How to Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

Read Bill Hardekopf’s tips for protecting yourself after a data breach on Forbes : Clothing retailer Forever 21 has joined the long list of companies that have experienced a credit card data breach. The company announced Tuesday that an unauthorized party was able to access their payment card system from March until October of this year. […]

Understanding data breaches

The proliferation of digital technology in the last two decades has brought with it a slew of various cyber-threats, especially cybercrime, the most common example of which is data breaches. Read what professors and security researchers have to say about data breach on The Battalion.

Is There Automatic Civil Liability For A Data Breach?

Read Usama Kahf’s article about automatic civil liability for a data breach on Lexology : No! It is a common misconception among the general public that someone always has to pay when there is a data breach. It is understandable that individuals affected by a data breach will be upset, distraught, and even angry. Read his […]

Data breach concerns cause fear around device disposal

Seven in ten people in the UK are being put off recycling old and unused electrical products because of concerns about personal security data breaches. Read about the new survey by REPIC which reveals that 69 percent of respondents admitted to having concerns about their personal data being breached while disposing off old devices on SC […]

Radware Survey Finds Nearly Half of Companies Have Suffered a Data Breach in the Past Year

Radware released a new study today titled Radware Research: Web Application Security in a Digitally Connected World. Read about the new report by Radware which reveals that nearly half (45%) of respondents had experienced a data breach in the last year, and 68% are not confident they can keep corporate information safe on Nasdaq.

Why you should fear phishing more than data breaches

Read why Steve Ragan says that companies should fear phishing attacks more than data breaches on CSO Online : For some people, Google controls most of their identity online, and losing access to that critical account could be devastating. A recent study from Google and UC Berkeley examined the various ways accounts are compromised, and […]

BlackBerry CSO: Security will continue to be a ‘cat-and-mouse’ game

Security, they say, is the weakest link but as clichéd as that sounds, this adage is in fact truer in today’s world than before. And for one expert, the day that cyber-security catches up with cyber-crimes and threats isn’t going to come. Read why Alex Manea of BlackBerry Ltd says that cyber security will continue […]

Australian companies can learn from Equifax bill

Read why Itay Glick says that businesses can learn from the Equifax data breach spending on CSO Online : News that Equifax has had to spend US$87.5 million and counting on its recent data breach should serve as a warning to Australian companies as the era of mandatory data breach disclosure approaches.There are encouraging signs that […]

Wetware: The Often-Overlooked Crucial Factor in Cybersecurity

Read Phil Keys’ article about wetware and how it is crucial factor in cyber defense on Forbes : Cybersecurity. With all of the continuing successful cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure such as finance and energy, this word is probably more top of mind than at any other time in history. Read his full article here.

Should the US adopt GDPR?

Read Nick Ismail’s article about whether the United States should have GDPR-like data notification law on Information Age : Let’s face it: personal data just isn’t safe anymore. Equifax’s monumental breach proved this when it revealed roughly 145.5 million US customers may have had their information compromised (the full scope of how many individuals were […]