Is Your Small Business Ready to Defend Against a Data Breach?

As businesses enter the second half of the year, it is the perfect time to reevaluate their information security protocols. Small Business Owners (SBOs) especially should take note of any vulnerabilities that could leave a trail of irrevocable damage and potentially sink their business. Read about the new study by Ponemon Institute which reveals that average […]

How A Potent Defense Can Stifle Data-Breach Lawsuits By Businesses

Consumers aren’t the only plaintiffs in data-breach litigation. Businesses sue, too. When they do sue, businesses can be strong plaintiffs. This is because, unlike consumers, businesses usually can establish standing, since they’re more likely to have suffered direct financial loses that can be readily identified. Read how a good defense can stifle data breach lawsuits by businesses […]

New Mexico’s Data Breach Law

Read Kelly Wilkinss analyse the new New Mexico data breach law on JD Supra : Almost all U.S states have laws about data security and what to do when there’s a data breach. New Mexico recently added such a law for its state. Here is what’s in the New Mexico law. Read her full article […]

UK Retail Data Breach Incidents Double in a Year

The number of UK retailers experiencing data breaches has doubled over the past year, according to new stats shared by law firm RPC. The City-based firm claimed that the number of breaches reported to data protection watchdog the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) increased from just 19 in 2015/16 to 38 in 2016/17. Read about the new […]

Fear of data breach consequences splits appeals courts

A recent federal appeals court ruling in a putative class action lawsuit that says plaintiffs can sue even if there is only fear of, but no actual, damage from a data breach further deepens an appeals court split on the issue and enhances its chances of being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, experts say. […]

Testing Top Leadership’s Muscle Memory With Data Breach Simulations

Read Christophe Veltsos explain how the top leadership of any organisation can test their cyber security defences with data breach simulations on Security Intelligence : How would your organization’s leadership fare in its response to a full-on data breach? Regular and ongoing training can improve top leaders’ ability to respond to a cybersecurity breach and […]

Recovering from a Data Compromise: What should My Business Do Next?

Read Larry Brennan explain how companies can recover from a data breach on CIO Review : From major fast food chains to branches of government—and everything in between—it’s clear cyber criminals don’t discriminate when it comes to breaching businesses’ data defenses. Read his full article here.  

Cyber security: Firms underestimate ‘seismic aftershock’ of breaches

Read why Matt Smith says that organisation often underestimate the aftershock of a data breach on Director of Finance : UK businesses are overconfident in their cyber security planning and underestimate the damage of the “seismic aftershock” that occurs after a breach, according to a new report. Read his full article here.

A Communications Plan for Cybersecurity Breaches

Read Josh Merkin’s article about the communication plan for companies hit by data breaches on O’Dwerys PR : While big retailers continue to be a top target for data thieves, professional services firms are increasingly finding themselves as targets for cyber hackers. This is due to the vast amounts of valuable client data they manage and […]

Game of Thrones cyber security breach a lesson to us all

Read Leanna Byrne explain why Game of Thrones cyber security breach can be a lesson to organisations on Business Post : It’s bad enough having to avoid colleagues at work or friends dishing out spoilers on social media, but now the hackers are ruining it for us too. Read her full article here.