Get ready for 2018’s changes to data protection laws

Read Stephen Foster explain how businesses can get ready for the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which kicks in from next year on Cipd Blog : Despite Brexit, the UK government has indicated that it will implement the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will apply from 25 May 2018. Read his full article […]

Almost half of UK business has NO cyber security plan

Almost half of UK businesses do not have a formal cyber security strategy implemented, despite the perilous nature of the current threat landscape. Read more about the new  IoD report titled Cyber security: Ensuring business is ready for the 21st century which reveals that only 57 percent of United Kingdom businesses have a cyber security […]

UK businesses are responding to the threat of cyber attack too slowly

More than a third of businesses lack a formal strategy against cyber attack, according to a new report published by the Institute of Directors and Barclays.  There have been a number of high-profile attacks on the digital economy over the past year, including the hacking of 40,000 customer customer accounts at Tesco Bank in November. […]

Who takes responsibility for cyber security in a hotel?

While hotels have a strong handle on the physical security of their guests, are they as dedicated to protecting these guests’ data? According to a recent Trustwave 2016 Global Security Report, the hospitality industry accounted for the second largest share of data compromises among any other last year. Read more about the new Trustwave 2016 Global Security […]

New Mexico and its New Data Breach Notification Law

Read Montserrat Miller explain the complete details of the New Mexico data breach notification law on JDSupra : We are almost to a point where all 50 states and the District of Columbia will have some form of data breach notification law on their books to protect residents’ personally identifying information (PII) in the event of […]

Incident Response: How to Prepare for Attacks and Breaches

Read  Cynthia Harvey’s article about how organisations can prepare for attacks and breaches on eSecurity Planet : If a hacker breached your network today, what would you do? What if a company employee unwittingly infected your systems with ransomware? What if attackers defaced your website or launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? What […]

Healthcare Firms Turn to Cybersecurity Pros as Threats Worsen

Read why Nicole Henderson  says that healthcare firms are increasingly turning to cyber security pros as cyber threats are growing on Talking Cloud : While 2016 was an incredible year for innovation in healthcare technology, from a security standpoint it was a challenging one: last year a healthcare breach happened once a day on average, […]

New York data breaches rise by 60% due to hacking and insiders

New York data breaches have reached new heights according to the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Security breaches skyrocketed by 60 percent in 2016. Firms reported 1,300 breach incidents involving the data of 1.6 million New York state residents. Hacking was the prime cause, appearing in 40 percent of reports. Read about the latest report by […]

Organisations struggle over which data breaches to confess to under new laws

According to Telstra’s chief privacy officer, Jason Holandsjo, the Australian Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim isn’t a reasonable person. But it wasn’t a cheap shot. The two were part of a panel trying to help telecommunications companies unpack the Commonwealth’s new law requiring many Australian organisations to notify the Information Commissioner and affected individuals when certain kinds […]

New Yorkers See 60% Rise in Data Breaches in 2016

An analysis conducted by the New York Attorney General’s (AG) office reveals a 60% increase in data breaches in New York in 2016. This resulted in 1.6 million personal records exposed, three times the amount exposed in 2015. Main causes of the 1,300 reported breaches included hacking (40%) and negligence (37%). Read about the analysis […]