Why Banks — And Corporates — Still Feel The Heat From The SWIFT Hack

It’s been more than a year since Bangladesh’s central bank was attacked by cybercriminals that took away $81 million by infiltrating the bank’s connection to the SWIFT network. Since then, there have been revelations about similar attacks at FIs across the globe, and the blame game began, with some fingers pointing to the bank’s own […]

One in five SMEs have fallen victim to hack attacks in the last year

By all accounts, 2016 was the year of highly publicised hack attacks. Not only did hackers allegedly attempt to interfere with both the US presidential election and the Brexit vote but many British businesses have also experienced breaches. Read about the new report by  British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) which reveals that one in five […]

As cities get smarter, hackers become more dangerous: This could stop them

As governments create smarter cities, they need cybersecurity measures built from the ground up — or they risk costly data breaches which could compromise the privacy of their citizens. Read/see the video about how smart cities could get hacked and how to stop to the hackers on CNBC.

IT security faces huge challenge, says hacker ‘Mafiaboy’

Michael Calce’s parents knew there was “something rather unique” about him when he was five years old, he says. Handed a computer with unlimited internet access as a child, the Montreal-raised Calce is the infamous as “Mafiaboy”, who in February 2000 at the age of just 15 took down a number of websites, including Yahoo, […]

Prognosis For Healthcare Cybersecurity Is Dire

On Wednesday (April 5), Terence Rice, VP and chief information security officer at Merck & Co., told the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that healthcare cybersecurity still has a long way to go. Read why healthcare cyber security is a serious concern on Pymnts.

Company Fix: How To Survive A Hack

Read Deborah Flomberg explain how companies can survive a hack attack on CBS Local : It’s a harsh truth of doing business today, but hackers are everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you run a tiny business with one or two employees or if you’re working in a large firm with hundreds of clients and a […]

Medical devices at SEVERE risk of hack attacks

Regulators and medical device manufacturers are expecting a wave of attacks targeting medical devices, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is worried.This expected frenzy of attacks on the healthcare sector is nothing new, with outdated security infrastructure and copious amounts of personal information it is the perfect target for hackers. Read about the latest […]

When Hacks Are about Image instead of Money

Read why Michael Sutton says that what happens when hack attacks are just about maligning instead of money on Dark Reading : Recent leaks, intelligence reports and the world’s response to them have set a new precedent. Cyberattacks are no longer just for the sake of siphoning data or extortion, but for discrediting their targets, be […]

Top 3 tips to protect your business from hackers

Read the top three tips to protect your business from hackers according to Kristina Knight on Biz Report : “Most small business owners don’t think they are at risk, yet 43% of small businesses have been victims of cyber attack. As a result, 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack are out of business […]

How hackers became a new breed of bounty hunters in cybersecurity

Shortly after Christmas, 2011, Ruby Nealon sold the Nintendo Wii games console his mother had bought him to fund an Open University course in computer software. He was 11 and it was the start of his unconventional education as a computer prodigy, which led him to drop out of school and start a full time degree […]