Cultivating sound email authentication systems

Ping Look, the executive advisor for security and awareness at Optiv, says assurance in the authenticity of received email is becoming more difficult. That’s because the sophistication of spoofed e-mail is on the rise. Motivations of senders of malicious e-mail are also becoming more varied. Read the interview with Ping Look, the executive advisor for security […]

Malicious URL Emails Soar 600% in Q3

The volume of malicious emails blocked in Q3 climbed by 85%, versus the previous three months, with ransomware by far the most common threat according to new data from Proofpoint. Read about the new report by Proofpoint which reveals that volume of emails featuring malicious URLs, as opposed to attachments has increased 600% from Q2 […]

Google now offers special security program for high-risk users

Today, Google rolled out a new program called Advanced Protection for personal Google accounts, intended to provide much higher account security to users of services like Gmail and Drive who are at a high risk of being targeted by phishers, hackers, and others seeking their personal data. Read about the new Advanced Protection for personal Google […]

Latest Phishing Trends Report Reveals 90% of IT Executives Worry Most About Email-Related Threats

PhishMe, the leading provider of human phishing defense solutions, released the results of its US Phishing Response Trends Report, which looked at the phishing response strategies of two hundred senior IT security decision-makers across a variety of industries in the United States. Read about the latest report by PhishMe which reveals that most businesses are […]

Google launching Gmail security tool to protect executives from high-profile attacks

An upcoming security feature for Gmail will use two physical security keys to protect executives and other high-value targets from potential cyberattacks, according to a Friday Bloomberg report. The feature, known as Advanced Protection Program, will likely launch next month, the report said. Read about the Google’s latest Gmail security tool for protecting executives from […]

Is Your Email Protected for Cyber Threats?

If your organization is online it’s at risk, plain and simple. Cyber crooks don’t discriminate between large and small companies, public and private, for-profits and charities. To a hacker’s eye, they all represent opportunities to make a buck or make a point. Read how to protect your emails from cyber threats on MSP Mentor.

Safeguard Email From Internal and External Threats

Email continues to be a major source of cyber-attacks, and security and risk officers need to be more aware of both outside attackers and internal threats, says a recent study. The report, “Don’t Just Look Externally for Security Threats,” points to three groups responsible for these threats: external attacks that have compromised internal accounts. Read/see […]

Firms Hit Hard By Data Breach Costs

More than a third of organisations who suffered a data breach in 2016 lost more than 20 per cent of their revenue as a result, new research claims. A report from Cisco found that more than a fifth of breached organisations lost customers, with 40 per cent losing 20 per cent of their customer base. Read […]

Email Encryption On The Rise But Still Not ‘Universal’

The numbers aren’t staggering, but more companies now view encrypting email a priority. New research by Osterman on behalf of Echoworx found that while 45% of organizationsin North America consider email encryption a “very important” or “critical” priority in 2015, that number jumped to 53% in the 2016 study. At the same time, organizations reporting that […]

Email Security Survey: 75% of Companies Hacked in Past Year

A new survey conducted by Osterman Research and co-sponsored by Cyren shows that 75% of businesses surveyed incurred a security breach in the past 12 months. The top two culprits? Email phishing attacks infected systems at 37% of the companies, while 24% of respondents suffered successful ransomware attacks through file encryption. Read about the new […]