Back to Filing Cabinets? Simplifying the Complex Task of Data Security

Read  Tom Obremski’s article about how companies can simplify the task of data protection on Security Intelligence : Data drives our businesses, economy and daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that data security needs to be a priority. But do we know what data we really have, where sensitive information is being collected […]

Security starts at source code  —  in the cloud

Read why  Jacek Materna says that security starts with source code in the cloud on CSO Online : For years enterprises have been happily spending billions of dollars on “cyber security” to deal with an ongoing cat and mouse game — corporate IT security. Here is how the game works: every week a new threat appears, and every […]

Myth busted: Physical security is not separate from cybersecurity

Read  Jessica Davis’ article about why physical security is not separate from cyber security on Healthcare IT News : Physical security, which includes safeguarding medical devices, machines and paper documents, is often discussed as an element separate from cybersecurity. But while it would be nice for these functions to be separate, at the end of […]

Small business needs cyber security plan

Many small- and medium-sized businesses could be at risk of losing money and customers because they don’t have a cyber security plan. Only 13 per cent of small businesses have a plan to protect their money and valuable client data, according to a monthly survey of 400 small business owners by online business management solutions provider […]

The Problem with Collecting, Processing, and Analyzing More Security Data

Read Jon Oltsik’s article about the problems companies face with collecting, processing, and analyzing cyber security data on CSO Online : Security teams collect a heck of a lot of data today.  ESG research indicates that 38% of organizations collect, process, and analyze more than 10 terabytes of data as part of security operations each month. […]

Your Data Security Deserves A Second Look

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Why end-to-end encryption is about more than just privacy

The question of whether regular people need end-to-end encryption will surely be debated for quite some time. But for Alan Duric, CEO and co-founder of Wire, the question can only have a positive answer. Read why Alan Duric of Wire says that end-to-end encryption is more about just privacy on Help Net Security.

Stabilizing healthcare database security is critical for hospitals

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The Equifax Data Breach Shows the Limitations of How Our Data is Stored

Read why says that the Equifax data breach shows how poorly companies store data on Entrepreneur: Equifax has now joined the growing list of mass credentials breaches that erode the trust we instinctively place in the service providers we rely on to access our connected world. Desktop, mobile and internet of things (IoT) systems are […]

Has your data been hacked? Here’s what you should do

Read the article about what you should do if your data has been hacked on OC Register : Hackers have stolen more than 143 million Social Security numbers and other data from credit giant Equifax in Atlanta. The company said Thursday that “criminals” exploited a U.S. website application to access files between mid-May and July of […]