing is the key to improving healthcare cyber security on Health IT Security : Improving the outreach and information sharing on healthcare cybersecurity issues, along with having more educated and qualified cybersecurity personnel and health IT experts will be essential in strengthening the healthcare cybersecurity infrastructure, according to […]

Will forensics thwart data thieves lurking in hospital EHR corridors?

Read Donald Voltz’s article about whether forensics can thwart data breaches in health care sector on CIO : As Halloween approaches, the usual spate of horror movies will intrigue audiences across the country, replete with slashers named Jason or Freddie running amok in the corridors of all-too-easily accessible hospitals. Unfortunately, this horror movie scenario is […]

How are Healthcare Data Breach Victims Affected by Attacks?

Read Elizabeth Snell’s article about how health care data breach victims are affected by cyber attacks on Health IT Security : The large fiscal cost to individual victims stemming from medical identity theft is just one of the key ways that healthcare data breaches affect patients, according to a recent report from the Institute for […]

Security soars as a priority, but providers struggle to use tech for protection

Cyber security remains a high business priority for provider organizations, but security professionals say that a shortage of resources mean they they’re relying on a limited set of tools to fight threats.  Respondents from 87 percent of hospitals and 81 percent of other providers say security has grown in stature to become a key business […]

Majority of healthcare leaders elevating cybersecurity as a priority, according to HIMSS

As cybercriminals continue to assault the healthcare industry, most health executives are elevating data security as a business priority, according to the 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey, released Tuesday. Eighty-five percent of the report’s 150 surveyed IT security leaders are increasing cybersecurity awareness, motivated by potential phishing attacks (80 percent of acute care providers, 65 percent non-acute); […]

Cybersecurity Attacks Leading Large Health Data Breach Cause

Read Elizabeth Snell explain how cyber security attacks remain the leading cause of large health care data breach incidents on Health IT Security : While the summer of 2016 is quickly coming to an end, covered entities and their business associates cannot ease up on their data security measures. If the past three months have […]