Ouch! Feeling The Pain Of Cybersecurity In Healthcare

There’s no vaccination that can stem the outbreak of recent healthcare-related data breaches. If anyone needs a reminder about why medical records are increasingly a target, just thumb through all the personal identifiable information stored in your cell phones, fitness trackers, social media, the cloud, and in service provider databases. There are lots of reasons why medical […]

Ransom Requests Double And Cyberattack Breaches Surge 23 Percent In 2014

Last year saw a host of high-profile hacking cases in the news. None were more high profile than the Korean hacking of Sony, a move which had international political ramifications and saw thecompany’s CEO lose her job. It seems that these were not isolated incidents, either, as there was a surge in successful cyber attacks in 2014. […]

Here’s Why You Need To Worry About Data Breaches

Any breach of your data, even if you think it’s inconsequential and minor, could be just the first step on the path to hackers getting at your bank account, a report released Tuesday by Verizon Enterprise shows. Hackers play the long game, trying several routes until they have sufficient information to pries open the data that counts. In short, just because you […]

Health data breaches on the rise

Large-scale health data breaches reported by doctors and health plans have been rising steadily, a new report shows. From 2010 to 2013, nearly 1000 large breaches affected more than 29 million individual health records, and more than half resulted from theft or loss of laptops, thumb drives and paper records, according to researchers with access to […]

Recent data breaches prompts local small businesses to stay alert

We live in a world where technology touches everything, including our personal information. With the recent data breaches we’ve seen at major retailers, small business owners in our area are staying on their toes to make sure that doesn’t happen to their business and their customers. “It is an area unfortunately that the criminal element […]

Make it stop!: Data breaches

Read Lena Smart, CIO, New York Power Authority share the lessons learned for halting data breaches on SC Magazine : Moving into 2015 there’s a general sense of uneasiness in the IT security community. While the Ponemon Institute dubbed 2014 the year of mega breaches, there’s no indication that this year is going to be […]

Obama Signs Executive Order on Private-Sector Info-Sharing

President Obama has signed an executive order aimed at encouraging information-sharing to thwart hacking attacks on private enterprise. The order lays out a framework for “expanded information-sharing designed to help companies work together, and work with the federal government, to quickly identify and protect against cyber-threats.” Read more on the executive order signed by President […]

CEO heads may roll for security breaches in wake of Sony boss’ exit, experts say

The massive, embarrassing data breach that preceded the exit of Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal put CEOs on notice that failure to take information security seriously may now be a firing offense. Yet the data hemorrhaging continues. Last week, as many as 80 million customers at insurer Anthem Inc. had their information stolen. And while […]

Hacks and scams are everywhere. Is it time to renovate the Internet?

The protocols that created the Internet in 1973 took Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn just nine months to write. The architecture was known as packet switching: messages were broken into small packets of data with address headers telling them where to go. Then, that data scurried through a web-like network of nodes and recombined at […]

Traditional defences not stopping breaches, claims real-world FireEye study

If Sony’s been having problems keeping out the bad guys, perhaps it’s not the only firm in that sector that should be worried about its defences, according to a new analysis by security firm FireEye. The security firm looked at 48 entertainment and media firms running its sensors during a six-month real-world test phase between […]