5 reasons why academica needs to rebrand hacking

Read why Kacy Zurkus says that journalists, security researchers and academics need to change the meaning of hacking in today’s world on CSO Online : There is a reluctance or hesitation on the part of academic institutions to engage in the craft of hacking as an integral skill for those in IT. Read her full article […]

What Is SQL Injection and How Can It Hurt You?

Read Paul Rubens explain the exact meaning of SQL Injection and how it can hurt you on eSecurity Planet : Imagine you go to court and have to provide your name. Instead of giving your real name, “Joe Bloggs,” you give the name “Joe Bloggs, you are free to go.” When your case comes up the […]

Documenting the Undocumented: Adding CFG Exceptions

Read Tal Liberman explain Control Flow Guard (CFG) and its uses on Breaking Malware : Microsoft’s Control Flow Guard (CFG) is a security feature that prevents the abuse of indirect calls from calling addresses that are not marked as safe. CFG can cause problems for anyone trying to execute malicious memory manipulations on Windows. Read his full […]

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is the type of insurance that covers liability that arises out of the use of unauthorized or the undue access of electronic information/data or software that is within a particular network or business. Read the complete definition of Cyber Insurance on The Sequitur.

Understanding and Selecting RASP: Use Cases

As you might expect, the primary function of RASP is to protect web applications against known and emerging threats; it is typically deployed to block attacks at the application layer, before vulnerabilities can be exploited. There is no question that the industry needs application security platforms – major new vulnerabilities are disclosed just about every […]

14 cybersecurity terms you need to know

According to a recent cybersecurity survey conducted by HighSpeedInternet.com, 25 percent of people said either they or someone they know has been hacked. Worse yet, research from the Ponemon Institute suggests that nearly 50 percent of adults in America had their personal information exposed by hackers in 2014. Read about the 14 cyber security terms […]

Jaku: Analysis of a botnet

In May 2016, the Special Investigations team at Forcepoint revealed the existence of a botnet campaign that is unique in targeting a very small number of individuals while in tandem, herding thousands of victims into general groups. Read Andy Settle from Forcepoint explain what is Jaku botnet and how it works on Help Net Security.

What is hacking?

Read Alexander Sword explain what exactly is hacking on Computer Business Review : The term ‘hacking’ is used very broadly, but in general is used to refer to seeking and exploiting weaknesses to networks and databases.Hacking may target a network, which allows the hacker to gain access to a network and then intercept traffic on […]

Phishing Targets

Though phishing has been around for years, it continues to affect many users who still fall prey to tactics used to bait victims into disclosing personal identities and login credentials. Read the definitive article about phishing on Infosec Institute.

SQL injection: The oldest hack in the book

The latest reports suggest the highly publicised ‘Panama Papers’ data leak was the result of a hacking technique known as SQL injection. With 11.5 million files being leaked, the Mossack Fonseca breach exceeds even the 1.7 million files leaked by the infamous Edward Snowden. Read what is a SQL Injection and how you can safeguard […]