Massachusetts AG sues Equifax over massive data breach

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey filed a lawsuit against Equifax on Tuesday, following a massive hack at the company that exposed sensitive financial information for nearly half the US population. Read the news about the suit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey against Equifax on CNet.

Identity Verification Becomes Trickier in Wake of Equifax Breach

Read Robert Lemos’ article about why identity verification will become trickier after the massive Equifax data breach on eWeek : Security experts have long warned that legal identity verification should not just be linked to knowing four pieces of personal information: a person’s name, address, birth date and Social Security number. Read his full article here.

Equifax Breach Leads to CIO, CSO Departures as Investigation Continues

Equifax announced on Sept.15 that Chief Information Officer David Webb and Chief Security Officer Susan Mauldin are retiring. The retirements are a direct result of the massive data breach that Equifax revealed on Sept. 7. Read the news of exit of Equifax CIO and CSO even as the data breach investigation is ongoing on eWeek.

Equifax says it was hacked in March, months before latest breach

Credit reporting company Equifax suffered a breach in March, two months before the massive breach that hit as many as 143 million people, which was disclosed earlier this month. The March breach was reported Monday by Bloomberg. Read how news about how Equifax was hacked months before the latest data breach on USA Today.

Inside the massive Equifax hack attack

Read Annamaria Andriotis take a look at the massive Equifax hack attack on The Australian Business Review : On March 8, researchers at Cisco Systems reported an online security flaw that allowed hackers to break into servers around the internet. Cisco urged users to upgrade their systems immediately with a newly issued fix. Read the […]

Mind on Money: Equifax data breach should scare you

Read why Marc Ruiz says that Equifax data breach should scare companies on Mind on Money : On Sept. 2, I received an email at my personal Gmail account from our long anticipated 2017-2018 foreign exchange student from Spain. The email from the young lady, which I viewed on my phone, said she would be […]

Equifax Execs Resign as Data Breach Criticism Intensifies

After an estimated 143 million Americans’ personal information was accessed by hackers targeting Equifax Inc., its chief information officer and chief security officer are stepping down. Equifax said late Friday that Chief Information Officer David Webb and Chief Security Officer Susan Mauldin had departed. Read the news about how Equifax CIO and CSO have resigned after […]

Why Equifax Executives Will Get Away With the Worst Data Breach in History

Read Jeff John Roberts explain why Equifax executives will get away with the worst data breach in history on Fortune : Picture a factory gushing pollution into a nearby waterway. Now, imagine the factory’s executives knew a giant leak was likely but did nothing to prevent it. Finally, think of those same executives waiting weeks […]

Equifax data breach: Beware these 3 scams

Consumers need to be doubly vigilant following the massive Equifax (EFX) data breach, experts warn. Even if you were wise enough to put an immediate fraud alert or credit freeze on your credit files, con artists are likely to go into hyperdrive finding new ways to take advantage of the hack and the publicity surrounding […]

Equifax’s Crisis Response Strategy: What You Need To Know

Read Melissa Agnes explain how Equifax’s crisis response strategy failed on Forbes : Cybersecurity crises are a high-risk scenario that threaten every single organization today. It’s a scary scenario. One that is very difficult to manage, as it involves many grey zones and unknowns, which can be frustrating for both the organization and its impacted stakeholders, […]