Google Launches New Website To Help Explain Its GDPR Controls

Google this week released a new site to help its customers and partners better understand the steps the company is taking to comply with the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read the steps Google is taking to comply with the requirements of the upcoming European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

Google’s defense in depth

Read  Paul Mah take a look at Google’s cyber defense on Data Center Dynamics : Google need a good security story. It wants users to trust it with their content and their business processes. To do that, its cloud-based services have to do a demonstrably better job than its rivals, and in house security teams. […]

Here are the top 6 ways websites get hacked, according to Google

In 2016, the number of hacked websites rose by 32%, according to a recent blog post from Google. And, unfortunately, the search giant said it believes that number will continue to rise as hackers become more sophisticated. Read about the top six ways in which any website gets hacked according to Google on Tech Republic.

Google Tries To Advance IoT Security With Android Things

Someone might finally have found a way to make the Internet of Things (IoT) less of a threat. Google released a developer preview of Android Things, an Android-based platform, and updated Weave to make it easier for companies to produce and maintain IoT products. Read about the Google’s attempt to advance Internet of Things security […]

Google Inc Personalized Encryption Keys Might Put An End To Cloud Hacking

Google Inc. is now giving enterprise clients the option to encrypt data on cloud services using their own security keys, promising complete user control over the security of entire data on the cloud platform. Leonard Law, product manager at Google, posted the official news announcing the arrival of the beta version of Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys […]

Google wants to make its own lightweight OS for the Internet of things called Brillo

Google is making a real time operating system for the Internet of things. And it isn’t doing it as part of Nest. Google is making its own version of an operating system for the Internet of things called Brillo, and it’s doing so completely outside of its Nest smart home devices division that currently makes […]

Google starts blocking badly behaving Gmail extensions

How to deal with untrustworthy third-party add-ons that could endanger your own users? Prevent them from loading – if you can. That’s what Google recently did with Gmail extensions that load code that interferes with the users’ Gmail session or malware that can compromise their email’s security. In order to do it, Google has begun […]

New Google API simplifies the reCAPTCHA experience

Google has simplified the authentication process by introducing an updated CAPTCHA that simply asks users whether they are a bot. Google’s new API simplifies the reCAPTCHA experience, product manager Vinay Shet said. Google has provided a significant update to its reCAPTCHA authentication system with the intent to simplify the process. The CAPTCHA is a type of […]

Apple, Google encryption ‘not helping’ criminal investigation: AFP

Access to encryption technology, the growth of cloud services, and the Internet of Things pose challenges to the way the Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigates both traditional and online criminal activity. Speaking at the CeBIT GovInnovate conference in Canberra on Wednesday, AFP assistant commissioner and national manager for high-tech crime operations Tim Morris said that […]

Google Chrome drops support for early Intel Macs

Google is rolling out Chrome browser version 39 to OS X users. This brings a big change – a shift from 32-bit to full and exclusive 64-bit support. By switching Chrome to 64-bit, Google hopes that it will be faster and use less memory. The update also patches over 40 vulnerabilities. But there is a […]