Justifying the Value of Conference Attendance to Your Boss

Read why Jim Nitterauer says that attending Infosec conferences is necessary for IT pros and C-Suite employees on Tripwire : Over the weekend, I became immersed in a discussion on Twitter centered around getting more people involved in InfoSec conferences. Lesley’s initial point led to many great responses relating to the value of attending conferences and the […]

Do Security Pros Need a Single Unifying Platform?

A new study finds that cyber-security professionals want to protect their data with a single unifying platform, rather using piecemeal tools. Despite making heavy investments in security tools, organizations suffer technical challenges in protecting their data. Read/see the slideshow explaining why the security pros need a single unifying platform on CIO Insight.

Level up Your Security Training Through Engagement

Read the article about how employees can enhance their security training through engagement on Tripwire : We all can agree that security training is critical, but have you ever wondered why your organization does not share your same level of excitement when it comes training time? The majority of organizations struggle with getting employees motivated and […]

Most Americans with knowledge of employer’s cybersecurity wouldn’t want to be a customer

Today Kaspersky Lab and HackerOne released the report, “Hacking America: Cybersecurity Perception.” Some of its revelations include that most Americans wouldn’t want to be a customer of their employers since they don’t trust their employers to protect their personal data. Read more about the new report titled “Hacking America: Cybersecurity Perception” by Kaspersky Lab and HackerOne which […]

Keep Employees Secure, Wherever They Are

Read Matthew Gyde’s article about why companies should keep their employees secure wherever they are on Dark Reading : Nearly 80% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, and 1.55 billion others are expected to work outside the boundaries of the corporate office by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan research. This shift […]

4 Signs You, Your Users, Tech Peers & C-Suite All Have ‘Security Fatigue’

Read Tom Pendergast list four signs that your company employees are suffering from cyber security fatigue on Dark Reading : There’s been a lot of talk about security fatigue lately, in the press and in my office. It’s a term that people get right away, and it feels like one of the classic social phenomena […]

Why Your Next Hire Should Have a Certified Security Project Manager Certification

Read why Mickey McCarter says that companies should have a certified security project manager in their cyber security staff on Commercial Integrator : Tyco International, a leading integrator in the security industry, prefers to hire project managers with proven experience. One way Tyco ensures its job candidates have that experience is to ask them to […]

How CIOs trap themselves by recycling the same talent

Read Jonathan Young explain how CIOs trap themselves by recycling the same talent on Computer Weekly : According to recent Gartner research, talent is the single biggest issue standing in the way of CIOs achieving their objectives. It seems there are still the same gaps and challenges as there were four, five, six and more years […]

Employee burnout: The biggest workplace challenge in 2017

The biggest threat to building an engaged workforce in 2017 is employee burnout. A new study by Kronos and Future Workplace found 95 percent of human resource leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention, yet there is no obvious solution on the horizon. Read about the new survey by Kronos and Future Workplace which […]

69 Percent of Companies Have Suffered Data Loss Due to Employee Turnover

According to the results of a recent Osterman Research survey of 187 IT and/or HR decision makers, fully 69 percent of respondents have suffered significant data loss resulting from employees who left. Read about the new survey by Osterman Research which reveals that as many as 69 respondent companies have suffered a data loss due […]