The age of hacking brings a return to the physical key

Read why Jungwoo Ryoo says that growth in hacking incidents is taking us back to the days of physical key on The Conversation : With all the news about Yahoo accounts being hacked and other breaches of digital security, it’s easy to wonder if there’s any real way to keep unauthorized users out of our email […]

Latest hacking news heightens cybersecurity concerns

Read why Rick Baert says that growing hacking incidents heighten cyber security concerns on Pensions and Investments : Third-party administrators for alternatives managers are double- and triple-checking their cyber defenses following revelations that two firms in the past six months have been hit by hackers. Read his full article here.

Computer Security Disruption Tactics: Security Experts Race On To Catch The Hackers

Read  Martin Beltov’s about the various practices used by security experts to catch the hackers on Tripwire : It’s now evident there are many more hacker intrusions during which security experts struggle to repel attackers and resolve damage than we first thought. The growing trends of sabotage, extortion, and disruption of both individual users and […]

How flashing a peace sign could get you hacked

A pose is struck, the peace sign flashed, and a photo is snapped. It seems innocuous, but a team of Japanese researchers warns that flashing the familiar two-finger gesture could get you hacked. Read how a innocuous peace sign photograph could get you hacked on News Week.

An increasingly connected world needs hackers more than ever before

Read why Angelo Young says that we need hackers more than ever to deal with today’s threat landscape on Salon : As the world around us becomes more connected to the internet, the number of ways that hackers can infiltrate our lives becomes increasingly multifarious. Today data breaches are taking place in ways that were […]

What’s the difference between state-backed hackers and cybercrime gangs? Nothing at all

Read why Danny Palmer says that there is no difference between cyber criminals and state backed hackers on ZDNet : Organised cybercrime is now as sophisticated as any government-backed hacking group — and businesses are losing the fight against both. Cybercriminal groups are more organised than ever. Many of the most sophisticated groups operate as if […]

Protect Your Business From Catastrophic Data Breaches

Read  Alex Bennett’s article about how businesses can protect themselves against data breaches on Global Trade Magazine : A data breach will cost a business $4 million on average, according to a 2016 study from IBM. Large organizations have more to lose; Yahoo’s sale price was reduced by $350 million after being hit by the […]

Hacker Lexicon: What Is an Attack Surface?

Read Paul Taylor explain what attack surface means in hacking lexicon on Wired : Amid so many recent high-profile hacks and data breaches, security experts are fond of pointing out that there’s no such thing as perfect security. It’s true! But it also invites the question: Why doesn’t literally everything get hacked all the time? […]

The Easiest Way To Protect Your Devices From Hacks? Keep Them Updated

Read why Brian Barrett says that the easiest way to protect your devices from hacks is to keep them updated on Wired : This week’s WikiLeaks revelations, which showed that the CIA can compromise a huge range of devices, shouldn’t send you into paroxysms of fear over your smartphone. It should, though, be a solid […]

Hacked? Proposed Bill Would Allow Firms to Hack Back

Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., introduced a bill as a discussion draft that would allow a victim of a cyberattack to access the attacker’s computer in order to gather information about the attack to share with law enforcement or to stop the hacker from continuing to access their network. Read more about the new bill introduced […]