Five Network Security Pitfalls That Could Be Putting Your Organisation At Risk

In a world where high-profile data breaches have become the norm, cyber security has quickly become a top priority for organisations of all sizes, in all industries. Barely a week seems to go by without news of another cyber attack hitting the headlines, prompting businesses to invest heavily in next-generation technologies in an attempt to […]

SOCs require automation to avoid analyst fatigue for emerging threats

A survey conducted by LogicHub at RSA Conference 2018 identified 79 percent of respondents believe both human expertise and security automation is needed for a powerful security infrastructure to keep enterprises safe from breaches.  Still, breaches go undetected for 206 days on average, showing while human expertise is pertinent, it is not effectively being deployed alongside automation tools. […]

Oracle critical update fixes 254 flaws – so get patching now

Oracle has published its critical patch update for April, offering 254 security fixes across 20 product sets. The database giant said customers should install the update as soon as possible, as attackers continue to attempt to exploit patched vulnerabilities. “In some instances, it has been reported that attackers have been successful because targeted customers had failed to […]

GDPR: It’s an issue of transparency

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been on the lips of security professionals for a long time now – but in just over a month, it will become a reality. While it is easy to get stuck with reviewing the potential fines or setting up efficient security procedures to ensure compliance, many are still […]

Blockchain and GDPR: Between a Block and a Hard Place

Blockchain and other emerging distributed ledger technologies offer the promise of increased security, transparency and resilience based on the use of distributed, immutable records. At the same time, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect May 25, 2018, governs the use and protection of personal data collected from or about any European Union […]

LinkedIn AutoFill bug could leak personal data to third parties and attackers

A flaw in LinkedIn’s AutoFill button created the potential for an attacker to harvest sensitive profile data without the user even knowing it. LinkedIn has long offered an AutoFill button plugin for paying marketing solutions customers, who can add the button to their websites to let LinkedIn users fill in profile data with a single click. The […]

This malware targets Facebook log-in details, infects over 45,000 in just days

Users who download a painting software advertised as a tool for stress relief might soon find themselves stressed out because the program is actually a front for malware which steals their Facebook credentials and payment information. ‘StressPaint’ first appeared a few days ago and at the time of writing has infected over 45,000 Facebook users. […]

DNS is about to get into a world of trouble with GDPR

The European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protecting EU citizens’ privacy takes effect on May 25, 2018. So far, so good. Who doesn’t like privacy? But, many groups, including Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the Domain Name System (DNS), are completely unprepared for the new laws. So, why does that matter to […]

LocalBlox found leaking info on tens of millions of individuals

LocalBlox, a US-based data technology company that “crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments data in a variety of formats from the web and from exchange networks” and ties it all together to create profiles on individuals that contain personal, business and consumer data for marketing purposes, has been found leaking information on tens of […]

Most US consumers don’t trust companies to keep their data private

While a majority of the US public sees companies’ ability to keep data private as absolutely key, it has little trust in companies to do so. In fact, only 20 percent of them “completely trust” organizations they interact with to maintain the privacy of their data, the results of a recent survey have shown. They […]