GDPR Is Coming Soon … and Companies Aren’t Ready

When the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, it will affect global companies in a significant way. The initiative establishes specific requirements for how organizations must handle personal data touching E.U. citizens—even businesses that aren’t physically located in Europe. Read/see the slideshow explaining why businesses are still not […]

Merging GDPR compliance and cyber-risk management

In preparing for the impending implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, many organizations today are elevating cyber-risk to the top of the corporate agenda, a new cyber-risk perception survey has found. Read about the new report by Marsh titled GDPR Preparedness: An Indicator of Cyber Risk Management which found that many companies are using […]

Businesses and GDPR: What they need to do to be compliant?

Enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) is now just few months away. The media have intensively examined and written about this topic from practically every angle since it became legislation. Businesses continue to struggle with both understanding and implementation of what they need to do to be compliant. Read ESET’s Tony Anscombe’s interview about how […]

How do you create a GDPR culture?

Read Romy Hughes’ article about how companies can prepare for a GDPR culture on IT Pro Portal : So, you’ve read all the “Top 10 tips for GDPR” articles you can get your hands on, and you’ve invested in the latest GDPR-compliant tech, but how do you ensure your people don’t simply work around it and […]

GDPR and Reputation Loss Bother Businesses

Businesses are not seeing the requirements of GDPR as serious, and continue to be confused by what is required. According to the survey of 1,350 business decision makers, the Risk:Value report from NTT Security found that 39% of European respondents identified GDPR as a business risk, while 33% identified ISO 27001/2 as a compliance regulation to […]

GDPR has businesses worried about cloud services

More than nine in ten (93 per cent) of companies worry about storing their data in the cloud, once GDPR kicks in, new research has claimed. A report from cloud solutions provider Calligo polling 500 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 100 employees, found than 91 per cent of respondents worry how the new rules […]

WP29 guidelines on personal data breach notification under GDPR

The Article 29 Working Party this week published draft Guidelines on personal data breach notification under GDPR. The relevant GDPR provisions are often misrepresented, and in many respects leave matters open to interpretation – a good or bad thing depending on the day. Read about the new data protection guidelines under GDPR published by Article […]

Microsoft Prepares for GDPR and Builds for Security at Scale

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens in Europe won’t necessarily stay in Europe. On May 25, 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation will go into effect, and companies not in compliance could potentially be hit with litigation and heavy fines. Read how the software giant, Microsoft is preparing for the upcoming data breach notification regime in […]

Could Europe Teach the U.S. a Lesson About Cyber Regulation?

Read Alyssa Newcomb’s article about whether the United States of America should follow European data protection regulations on NBC News : When it comes to cyber security, there is one universal truth: Everything is hackable. Beyond that, approaches for keeping consumer data safe and standards for reporting breaches wildly vary. Read her full article here.

Navigating GDPR in the mobile enterprise

Read why John Aisien says that upcoming GDPR regime in European Union is creating havoc for mobile enterprises on Help Net Security : Securing data and protecting privacy in a connected world is already a major challenge for any enterprise, and mobility only magnifies this challenge. Mobile devices are treasure troves of personally identifiable information […]