The future of the Internet of Things: security is everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) is counted among emerging technologies that promise to transform the South African market. While the opportunity for IoT is young in South Africa, its potential influence is far-reaching. For example, in the mining industry, devices monitor air quality, seismic activity, shaft stability, equipment wear, and energy usage Read why cyber security […]

10 Most Effective Data Breaches in the History of the Internet

Data breach incidents have nearly doubled in the past year and this trend is continuing to escalate at an alarming rate. However, the security market remains fairly quiet when it comes to data breaches, whether big or small. Dozens of data breaches, millions of people affected. When will these disasters end? Read about the 10 […]

How to write a CISO job description

Read Taylor Armerding explain what a CISO’s job description should read on CSO Online : Whatever the role, good communication regarding the duties and expectations of a security professional is key to that person’s success. That communication starts with a solid, thorough job description. It will be an important benchmark when hiring for the role, […]

3 Ways to Enhance the Cybersecurity Executive Order

Read list 3 ways about how President Trump can enhance his cyber security Executive Order on Next Gov : As cyber breaches and threats dominate the headlines, the Trump administration’s cybersecurity executive order seeks to strengthen the security and infrastructure of federal agencies. However, there are missing elements that could play a critical role in […]

In 2017, the pressure is on to be secure. Are you feeling the squeeze?

Read why David Braue says that cyber security executives are expected to be under pressure on CSO. Recent research into the pressures on security executives has confirmed what will be obvious to anybody who works in the cybersecurity field: good security is hard. Very hard. Read his full article here.

Citrix report: Every generation brings different cybersecurity risks to work

Every generation from millennials to baby boomers brings different risks into the workplace, but millennials pose the biggest risk to sensitive and confidential data, according to a recent joint study between Citrix and the Ponemon Institute. Read about the new joint study by Citrix and the Ponemon Institute which found that 55% of respondents felt millennials […]

Executives ‘in denial’ about cyber security threat

Businesses are in danger of falling into dangerous traps as they deal with the complexity of securing a digital enterprise, says BT in a new report. Read about the new report by BT and KPMG which says businesses are in denial or have false confidence about cyber threats on Global Telecoms Business.

A Brief History of Computing: As Technology Evolves, Cybersecurity Lags Behind

Read  Larry Loeb list how computing has evolved and cyber security is lagging behind on Security Intelligence : Security isn’t what it used to be, especially in the area of computing. It has become far more ephemeral, less obvious and much more important. To keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, we all need to […]

The Internet of Things? It’s really a giant robot and we don’t know how to fix it

The rise of a global Internet of Things network is ultimately creating a giant, internet-connected global robot which is so disparate and insecure that cyberattacks against it are going to cause major societal problems if it isn’t regulated. Read about why Internet of Things devices are a big cyber security concern on ZDNet.

Six things every consumer should know about the ‘Internet of Things’

At least 40% of Australian households now have at least one home “Internet of Things” device. These are fridges, window blinds, locks and other devices that are connected to the internet. Read about the six things every consumer should know about the Internet of Things on Phys.