Equifax Data Breach – What Did We Learn from it?

Read Patrick Nohe explain the lessons we should have learned from Equifax data breach on The SSL Store : Last September Equifax disclosed that its credit reporting database had been breached and sensitive consumer data – like social security numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers and a whole range of other private information – on over 143-million […]

Australian companies can learn from Equifax bill

Read why Itay Glick says that businesses can learn from the Equifax data breach spending on CSO Online : News that Equifax has had to spend US$87.5 million and counting on its recent data breach should serve as a warning to Australian companies as the era of mandatory data breach disclosure approaches.There are encouraging signs that […]

Impact of Equifax data breach reaches small businesses

Read Gina Gallucci-White’s article about how Equifax data breach has affected small and medium businesses on The Daily Record : With top Equifax executives handing in their notices and an increasing number of lawsuits being filed every week, the fallout from the credit reporting agency’s data breach continues. Read her full article here.

Thoughts on the Equifax security breach: Be proactive

Read Mary Baldwin’s article about why businesses should be proactive especially after the mega Equifax data breach on Florida Today : If you’re concerned about the Equifax data breach, you’re in good company. Criminals broke into their database and stole names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses and, even the drivers licenses of 145 million people. […]

Are you ready for the next cyber breach?

Read Stephen Mayer’s article about why data breaches are inevitable and companies need to prepare for the worst on Argus Observer : If that massive data breach at Equifax taught us anything, it’s that we need to protect ourselves from digital threats. Whether you realize it or not, your information is likely online somewhere. Read his […]

The Equifax Data Breach: A UK Perspective

The latest ISMG Security Report features highlights from last week’s panel discussion at the ISMG Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit in London on the implications of the Equifax data breach. Read more about the panel discussion about how Equifax data breach can impact United Kingdom businesses on Bank Info Security.

The silver lining on the Equifax breach

Read why Tom Pendergast says that there is a silver lining in the Equifax data breach on CSO Online : By any measure, the recent Equifax data breach was and is a disaster: in exposing the personal information of 143 million American consumers, it could cause years of trouble for all involved. It also revealed all […]

Lawmakers are angry over Equifax’s massive data breach. Where do we go from here?

Richard Smith went to Washington this week to face panel upon panel of angry lawmakers who questioned the former Equifax CEO on the hows and whys of last month’s massive data breach, which compromised the financial and personal information of more than 145 million Americans. Read why the United States lawmakers are angry over the […]

Data Breach Like Equifax’s Not Surprising

Read why Harry Houck says that data breach as big as Equifax is not surprising on Newsmax : The security breach at Equifax that affected as many as 143 million Americans is a blunder that I always expected. As soon as I heard, I went to the Equifax site to see if I was a victim […]

Equifax Breach Caused by Lone Employee’s Error, Former C.E.O. Says

The Equifax data breach, which exposed the sensitive personal information of nearly 146 million Americans, happened because of a mistake by a single employee, the credit reporting company’s former chief executive told members of Congress on Tuesday. Read Richard F. Smith, former chief executive testimony to members of Congress on Tuesday in which he says that a […]