Security threats on the IoT get real

According to a new report by the Information Security Forum, the digital-everything economy and fast-growing adoption of networked technologies such as the Internet of Things is creating a new raft of unprecedented new cyber-security threats. But are we all really going to hell in a handcart? Read why cyber security experts say that security threats […]

Security Experts Urge White House To Treat Cyber As Serious Business

In light of increasingly apparent, potentially catastrophic online threats to national security, experts from around the country and globe are emphasizing the government’s need to act, and invest, accordingly. Read why security experts have urged the United States government to treat cyber security as a serious business on Forbes.

Compliance Isn’t Enough to Meet Cyber Threats, Experts Say

To meet today’s cybersecurity threats, and those that experts predict will pop up in the near future, government agencies will have to do more than just meet compliance guidelines, according to current and former government officials. Read why cyber security experts say that meeting regulatory compliance is not enough to ward of cyber attacks on Meri […]

CeBIT 2017: Security Chiefs Warn of Executive Security Disconnect

A group of European security luminaries has told an audience at today’s CeBIT conference that companies must move quickly to avoid cybersecurity disasters–and that executives and CFOs are often unaware of the imminent threat posed by hackers. Read more about why experts believe that there is a growing disconnect between executives and CFOs about cyber […]

Cybersecurity Forum Reviews Business and Government Response To Hacking

Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont is home to the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation. The state-of-the-art lab allows students to assist in computer forensics and digital investigations in the public and private sectors. The facilities recently hosted a cybersecurity forum for businesses and non-profits to help them understand digital threats. Read the opinion of experts […]

Customers cyber aware, but not fully cyber-prepared

Protection 1, which operates its own Network Operations Center, is seeing a rise in customers separating their security network in order to stay more cybersecure. Security Systems News talked with several professionals at Protection 1 about how cyberaware end users are today and the similarities and differences in cyber- and physical security solutions. Read why Michael […]

Bruce Schneier on New Security Threats from the Internet of Things

Security expert Bruce Schneier says we’re creating an Internet that senses, thinks, and acts, which is is the classic definition of a robot. “I contend that we’re building a world-sized robot without even realizing it,” he said recently at the Open Source Leadership Summit (OSLS). Read cyber security expert Bruce Schneier’s views about Internet of […]

Shifting Data Security Requirements are Hardest on Small Businesses

Small businesses can struggle with the vagueness of “reasonable protection” requirements that Federal laws and regulations establish for personal data, according to experts who testified Wednesday at a House Small Business Committee hearing. Read why cyber security experts say that small and medium businesses are hardest hit by shifting data security requirements on Meri Talk.

Internet of Things Security: Not Just a CIO’s Job

CEOs need to know that there are two types of organizations, those that have been hacked, and those that have been hacked, but don’t know it yet. So says Clayton Naidoo, regional sales manager and one of Cisco’s cyber security subject matter experts. Read why Clayton Naidoo of Cisco says that while CIOs know about […]

MIT cybersecurity expert urges collaboration to fight threats

Don’t look for the government, market forces, vendors or law enforcement to provide the cybersecurity against malicious hackers and others posing threats, Daniel Weitzner told a Memphis audience tasked with protecting information technology. Read why Daniel Weitzner, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Policy Research Initiative says that collaboration is the way forward for companies to […]