Massive data breach has cost Equifax nearly $90 million

A massive security breach that hit Equifax has cost the US credit bureau nearly $90 million so far, a figure that is set to rise further, its chief financial officer said on Thursday. Read the news about how Equifax data breach has cost the company $90 million on Phys.

Hacking medical devices is the next big security concern

Read why Jessica Twentyman says that hacking medical devices is a serious threat on Financial Times : From medical errors to superbugs, the risks during a spell in hospital can be daunting. The prospect of the medical device you are hooked being compromised by hackers is just another worry to add to the list. Read […]

Keeping computers secure is becoming a nearly impossible task

Read why Steve Goodbarn says that keeping computers secure is becoming a nearly impossible task on Business Insider : Imagine a lethal form of bird flu in the wild. To prevent infestation, your solution is to station sharpshooters along the border to shoot each bird that flies into your territory and also analyze each bird already within […]

3 Common Cybersecurity Threats to Healthcare

Read Ryan Black list three common cyber security threats to the healthcare sector on Healthcare Analytics News : Lee Kim, JD, refuses to sugarcoat it. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) cybersecurity expert said threat actors are “super technical,” and that’s bad for healthcare. “Sometimes the defenses that we have in place are […]

Internet security 101: Six ways hackers can attack you and how to stay safe

These days most of our important transactions happen over internet. While an increasingly connected world makes our lives easier, it also poses great risk as we expose our personal data to cyber criminals or hackers. The hackers have devised numerous ways to steal important data which is then put to misuse. Read about the six […]

Financial Industry Data Breach Threat Is Shifting

Web application compromise, a major culprit in the Equifax incident, is the number one breach type in the finance industry this year and a growing trend, according Cambridge, Mass.-based BitSight. Read about the new report by BitSight which reveals that web application hacking is number one breach type affecting finance sector on Credit Union Times.

Is your business really as secure as you think?

Read Oliver Pickup’s article about why businesses should employ white-hat hackers to find vulnerabilities in their systems on Telegraph : An estimated 46pc of the 5.5 million businesses in the UK suffered from a cyber attack last year, according to the latest official figures from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, published in April. Read […]

Hacking, malware top data breach incidents: Beazley

Hacking or malware accounted for 34% of the 2,013 data breach incidents addressed by Beazley Breach Response Services during the first three-quarters of this year, London-based Beazley P.L.C. said in a report Tuesday. Read about the new Beazley Breach Response Services report which reveals that hacking and malware were top causes of data breach during the […]

Health-Care Industry Increasingly Faces Cybersecurity Breaches

Read Margaret Steen’s article about how healthcare firms are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals on Gov Tech : The scenarios are chilling: A busy hospital suddenly cannot use any of its electronic medical records or other computerized systems. The victim of a ransomware attack, the hospital will not regain access without paying those who locked […]

Security researchers call for calm after DHS warns of energy grid hacking

A government security alert about foreign hackers probing the networks of U.S. energy companies frightened casual observers, but security experts say the report provided little more than an update on relatively well-known activity and behavior. Read why cyber security experts are calling for calm after Department of Homeland Security’s warning about energy grid hacking on […]