Why We’re Encouraging Ethical Hackers to Try and Hack the Department of Homeland Security

Read Maggie Hassan, Rob Portman explain why Department of Homeland Security is encouraging ethical hackers to hack them on Time : From our personal devices to small businesses to government agencies and everything in between, we are seeing a growing number and complexity of cyber attacks that pose a threat to our public safety, our economy, […]

An ethical hacker can help you beat a malicious one

Read Georg Thomas’ article about how ethical hackers can help companies beat the cyber criminals on Business Standard The recent spate of cyber attacks on computer systems across the world shows how some organisations are not doing enough to protect their systems against malicious hackers. But if organisations had engaged the services of an ethical […]

Why ethical hacking is the top job of 2017

Read Alex Bennett explain why ethical hacking is the top job of 2017 on Beta News : 61 percent of UK businesses believe they will suffer from cyber crime in 2017, according to new research from Mimecast. These anxieties are justified: two thirds of large UK businesses were targeted by cyber criminals last year. As […]

Ethical hackers on the frontline, keeping your home safe from cyber-attacks

Read Desmond Ng explain how ethical hackers are working behind the scenes to protect our businesses and homes from cyber criminals on Channel News Asia : It is not just computer systems and national infrastructure that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The emerging Internet of Things (IOT) – where devices such as smart watches, handphones and even […]

Ethics And Hacking: What You Need To Know

The term hacking gets bandied about a great deal in both the industry and in the media. Some stories carry the image of bored tweens, building skills while bragging about tearing up someone else’s hard work. Other stories talk more about offshore groups using server farms to mass phish for information. Read all you need […]

Ethical hackers: A question of choice

Read Greg Masters take a look at ethical hackers and what future holds for them on SC Magazine. It seemed like an anomaly in August 2016 when news broke that a group of security researchers at MedSec, a Miami-based startup cybersecurity research firm focused on the health care industry, brought their findings of a security […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pen Testing

Read Duncan Macrae explain everything you need to know about pentesting on Tech Week Europe : The main aim of penetration testing is to identify technical vulnerabilities in IT and communications systems that could leave your organisation open to attack should they be exploited by a potential threat actor – from a disgruntled employee or […]

How to be or find a skilled pen tester

Read  Kacy Zurkus’ opinion piece on how companies to find a skilled pentester on CSO Online : Unfortunately, if a criminal wants access to a network, he will find a way in. A claim which many now accept as fact as evidence by the hackneyed expression, “It’s not if but when.” Read her full article […]

Why ethical hackers are in strong demand

According to NASSCOM, at present we only have about 50,000 cyber security professionals in India. And India requires 5 million cyber security professionals by 2020 to meet local and export market demand. Ideally, we should be training 77,000 ethical hackers per year. But the current supply is only of a mere 15,000 professionals mainly due […]

When Ethical Hacking Can’t Compete

Read Donna Ru take a look at the white hat ethical hackers paid by the companies to protect them on Atlantic : The cybersecurity expert Chris Rock is an unconventional killer. At this year’s Defcon hacking conference—one of the largest conferences of its kind, attracting more than 6,000 hackers and security experts from around the […]