Hacked? Proposed Bill Would Allow Firms to Hack Back

Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., introduced a bill as a discussion draft that would allow a victim of a cyberattack to access the attacker’s computer in order to gather information about the attack to share with law enforcement or to stop the hacker from continuing to access their network. Read more about the new bill introduced […]

Hack Back Measure Might Give Companies Vigilante Powers

Read why Daniel R. Stoller says that giving hacking back powers to companies could turn them into vigilantes on  Bloogberg BNA : A House discussion draft bill that would give companies the power to hack back against cybercriminals needs further work to get broad support in Congress, a think tank technology policy specialist told Bloomberg […]

Why companies don’t hack back

Read why Naomi Eide says that companies can deploy hacking back at hackers and cyber criminals as a policy on CIO Dive : There is something visceral about responding in kind. When attacked, instinct says to lash back and defend, counteracting a threat. In cybersecurity, the retaliatory counterattack is better left to the nation state actors, […]

Why Hacking Back Rarely Works

Read Israel Barak’s article about why hacking back policy is a failure on SC Magazine : In November, the UK announced a formal policy of hacking back against nation state attackers. While it might be a viable government policy, for most enterprises, a cyberattack is a crime, not an act of war. Legal and moral […]

Is it Time for America to Hack Back?

Read why Jeff John Roberts says that it is time for US businesses to hack back at hackers on Forbes : Foreign governments use hackers to steal U.S. corporate secrets and meddle with our political system. Meanwhile, a botnet of millions of rogue devices recently cut off access to popular websites on the East Coast, […]

Forget About Law and Ethics — Is Hacking Back Even Effective?

Read Patrick Lin’s views about the effectiveness of hacking back at hackers by companies on Forbes : In cybersecurity, there’s a certain sense of helplessness—you are mostly on your own. You are often the first and last line of defense for your information and communications; there is no equivalent of state-protected borders, neighborhood police patrols, […]

Should Companies Risk Going on the Cyber Offensive?

Read Stewart Baker and Victoria Muth ask whether companies should risk going on a cyber offensive on Brink News : Corporate executives are fed up with the current approach to network security. They’ve been spending more and more on security. Despite that spending, they’re told that they can’t expect to keep intruders out of their networks; […]

Hacking the Hackers: Should Private Companies Strike Back?

Should private companies be able to—and maybe more importantly—hack back? The question drew enthusiastic responses from panelists and the audience during at presentation Thursday by AFCEA’s Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee (EPIC) on intelligence and cybersecurity. Read about the panel discussion on hacking back at AFCEA’s Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee (EPIC) on AFCEA Blog.

Hacking back: A viable strategy or a major risk?

Many organizations are now hacking back at attackers, in an active cyberdefense move. Read Peter Sullivan explain the possible outcomes and drawbacks of hacking back at attackers on Tech Target.

Hack attack: The problem is getting worse, and everyone can fight back

Read why Jim Offner says that everyone should fight back at hackers on Cedar Valley Business : A digital globe on display at last week’s Strictly Business Expo flickered with up-to-the-second attempted cyber attacks worldwide. They numbered in the millions, according to constantly updated data on top of the map. Read his full article here.