Top tips to best protect your company from cyber attacks

Read AshFranklin list top tips about how companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks on Lincolnshire Live : Bosses are being urged to make sure their firms are protected against cyber crime in the aftermath of a ransomware attack that brought the NHS to its knees. Cybercrime is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of […]

Healthcare Data Encryption not ‘Required,’ but Very Necessary

Healthcare cybersecurity is essential for covered entities of all sizes, especially as ransomware attacks and other types of malware become more common. Healthcare data encryption is often discussed in these situations as well, with many in the industry underlining its importance. Read why HIPPA doesnt make healthcare organisations compulsorily encrypt data but it is very […]

How to get your staff to take cybersecurity seriously

Common sense only goes so far and you need to make sure that best practices around security don’t go in one ear and out the other. Here’s your attack plan. When it comes to cybersecurity, software company AutoClerk makes sure that its 25 employees know they are on the front lines of something akin to a […]

20 Million Reasons for C-Suite to pay Attention to Data Loss

Read Adrian Dain give 20 million reasons about why IT professionals should pay attention to data loss on Infosec Magazine : Fines of up to €20 million for breaches of personal data will be enabled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 25 May 2018. Limited to 4% of annual turnover, […]

Health providers need new security focus to protect patient data

Read why Fred Bazzoli says that healthcare firms need extra focus to protect patient data on Information Management : Incidents of cyber attacks against medical devices are inevitable, and healthcare providers are not prepared for the eventuality. In fact, in general, healthcare organizations are focusing all their efforts of protecting the wrong thing. Read his full […]

Three in four businesses risk losing 24 hours of data every day

Almost three quarters of UK businesses (72 per cent) are ‘happy to lose’ more than 24 hours’ worth of data after a cyber-incident, new research has found. According to a report by Disaster Recovery, thirteen per cent of companies have never backed up their data, while 43 per cent lost vital information in the last two […]

How To Defend Your Business Against A Cyber Attack

Read how to defend your business against a cyber attack according to Rebecca James on Value Walk : Along with the increase in cyber security technologies, the risk of cyber attack around the globe is becoming an intense concern for every internet user. However, the cyber attackers are massively targeting businesses and organizations so as […]

Mobile Data Breaches – Is Your Organization Truly Prepared?

Read Aaron Baer and Amy Marcen-Gaudaur’s article about why mobile security is important for any organisation on Lexology : Mobile devices have become an integral component of IT infrastructure for virtually all businesses. However, a recent report by Dimensional Research (the “Report”) shows that most security professionals feel unprepared to defend against a mobile data […]

Once More unto the Breach: Practical Tips When Employee Data is Compromised

Read Jay M. Dade give practical tips to companies when their employee data is compromised on National Law Review : In 2016, U.S. private employers and government agencies reported more than 1,000 data security breaches, up 40 percent from 2015. Recent high profile examples include 2014 theft of unencrypted laptops at Coca-Cola, which compromised sensitive […]

Information Security in the Age of Disinformation

Read why  George Moraetes says it is important to protect information in the age of disinformation on Security Intelligence : Depending on their specific goals and motivations, malicious external actors seek to blackmail individuals, organizations or security vendors to disrupt breach defenses or otherwise wreak havoc on IT operations. For security leaders tasked with defending […]