Security Think Tank: Security analytics can provide serious value

Read Raef Meeuwisse’s article about how security analytics can provide useful cyber security information to businesses on Computer Weekly : As a tool for the construction of stable and useful cyber security practice in an organisation, security analytics is as versatile as they come. With multiple uses, if deployed correctly and efficiently, it can set the […]

Experts Have Sobering Message on Human Rights, Privacy for Security Pros

Continuing a theme that picked up momentum at Black Hat this summer, two influential speakers at Virus Bulletin today painted grim pictures of the threats to physical safety and civil liberties posed by commercial spyware and high-end surveillance software often sold to governments. Read what experts at the Virus Bulletin conference had to say for security […]

Business professors respond to Equifax data breach, offer advice

Earlier this year, from mid-May to July, an estimated 143 million consumers were affected by Equifax’s recently reported data breach of personal information. Two professors from the Unversity’s Harbert College of Business, John Jahera and Casey Cegielski, explained these situations are multifaceted and require quick action, and offered advice for protecting personal information. Read the advice […]

Cybercrime proliferates against banks, other businesses

Keep employees off the Internet and have workers avoid clicking on any attachment or link in an email. Those are the only sure ways to avoid cyberattacks, according to three experts who spoke today at the North Bay Business Journal’s conference on cybersecurity in Rohnert Park. Read why cyber security experts say that employees are […]

Why won’t enterprises take IoT security seriously?

As connected devices permeate homes and offices worldwide, consumers and enterprises tend to overlook the serious digital and physical damage that cybersecurity failures in these devices can wreak. Read why security experts say that companies dont take Internet of Things security seriously on Tech Republic.

Essential elements for a hacker-proof healthcare cybersecurity strategy

As worldwide cyber threats shut down organizations and violate privacy left and right, hospitals and health systems need to make sure their cybersecurity strategies are primed to keep them ahead of the threats. Read why cyber security experts says that having a strategic objective, naming a CISO, maintaining a separate budget, board involvement and strict […]

Security advice from expert who weathered Anthem data breach

You might remember the infamous Anthem data breach, which happened in February 2015 and compromised 80 million patient records. It has been dubbed one of the worst healthcare data breaches. Read the security advise from a cyber security expert who weathered Anthem data breach on Tech Target.

Business told to beware dramatic change of GDPR or pay a heavy price for non-compliance

It ain’t just another regulation – it’s a dramatic cultural change. The price of failing to change can run into millions but the rewards could be as great. That was the clear message from the expert speakers at today’s Insider Business Breakfast on Cyber Security. Read why cyber experts have warned businesses to comply with the […]

Cyber security tips for SMEs

“Ransomware is probably the biggest threat, as many companies are probably not prepared for the impact that it can have. There’s nothing quite so stomach-churning as discovering that all the backups had failed many months ago and that there’s no way of restoring this data.” Read the web chat on cyber security, a panel of experts […]

#RSAC: Cybersecurity Industry Keeps Making the Same Mistakes

IBM Security’s global executive security advisor recommends looking at the past to shape the future of the cybersecurity industry. In a presentation titled ‘Avoiding Cybersecurity Groundhog Day’, Diana Kelley, global executive security advisor at IBM Security, called for the cybersecurity industry to start looking at the past to stop making the same mistakes. Read about the […]