Ransomware & Data Security Laws

Does a ransomware infection count as a reportable data breach? When a financial or healthcare gets hit with ransomware, does that violate their compliance of consumer data? Read/download the whitepaper on ransomware and data security laws on Bank Info Security.

Shifting Data Security Requirements are Hardest on Small Businesses

Small businesses can struggle with the vagueness of “reasonable protection” requirements that Federal laws and regulations establish for personal data, according to experts who testified Wednesday at a House Small Business Committee hearing. Read why cyber security experts say that small and medium businesses are hardest hit by shifting data security requirements on Meri Talk.

New Year’s ‘resolutions’ for privacy and data security

Read why Meghan Kloth Rohlf says that a company’s new year resolution should be providing optimum data security and privacy on Lexology : The beginning of a new year offers the perfect opportunity for companies to review their privacy and data security practices and make any needed adjustments. Since it is a matter of “when,” […]

Data Breaches in Financial & Administrative Bodies Compelling Higher Adoption of Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solutions

Read Abhishek Budholiya explain how data breaches are forcing organisations to adopt managed file transfer solutions on TG Daily : In this era of technology, outdated patterns of orchestrating file transfers such as email and FTPs have been offloaded from the preference list of IT departments in various companies. Read his full article here.

Rising Cyberthreats Make Data Security a Hot Career Prospect

Read Pradipto Chakrabarty’s article about how data security is a hot career prospect for IT pros on PC Quest : A lot has been said about the Narendra Modi government’s efforts to integrate information technology as an indispensable part of citizens’ lives. But IT brings with it, its own challenges. One of them is data security. […]

QuickLaunch University: Data Security For Startups (Video Content)

Companies should have relevant controls to protect against reasonably foreseeable threats to security, confidentiality and integrity of the consumer’s personal information. See the video explaining data security for startups on Mondaq.

What Does It Really Take To Be Data Security Compliant?

Read Cameron G. Shilling explain how companies can be data security compliant on Mondaq : Most businesses know (or should know by now) that they must comply with state and federal data security laws and regulations. But business leaders often are unaware of what it really takes to do so. That is understandable. Data security […]

Protect confidential data from being sold as ‘scrap’

Read why Amit Jaju says that protecting confidential data of companies is a must on Live Mint : In recent times, there have been increasing concerns around data breaches and other security threats among companies and individuals alike. The use of new techniques and complex technologies has been both a bane and a boon here. Some […]

The Practical Side of Data Science to Security

Read Wade Williamson explain how data science can influence security on Security Week : In a recent column, I discussed the importance of separating the hype from reality around data science and cybersecurity. This time around, I want to dive into where data science is headed and how you can begin incorporating it into your […]

Apple hack order potential tipping point in privacy vs. security battle

Read why Andrea Noble says that the court order for unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is a tipping point in privacy vs security battle on Washington Post : A seminal showdown in the long-running fight over government access to private communication is brewing over the judicial order to compel tech giant Apple to help […]