Infosec expert viewpoint: IoT security initiatives

IoT went quickly from buzzword to mainstream, and connected devices have become common in households and enterprises around the globe. A worrying lack of regulation has fueled a plethora of security problems causing headaches to security teams and endangering end users. Read what cyber security experts think about the Internet of Things security initiatives on […]

Government, business cybersecurity cooperation still faces roadblocks

Panelists speaking at a session titled Right Hand, Left Hand: Transparency, Communication and Conflict at the recent Cambridge Cyber Summit agreed that the government and private industry must cooperate to protect U.S. citizens’ data security and online privacy. Read why cyber security experts say that government and business cyber security cooperation is not going anywhere […]

Cyber Security: Be Aware. Be Prepared

Cyber security encompasses how companies and individuals adopt and implement strategies to deter and minimise the impact of cyber attacks. Read Jen Tan and her team discuss the importance of understanding the cyber security threats that we face every day on Lexology.

Need for cyber security professionals rises with prevalence of attacks

The likelihood of falling victim to a cyber attack grows by the day as hackers become more prevalent and sophisticated. More than 3 million data records were lost or stolen every day in the first half of 2016, according to CyberArk. Read why cyber security experts say that there will be huge skill shortage of IT […]

Security Think Tank: Risk assess all web connections to shore up security

Any online business or application is vulnerable to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, according to Harshil Parikh, director of security at software-as-a-service platform firm, Medallia. Read why cyber security experts say that companies should risk assess all web connections for network security on Computer Weekly.

Lecturer shares cybersecurity tips to protect small businesses

Speaking to a group of small business owners, Ed Glantz, an associate teaching professor in Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST), issued a chilling warning: “You may not realize it, but you are all up against very sophisticated attackers.” Read the tips Ed Glantz, an associate teaching professor in Penn State’s College […]

Health-Care Industry Increasingly Faces Cybersecurity Breaches

The scenarios are chilling: A busy hospital suddenly cannot use any of its electronic medical records or other computerized systems. The victim of a ransomware attack, the hospital will not regain access without paying those who locked down the records — if at all. Read why cyber security experts say that the healthcare industry is […]

Security researchers call for calm after DHS warns of energy grid hacking

A government security alert about foreign hackers probing the networks of U.S. energy companies frightened casual observers, but security experts say the report provided little more than an update on relatively well-known activity and behavior. Read why cyber security experts are calling for calm after Department of Homeland Security’s warning about energy grid hacking on […]

Cooperation vital to securing internet of things, says Europol

Cooperation across different sectors and among different stakeholders is key to securing the internet of things (IoT) a meeting of stakeholders has concluded. Read about the conference hosted by Europol and EU cyber security agency Enisa in which experts concluded that threat cooperation was vital to mitigate the cyber security risks posed by internet-connected devices […]

Security Think Tank: Security analytics can provide serious value

Read Raef Meeuwisse’s article about how security analytics can provide useful cyber security information to businesses on Computer Weekly : As a tool for the construction of stable and useful cyber security practice in an organisation, security analytics is as versatile as they come. With multiple uses, if deployed correctly and efficiently, it can set the […]