In North America, 20% of All Data Breach Incidents Are in the F&B Industry

Trustwave released the 2017 Trustwave Global Security Report which reveals the top cybercrime, data breach and security threat trends from 2016. The report demonstrates both good and bad news in the world of cybersecurity as intrusion detection and breach containment times were relatively better, but other threats like malvertisements became cheaper and malicious spam saw […]

Hit by a data breach? 5 steps you must take

Whether it’s a ransomware attack or a cyber security incident, organizations have specific obligations to manage the incursion and file appropriate reports with the federal government. For example, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services recently outlined the basic steps for healthcare organizations to take in response to a […]

Data Breach Costs Drop Globally But Increase in US

The average cost per data breach is now $3.62 million worldwide, marking a 10% drop from the $4 million average cost-per-breach in 2016. This marks the first time data breach cost has decreased overall since IBM created its Cost of Data Breach report, which was published June 20. The good news unfortunately doesn’t apply to everyone: […]

Data breach costs are dropping, but still $3.62 million on average, report says

Financial losses from data breaches may be starting to drop: The average cost of a data breach worldwide is now $3.62 million, down 10% from last year, according to a new study from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute. Read about a new study by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute which found that data breach […]

Report lays out cybersecurity risks

Researchers delved into 2016 cybersecurity threats and found the length of time between detection and intrusion is now 80 days; that is up from 41 days in 2015. The good news is that once security threats are detected, it’s much easier to contain the problems. For instance, the average containment time was 2.5 days from […]

The Rising Business Risks of Cyberattacks and How to Stay Safe [Infographic]

Last week we saw the ousted FBI Director James Comey sensationally claim that he has “no doubt” the Russian government and hackers were behind the DNC hack to influence last year’s presidential elections. Data breaches, cybersecurity, and identity theft can be a huge burden for businesses and customers. In 2016, reported data breaches increased by 40 […]

How Marketers Cause Data Breaches

What is marketing’s role in enabling and/or preventing cyber breaches? I recently started a series that looks at the topic from a variety of viewpoints. In the following article, I interview Juliette Rizkallah, CMO of SailPoint, the leading firm in the “Identity Management” space, helping companies manage and govern the access that company employees, suppliers, […]

The ins and outs of risk managing a breach

Read Richard Laycock explain the ins and outs of risk managing a data breach on CSO Online : It’s not surprising that data breaches are slowly making their way up the list of business executives’ biggest fears. Even for a small organisation, having to announce to your client base that their data has been leaked is […]

How should you respond to a data breach?

Read Ron Bush’s commentary about how companies should respond to a data breach on The Times : So on that less-than-cheery note, let’s begin with what to do if you suddenly discover you have experienced a data breach — a real probability. If you have discovered a breach, it is quite likely it is because […]

Target Sets Record For Largest Settlement Ever For A Data Breach

See the video explaining the Target’s largest ever data breach settlement case on KGW.