Cyber security: why your people are your most effective defence

Read why  Nick Wilding says that employees are most effective defence against cyber attacks on CBI : Many organisations continue to invest in multiple layers of “intelligent” technical controls to protect themselves from cyber attackers. Yet security breaches continue to grow in their scale and impact. There’s something missing in our organisational response to the […]

What to look for when hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Read Bill Siwicki explain what healthcare companies need to look forward in their new cyber security recruits on Healthcare IT News : Healthcare has special challenges securing information and devices. The consequences of a successful hack can be, at their worst, extreme results on people’s health and well-being. Medical records are worth more on the black […]

Five steps to a secure workforce

Read Danny Maher’s article on five steps to a secure workforce on IT Pro Portal : Companies thrive on talent. Your employees are the key to success in business, especially when you use technology to make them more productive. This access to data and applications can also pose dangers, though. Read his full article here.

Why Most Security Awareness Training Fails (And What To Do About It)

Arun Vishwanath, associate professor at the University at Buffalo and faculty associate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, visits the Dark Reading News Desk to discuss the need for better cybersecurity awareness “diagnostics.” Vishwanath says training often tries to apply the same cure to every ailment then blames the patient when the treatment doesn’t work. […]

Cyber security starts with the employee

Read why cyber security starts with the employee on Network Asia : When one thinks of cyber security, what usually comes to mind are sophisticated software suites or firewalls that act as a protective barrier between an organization and the dangerous world of cyber-criminals. However, some of the most common security breaches occurs through an […]

Top Five Tips for Creating a Culture of Security Awareness at Work

Read  Fran Howarth list five top tips about how companies can create a culture of security awareness at work on Security Intellingence : The second week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), held every October, focused on creating a culture of cybersecurity at work. The aim is to highlight the current threats that organizations […]

Here are the dos and don’ts when hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Healthcare organizations are wrestling with a vast number of cybersecurity job openings and the dearth of cybersecurity professionals to fill those roles. Fifty-eight percent are training existing staff in new security skills, 53 percent are using contractors, 36 percent are employing managed security service providers (MSSPs), and only 31 percent are hiring new staff, according to […]

How Proper Offboarding Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

Read  Aliah D. Wright explain it is necessary for every organisation to have a proper employee exit strategy to prevent data breaches on SHRM Blog : Shortly after she was fired from her job at the City of New Haven recently, a Connecticut woman reportedly snuck back into her former office, copied data onto her […]

7 elements of a successful security awareness program

Read Ira Winkler list seven key elements of a successful security awareness program on CIO : When I was asked to keynote a CSO event four years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find that security culture was the top concern of the CSOs in attendance. Having performed many security assessments and penetration tests, I […]

How to get your staff to take cybersecurity seriously

Common sense only goes so far and you need to make sure that best practices around security don’t go in one ear and out the other. Here’s your attack plan. When it comes to cybersecurity, software company AutoClerk makes sure that its 25 employees know they are on the front lines of something akin to a […]