Microsoft Prepares for GDPR and Builds for Security at Scale

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in Europe won’t necessarily stay in Europe. On May 25, 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation will go into effect, and companies not in compliance could potentially be hit with litigation and heavy fines. Read how the software giant, Microsoft is preparing for the upcoming data breach notification regime in […]

Could Europe Teach the U.S. a Lesson About Cyber Regulation?

Read Alyssa Newcomb’s article about whether the United States of America should follow European data protection regulations on NBC News : When it comes to cyber security, there is one universal truth: Everything is hackable. Beyond that, approaches for keeping consumer data safe and standards for reporting breaches wildly vary. Read her full article here.

Navigating GDPR in the mobile enterprise

Read why John Aisien says that upcoming GDPR regime in European Union is creating havoc for mobile enterprises on Help Net Security : Securing data and protecting privacy in a connected world is already a major challenge for any enterprise, and mobility only magnifies this challenge. Mobile devices are treasure troves of personally identifiable information […]

GDPR Requirements for Personal Data Breach Notification

Read Ellis W. Martin explain the GDPR requirements for personal data breach notifications on Lexology : As part of the new GDPR, part of what businesses will have to comply with are data breach reporting obligations. The GDPR’s notification requirements are triggered when a business becomes aware of a data breach. Read his full article […]

Business told to beware dramatic change of GDPR or pay a heavy price for non-compliance

It ain’t just another regulation – it’s a dramatic cultural change. The price of failing to change can run into millions but the rewards could be as great. That was the clear message from the expert speakers at today’s Insider Business Breakfast on Cyber Security. Read why cyber experts have warned businesses to comply with the […]

Executive involvement and holistic approach key to GDPR compliance

Read why Nick Ismail says that executives need to take holistic approach to GDPR that combines governance, training, process and security on Information Age : One in five (21%) senior executives have little or no idea about GDPR and its impact on their business, despite the legislation coming into effect in under a year, according to […]

Data-hucksters beware – online privacy is making a comeback

Read John Naughton analyse the upcoming GDPR data protection regime coming up in European Union on Guardian : Next year, 25 May looks like being a significant date. That’s because it’s the day that the European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This may not seem like a big deal to you, […]

How to Prepare for New Data Regulations in Europe (Perspective)

Read Laura Fischer’s perspective about the upcoming GDPR regulations in European Union on Bloomberg Law : A surprising 80 percent of international IT professionals say they know little to nothing about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to a Dell survey. And a staggering 97 percent said their organizations do not have a plan […]

Counting down to GDPR: Will your business make it?

Read Nick Ismail take a look at how companies are prepare for the upcoming GDPR regime in European Union on Information Age : Major changes to data and privacy regulation are on their way, but is your business ready? The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is designed to harmonise data protection standards across 28 […]

4 data privacy considerations for preparing for GDPR compliance

Read Mark Goldin’s article about the four data privacy considerations that companies need to take while preparing for upcoming GDPR on Info World : In the current environment of increasingly aggressive malicious actors looking to infiltrate systems for monetary gain, protecting customer data remains at the top of every major corporation’s priority list. Read his full […]