Data security threat grows as businesses stagnate on solutions

According to a new report from Thales Security, organisations are putting more money toward data security solutions, only to experience more security breaches than ever. Read more about the new report by Thales Security which reveals that 26 per cent of respondents experienced a breach in the past year, up from 21.7 per cent the previous […]

Trust Begins With Layer 1 Encryption

Read why Hector Menendez says that trust begins with layer 1 encryption on Dark Reading : At which network layer should we handle security of in-flight data? Some argue the application layer is most appropriate because this is where the user’s personal data, semantics and security requirements reside. Others argue that security should start in the […]

Data breaches are a part of doing business, protection lies in encryption: LAWtrust

Data has become the lifeblood of modern life as everything from room temperatures and health records to banking details and WhatsApp messages are collected and stored. The rapid digital transformation of businesses and services has created an unprecedented amount of data. This data has become so valuable that there are hacking syndicates and lone-wolf hackers who […]

Half of All Phishing Attacks in 2016 Targeted Financial Data

Fully 47.48 percent of all phishing attacks last year were aimed at stealing victims’ money, a 13.14 percent increase over 2015, according to Kaspersky Labs’ Financial Cyberthreats in 2016 report. Of almost 155 million attempts to visit phishing pages that Kaspersky detected in 2016, just under half were attempts to visit pages designed to steal financial […]

8 Ways to Prevent a Security or Data Breach

Read Kristen Gramigna list eight ways in which a company can prevent a security or data breach on Business : Here are some security tips all small businesses should heed and implement to protect their customers — and business. You may not think your small business is large enough to attract the attention of virtual thieves […]

Sifting Through the Cybersecurity Noise to Protect Data

Read Roy Urrico article about how the companies should sift through all the warnings to pinpoint real threats on Credit Union Times : Credit unions, like most organizations, are bombarded by news about breaches and cybersecurity issues every day. So how do they sift through the hype and warnings to determine which threats are real? […]

How to Use & Share Customer Data without Damaging Trust

Read five tips for fair data usage without damaging customer trust according to Steve Shoaff on Dark Reading : Consumer privacy is gearing up to make a big splash this year as people become increasingly annoyed with the way big data thefts at companies like Yahoo! are handled and regulators in Europe take aim at data […]

4 critical security challenges facing IoT

Read about the four critical security challenges facing Internet of Things according to Gary Eastwood on CIO The internet of things (IoT) is finally here in 2017, and companies like Google and Amazon are rushing to get out and become the main company to become the hub of this revolutionary concept. Read his full article […]

Banks Show a Woeful Lack of Data Security

Read Tara Seals’ article about how banks lack data security on Infosec Magazine : About 83% of consumers believe their banks are secure from cyber attack and trust it with their money and most sensitive data too, but their faith is misplaced. A report from Capgemini found that just one in five banking executives (21%) are […]

Secrets Management: the Must-Dos

The modern IT landscape is filled full of secrets: There are certificates, SQL connection strings, storage account keys, passwords, SSH keys, encryption keys and more. And no matter what role one plays in the group—developer, admin, PKI manager—managing these secrets can become a high-stakes management headache. Read Rashmi Jha of Microsoft explain why it is important […]