A Genius Former Hacker Explains How to Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

With an IQ of 197, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien has the fifth highest intelligence in the world. After hacking into NASA on a lark, O’Brien was offered a job as a government contractor solving for high-level cybersecurity risks. Read Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien explain how businesses can protect themselves against cyber security risks on Entrepreneur.

Black Hat: How Hackers Brief the Board to Improve Security Outcomes

Briefing executive management on security issues isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that Matt Devost, managing director at Accenture, has 20 years of experience doing. Read Matt Devost of Accenture explain how hackers brief the company board about cyber security strategies at Black Hat conference on eWeek.

Guidelines for Best-in-Breed Data Center Security

Data centers that are groups of network computer servers for remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data have evolved as the blood and bone of today’s organizations. With a plethora of equipments such as database servers, load balancers, storage systems, redundant power supplies, environmental controls, and security devices, data centers play a […]

Security pros at hacker conference: Be more boring

Read Joe Uchill’s article about experts suggestion for hackers at B-Sides, Black Hat and DEF CON on The Hill : Cyber threats have never been more complicated, but professionals at the most prominent research event in the hacker calendar are arguing that it has never been a better time to be more boring about security. […]

Masterclass: keeping firms safe from cyber threats

Read Sacha Kavanagh’s article about how companies can keep themselves safe from cyber threats on Institution of Mechanical Engineers : As more and more ‘things’ are connected to the internet, the problem will only get worse. Many Internet of Things devices have inadequate security. That is a huge cause for concern when any device can represent […]

88% feel vulnerable to data threats

Organizations are increasingly aware of the threat posed by data breaches, according to Thales’ 2017 Data Threat Report. A remarkable 88% of respondents also admitted to feeling vulnerable to threats, with 9.1% feeling “extremely vulnerable”. This is significantly higher than the number actually experiencing data breaches. Read about the new Thales’ 2017 Data Threat Report which reveals […]

Only 1 in 4 Small Businesses Well Prepared for Cyber Attack

Only a quarter of small businesses feel they are “well prepared” for a cyber-attack on their company. This is according to a recent survey on IT risks organizations face during their everyday work by Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for data security and risk mitigation in hybrid environments. Read about the new report […]

Hacking Continues to Cause Majority of Reported Data Breaches

Through June 2017 there has been a 29 percent increase from 2016 in US reported data breaches, according to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout. Overall, the number of breaches could hit a 37 percent annual increase over 2016, rising from 1,093 total breaches to 1,500, the study found. Read about […]

When Companies Get Hacked, Should They Be Allowed to Hack Back?

Read Josephine Wolff take a look at whether allowing hacked companies to hack back at cyber criminals is a good strategy on The Atlantic : There is an old debate (at least, counting in internet years) that tends to crop up after major cybersecurity breaches such as the widespread WannaCry ransomware attack in May. Read […]

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Security

Read Ryan Ayers list five ways businesses can improve security on IT Business Net : Security has always been an issue for businesses, but modern technology has shifted many security concerns online. The way we do business has changed-most transactions take place electronically, and we store some of our most personal information online, where it’s easily […]