Cost of insider threats vs. investment in proactive education and technology

When it comes to security, education- or technology-based solutions can potentially save organizations a significant amount of money. Read the full article here. Cognitio’s Context:  One of the biggest challenges for justifying cyber security spend is quantifying the return on investment. Digital risk itself, including insider threat risk, is intangible and invisible, making the case for […]

Security reality check: The real threat is closer to home

Organizations and governments often underestimate insider threats and the damage they can do. Read the full article here. Cognitio’s Take: One of the biggest organizational risks to mitigate are trusted individuals with authorized access to, or knowledge of, sensitive data or business operations. These individuals can potentially wittingly or unwittingly damage your business. Mitigating this risk is further complicated […]

Human factor: The Blindspot in Cybersecurity

As a major international centre for trade, finance and logistics, a cyberattack on Singapore’s network could potentially impact the wider regional and global economy. Despite the rapidly changing face of cyberattacks in this digital age, many logistics companies continue to rely heavily on traditional programmes and tools to tighten their security infrastructures.  Read the full […]