Financial phishing accounts for over 50% of all phishing attacks for the first time

This is the first time since recording phishing attempts that figures have reached over 50 percent, according to an analysis of the financial threat landscape by Kaspersky Lab. Financial phishing attacks are fraudulent messages which link to copycat websites that appear legitimate. They aim to gain users’ credentials for banking and credit accounts, and data […]

Q&A: Secure data centres and fintech companies

Read Phil Bindley’s article on how to secure data centres and fintech businesses IT Pro Portal : Every data centre that wants to consider itself a secure facility needs to focus on a number of aspects. Physical security, human security, disaster recovery and a secure encrypted network are all essential features that data centres must offer […]

Web Attacks Spike in Financial Industry

Web application compromise has topped human error as the most common type of data breach for finance companies. This shift gives the financial sector reason to be worried about broader, and more dangerous cyberattacks, acccording to a recent report from BitSight. Read about the new report by BitSight which reveals that there is a fundamental […]

What do consumers value more, online security or convenience?

Read Brad Allen write about the  clear divide between online adopters and skeptics and how it raises challenges for the retail and financial services industries on Star Tribune : When Pat Alexander read about the Equifax data breach, the 58-year-old former computer programmer from Roseville was not surprised. She had seen enough in her 15 […]

Financial Industry Data Breach Threat Is Shifting

Web application compromise, a major culprit in the Equifax incident, is the number one breach type in the finance industry this year and a growing trend, according Cambridge, Mass.-based BitSight. Read about the new report by BitSight which reveals that web application hacking is number one breach type affecting finance sector on Credit Union Times.

Cybersecurity and digital transformation top bank CRO concerns

Cybersecurity and data-related risks are the primary concerns of Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in banks, according to a survey conducted by EY and the Institute of International Finance (IIF). Read about the new survey by Institute of International Finance (IIF) reveals that 77% of bank CROs surveyed cited cybersecurity as one of the most important risks […]

How can Financial Institutions use Regulations to Drive more Robust Security?

Read Paul Ferris article about how financial sector and banks can use regulatory compliance for more robust cyber security on Internernational Banker : ATM crime will always exist in one form or another. The European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST) found that in 2016 transaction reversal fraud was up 147% compared to 2015, highlighting how certain […]

Mobile Phishing Attacks Jump, Financial Industry Is Biggest Target

That’s why the number of breaches continues to grow each year, and one of the methods in which they’re accomplished is through phishing. In a new report released by PhishLabs, data from Q1 to Q2 in 2017 shows a staggering rise, and the likelihood that it will slow down is slim. Read about the new […]

The big data breach suffered by Equifax has alarming implications

Until something goes wrong, few people give much thought to the surveillance they undergo by credit-reporting agencies (CRAs). Yet these agencies’ business is deeply intrusive: quantifying character. They assign individuals credit scores based on how they previously managed debt. Read about the implications of Equifax data breach on the financial sector on Economist.

Fintech, Cybersecurity Among Key Risks to Banks: OCC

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently issued its Semiannual Risk Perspective for Spring 2017, identifying areas where technology is increasing the strategic and operational risks the financial industry faces. Read about the Semiannual Risk Perspective for Spring 2017 report by Office of the Comptroller of the Currency which says that cybersecurity is the top […]