How can CIOs best secure the future of their company data?

Read about how CIOs can best ensure data protection on The C-Suite : 2016 saw a consistent flow of warnings from cyber security experts, who expressed their concern that come 2017, businesses will be subject to a significant rise in data breaches, which will far outstrip the number of reported cases in 2016. Read the […]

5 Ways A Bad Guy Can Steal Your Data

Read Christopher Frank’s article about the five ways in which cyber criminals can steal data on Forbes : In this day in age, we have a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. Your digital footprint is the portion of data that lingers around the internet. Some of it is data you have personally shared, the rest is data other […]

Users Overshare Sensitive Enterprise Data

When it comes to keeping confidential data locked down, it turns out that even employees trained in cybersecurity best practices still don’t always know how to protect sensitive information, according to the Dell End-User Security Survey 2017 released today. Read about the latest Dell End-User Security Survey 2017 released today which reveals that nearly half of the […]

Why Data Storage Issues Keep CIOs Up at Night

With storage capabilities struggling to keep up with the growth of data, the majority of CIOs and other organizational leaders are reassessing their data storage approaches and strategies, according to a recent survey from SUSE. The resulting report, “Numbers Tell Stories,” indicates that most IT decision-makers are concerned that data growth may cause storage issues […]

Businesses increasing encryption efforts

Businesses are increasingly adopting encryption strategies, according to a new report by Thales. More than four in ten (41 per cent) of respondents in the report said their organisation has an encryption strategy that is applied ‘consistently’, across the enterprise. Read more about the new report by Thales which reveals that nearly four out of […]

7 tips for keeping client data secure

Read Nastassja Tejada list seven tips for organisations to keep their client data safe and secure on Accounting Today : Information hacking has been a big topic of discussion in the national news in recent months. With all the financial information that is shared during tax time, keeping your clients’ data secure is a big concern […]

The Long Slog To Getting Encryption Right

Read Ericka Chickowski’s article about encryption on Dark Reading : While enterprises are making meaningful progress on improving their encryption practices, there’s still a lot of work to go. Several major studies out in the last several months have underlined the highs and lows of encryption trends out in the real world. Read his full article […]

What Happens To Your Information After A Data Breach?

Read John Burcham’s article about what happens to information after a data breach on  Business 2 Community : Data breaches have become all-too-common amongst retailers, businesses, educational institutions and health care facilities. Last year, 1,093 data breaches led to over 36 million compromised records in the United States, leaving millions of Americans’ personal information exposed. Read […]

Putting more control with users

Read Mark Eggleton make a case for putting more control with users to prevent data breaches on Australian Financial Review : When adherents of the data revolution talk evangelically about the treasure trove of data being collected by business and government our thoughts often turn to data breaches and the security of our data. Unfortunately, […]

Top 3 tips to protect your business from hackers

Read the top three tips to protect your business from hackers according to Kristina Knight on Biz Report : “Most small business owners don’t think they are at risk, yet 43% of small businesses have been victims of cyber attack. As a result, 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack are out of business […]