10 tips for securing microservice architecture

Read ten tips for security microservice architecture according to Scott Matteson  on Tech Republic : Microservices are an innovative way to accelerate and improve software development. The term refers to application subcomponents (think ingredients) which can be developed separately and which often focus on one specific function. Read his full article here.

Ransomware: An executive guide to one of the biggest menaces on the web

Cybercriminals didn’t use to be so obvious. If hackers infiltrated your corporate network, they would do everything possible to avoid detection. It was in their best interests not to alert a victim that they’d fallen victim to cybercrime. Read the executive’s guide to dealing with ransomware attacks on ZDNet.

IoT experts join forces to secure the Internet of Things and share best practise

AT&T, IBM, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Trustonic are joining forces and combining their expertise to help tackle today’s top Internet of Things (IoT) security challenges. The IoT Cybersecurity Alliance will combine industry-leading security providers and IoT experts. The group will research and raise awareness of ways to better secure the IoT ecosystem. Read about […]

IT Leaders and Execs Pass the Buck on Cyber Response

IT decision makers and C-level executives both believe it is the other’s job to manage the response to a cybersecurity incident, according to new research from BAE Systems. The British defense contractor polled 221 Fortune 500 C-level execs and 984 IT leaders in eight countries around the world including the UK, US, Germany, Australia, Singapore and […]

Firms Must View Digital as a Never-Ending Effort

Read why Suketu Gandhi says that firms must consider digital as a never ending effort on CIO Insight : It’s no longer a topic for debate because everyone agrees: Digital matters greatly to today’s businesses. It is, in fact, one of only a few truly top-line growth tools executives have left. During the first decade of […]

Security firm agrees many others use fear to propel sales

Security firm High-Tech Bridge has backed the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) claim that many security firms sell products by exaggerating the abilities of cyber attackers. “Today, too many cyber security startups try to boost their sales by using fear, uncertainty and doubt (Fud) tactics,” said Ilia Kolochenko, chief executive of High-Tech Bridge. Read why […]

Cybersecurity is an existential threat. Here is what we need to do

Read why Orion Hindawi says that cyber security is an existential threat and how we can deal with it on Wired : The hardest challenge for cybersecurity in 2017 won’t be social engineering or the rise of ransomware or even state-sponsored cyberattacks. It will be scalability. Just ten years ago, a typical large enterprise had around 50,000 […]

​Why the CIO should care about Cyber Security

Read why David Gee says that every chief information officer should care about cyber security on CSO Online : In the past Information Security and Risk were not in any measure a key focus areas for the CIO. Today there are multiple risks that every business faces and cyber security is now becoming on the […]

​Company Boards are becoming more cyber security savvy

AGL is a large generator, distributor and retailer of energy including alternative sources. Where do you spend most of your attention? AGL is transitioning its business, focusing on how it can deliver reliable, affordable energy to its customers and decarbonise its generation portfolio over time, and the digital agenda Read the interview with David Gee of AGL […]

Good Security is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Read Joshua Goldfarb’s analogy about cyber security and a marathon race on Security Week : Although French mathematician Blaise Pascal was known for many things, I have always admired his quotes. One of his most famous quotes, and one of my personal favorites states, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have […]