How the next President should handle cybersecurity threats

Read Ariel Tseitlin of Scale Venture Partners outline three ways that the government should beef up cyber security on Vator TV : One of strangest things about a very, very strange election season was the prevalence of hackings and leaks, with many of them being tied back to Russia (that’s to say nothing of the rumblings […]

Cybersecurity: Building resiliency together

Read why Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue say that companies and government has to work together for combating cyber attacks on The Hill : National Cyber Security Awareness Month has concluded, but we continue to urge everyone—individuals, businesses, and governments—to do more to protect themselves […]

Report on Data Breach Highlights Workforce Issues

A House report on the breaches of federal employee personnel records and background investigation records includes recommendations to improve the government’s cybersecurity workforce, some of which it said are already underway and should remain priorities. Read about the new house report on the breach of federal employees personnel records which recommends improving US government’s cyber […]

Agencies must speed up preparation for Internet of Things security

Government agencies tasked with regulatory and security responsibilities are running out of time to address security challenges associated with the increased connectivity of the Internet of Things, according to Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Cyber Policy Robert Silvers. Read why Robert Silvers of Homeland Security says that US government agencies must speed up preparation […]

U.S. behind in addressing cybersecurity threat

Read why Jim Niedelman says that United States is behind in addressing cyber security threats on Our Quad City : A problem that seems to have become pervasive in today’s digital world and reliance on computers is cybercrime. We’ve seen corporate data bases infiltrated by hackers time and time again leaving millions of Americans vulnerable to […]

Five ways for governments to tighten up cyber security

Read David Ferbrache suggest five ways in which government can tighten up cyber security on KPMG Blog : In many countries, citizens and businesses are using online government services to fill out tax returns, and apply for housing or other welfare benefits. Each year, more and more services are going digital, from vehicle registrations to […]

Should the Government Regulate Cybersecurity?

It has been famously said that, “the wheels of justice turn slowly.” That’s partly because the process most governments use when creating regulations and laws encourages debate, the careful examination of all sides of an issue, and the development of bartered consensus between groups with differing needs and opinions. Read whether government should regulate cyber […]

What role should the government play in developing the internet of things?

Read why Andy Meek wants the government to play a defining role in development of Internet of Things on The Guardian : The former Microsoft executive Suzan DelBene is something of an outlier among her current professional colleagues when it comes to tech savvy. She’s doing what she can, though, to help educate her peers […]

Taking the ‘cyber’ out of security

Read why Tyler Morris says that the federal government should focus on whole of information security and not just cyber security on GCN : Information, whether physical or digital, is the lifeblood of an agency, but when it comes to securing this valuable asset, most people immediately make a connection to cybersecurity – the policy and […]

Best Practices for Securing the Federal Cloud

Agencies continue to turn to cloud computing solutions, benefiting from increased flexibility, reliability and lower overall costs. Security is still top of mind for federal technology leaders as they leverage the cloud to transform government computing environments. As agencies choose cloud partners, they must understand the shared responsibility model of cloud computing and how they […]