How End-User Devices Get Hacked: 8 Easy Ways

When it comes to scamming consumers and businesses, the most effective strategies aren’t necessarily the most complex. Hackers seeking funds, data, and access to corporate systems don’t need advanced techniques when tried-and-true tactics consistently work on their victims. There are two primary types of attacker motivations: opportunistic and targeted. Read/see the slideshow explaining how end users […]

What Happens When Your Small Business Is Hacked

Read Chris Schueler explain what small and medium businesses can do if they are hacked on Entrepreneur : News headlines continue to call our attention to the latest cyber attacks — something that provides IT and security professionals with the daunting task of remaining steadfast on the unpredictable security battlefield. In fact, 53 percent of IT […]

Cybersecurity expert: Protect your company from internal threats

Robert Shields spent 20 years in the FBI hunting cybercriminals and cyberterrorists. When he started, criminals were snatching data off diskettes. Then crime went virtual. The job was intense. He loved it. He rose through the ranks and retired as special agent in charge. Read why Robert Shields says that it is important for companies to […]

How computer security pros hack the hackers

Read Roger A. Grimes’article about how computer security pros hack the hackers on CSO Online The long, awkward silence is always the first sign that a previously over-confident hacker realizes he’s suddenly become the victim. It happens every time. The malicious hacker had been firing his “ion cannon” at my network address trying to overwhelm my home […]

Cybersecurity gets more sophisticated – but so does hacking

Read David Israelson’s article about how hacking  is getting more sophisticated on Globe and Mail : Just when you thought you had the ultimate password to foil hackers, along come new cyberthreats that make you WannaCry. Meet the new cyberthreats, in many cases driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Fortunately, the new countermeasures are starting to deploy […]

It’s About Time: Where Attackers Have the Upper Hand

Read why says that hackers and cyber criminals enjoy a upper hand over organisational incident response time on Dark Reading : Businesses take a median of 38 days to detect cybercrime, but can decrease the impact of a breach with faster incident response. The median timeframe between attacker compromise and victim detection is 38 days. This […]

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Read Ann Smarty’s article about how small and medium businesses can protect their social media accounts from hackers on Small Biz Trends : I remember when hacked social media accounts used to be a minor inconvenience. You would have to contact the staff at the platform, wait for verification to be authenticated, and then change […]

How to minimize the risk of a credit card hack

Another retailer says it’s been hacked. Kmart is urging customers to check their credit and debit cards after a “malicious code infected the payment data system.” Whether you shopped at Kmart or any of the other stores who faced massive breaches, one thing is for sure, we can’t depend on retailers to protect our cards. Read/see […]

IoT Security Challenges, Opportunities

The specter of cybersecurity is haunting the Internet of Things—or more specifically, the lack of it. Big companies in information technology and telecommunications have embraced the IoT as a significant business opportunity, and the field is inspiring hundreds of startups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Read about the Internet of Things security risks and opportunities on […]

Addressing Cybersecurity Across The Health Care Industry

Read Michael Chertoff and Jason Cook explain how healthcare organisations can address cyber security issues on Forbes : Last week’s global ransomware cyber-attack that upended hospitals across the globe reminds us that every innovation comes with challenges. In all industries, especially the health care industry, connectivity offers tremendous benefits but also increased risk. Read their full […]