How to defend against DDoS attacks like the one on the Dyn DNS service

Read David Geer’s article about how companies can prevent DDoS attack on Windows IT Pro : On October 21, 2016, the Dyn Managed DNS service experienced three DDoS attacks; two of these were successful at overwhelming the service and preventing access to major websites. While news reports focused on the attacks’ impact on Eastern U.S. websites, […]

Expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attack combos in 2017

“Follow the money” is a popular catchphrase attributed to the 1976 movie All The President’s Men suggesting a money trail or corruption scheme within high (often political) office. Cybercriminal actors are certainly following the advice. Read why retailers should expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attacks in 2017 on Enterprise Innovation.

What is a DDoS attack? What happens during a DDoS attack?

Read Christina Mercer explain what is a DDoS attack and how it works on Tech World : DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attack, with the number of global DDoS attacks increasing to 50 million annually, according to VeriSign. Distributed denial of service, or DDoS for short, refers to a cyber […]

DDoS: A real threat that big data can help combat

Read why Adrian Smolski says that big data can counter the DDoS threat on Computer Weekly : Imagine this: you’re trying to access your preferred news outlet online, but it isn’t available. So you try another one, and another one, then your Facebook account, then Twitter, but nothing is working. Read his full article here.

DDoS Attacks Surge, Organizations Struggle to Respond

Despite heightened awareness of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, organizations are taking longer to detect and respond to them. Read about the new report by Neustar which reveals that 84% of respondents say their organizations have experienced at least one DDoS attack in the past 12 months, compared to the 73% who said the same thing in […]

How Shall DDoS Attacks Progress In The Future?

Read Anas Beg’s article about how DDoS attacks will shape out in the future on Information Security Buzz : In recent months we have witnessed a rise in new and significantly high-volume distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Mirai botnet is a prime example in this case. Involved in a string of DDoS attacks in recent […]

DDoS Attacks Can Cost Businesses Up to $2.5M Per Attack, Report Says

The time to respond and mitigate DDoS attacks can be costly for companies, and some businesses can lose roughly $2.5 million on average per attack, a research report released today said. Read about the Neustar’s new Worldwide DDoS Attacks and Cyber Insights Research Report which reveals that DDoS attacks can cost businesses upto $2.5 million per attack on […]

The Short List of Who Protects Companies Against DDoS Attacks

Read Anna Jones’ article about how companies can protect themselves against DDoS attacks on IoT Evolution : Here’s a question: when was the last time you got something truly useful for free? Like that time it turned out your phone company was giving you mobile data even though it wasn’t included in the plan you […]

New Breed of DDoS Attack On the Rise

Read Jai Vijayan’s article about new breed of DDoS attacks on Dark Reading : Over the years, threat actors have abused a variety of services including DNS, SNMP, and NTP to enable and amplify distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against their targets. Read his full article here.

Facts About DDoS That Aren’t True

Read Priti Shetti’s article dispelling some myths about DDoS attacks on Host Review : Although Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks remains as prevalent as ever, there are still some surprising myths that goes around them. Misleading information can not only misguide users, but also stand as a severe threat to business. Facts are not manipulated, but […]