Q&A: Secure data centres and fintech companies

Read Phil Bindley’s article on how to secure data centres and fintech businesses IT Pro Portal : Every data centre that wants to consider itself a secure facility needs to focus on a number of aspects. Physical security, human security, disaster recovery and a secure encrypted network are all essential features that data centres must offer […]

Physical Security Might Be Easier To Understand, But Cybersecurity Is Where Data Center Tenants Should Focus

Read Julia Bunch’s article about why data center clients should concentrate on cyber security on Bis Now : As cyberspace grows, protecting it only gets more complex. As companies across all sectors increasingly turn to data centers to store their information, prioritizing privacy does not always get the budget and attention many think it deserves. […]

Securing Asia’s data centers against physical threats

While no one will refute the importance of physical security within data centers, server racks in data centers here are typically secured using physical keys that are easily duplicated. And, compounding that problem, is the use of a common key to secure large swathes of racks, CK Cheong, CEO of ERS Group, told DCD. Read […]

Guidelines for Best-in-Breed Data Center Security

Data centers that are groups of network computer servers for remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data have evolved as the blood and bone of today’s organizations. With a plethora of equipments such as database servers, load balancers, storage systems, redundant power supplies, environmental controls, and security devices, data centers play a […]

The evolution of data center segmentation

Read David Anderson’s article about the evolution of data center segmentation on Network World : Data center transformation has delivered better resource utilization, scalability and automation for data center environments. While software-defined networking (SDN) and automation platforms can tie in network security, the options have been largely inflexible and static, limiting the amount of security automation […]

Countering overlooked physical threats in the data centre

Read Simon Williamson at Southco explains why effective security and compliance can help counter the growing, and sometimes overlooked threat of physical security breaches on The Stack The data centre landscape is growing so quickly that physical security can often get overlooked. And, it is not just risk of breach from intentional theft. A lot […]

Datacenters: What businesses need to know

Read  Barclay Ballard’s article about what businesses need to know about data centers on IT Pro Portal : Datacenters, in the sense of a centralised space where business information is stored, have always been important, but as we move towards an increasingly digital economy, and indeed, way of life, they have taken on even greater […]

Trends: Five Data Center Trends For 2017

As clients make a shift from on-premises traditional data centers to the cloud, mega vendors will rush to build out their hyperscale data centers.  Hyperscale data centers use nodes to flex up and flex down on compute power, storage, networking, and memory as demand increase or decreases. Read about the top five trends for data […]

Can the Data Centre be Defended from a Data Breach?

Read Kasey Cross’ article about whether data centers can be defended from data breach on CBR Online : If headlines fully reflect reality, the odds are rather poor that a data centre can be fully protected from a data breach. A study from Lloyd’s shows that over 90% of European companies have suffered a data breach […]

How Safe is Your Data Center?

Read Rachel Teisch’s article about data protection at Data Centers on Lexology : This was the topic of Legaltech News’ story on 10 best practices for data security and what you need to know about how and where your information is stored. When you are outsourcing some or all of your eDiscovery process to a third-party service […]