MEDantex Healthcare Transcription Firm Accidentally Exposes Medical Records

MEDantex, a healthcare transcription service based in Wichita, Kansas, shut down its customer portal when it learned sensitive medical records for thousands of doctors were exposed online. Physicians can upload audio notes about their patients to a MEDantex Web portal, which is supposed to be password-protected but was found by KrebsOnSecurity to be open to […]

Ride-hailing app Careem reveals data breach affecting 14 million people

Careem, the ride-hailing company based in Dubai, revealed today it was the victim of a cyber breach. Hackers accessed the names, email addresses, phone numbers and trip data of anyone who signed up for Careem prior to January 14. Careem said there’s no evidence the hackers accessed passwords or credit card information. While the breach involved […]

SunTrust Ex-Employee May Have Stolen Data on 1.5 Million Bank Clients

SunTrust Bank said a former employee may have stolen names, addresses, phone numbers, and account balances of some 1.5 million of its clients. The employee tried to download the client contact information six- to eight weeks ago in an attempt to provide the data to a criminal from outside the organization, Reuters reports. SunTrust CEO […]

Nine Things That Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity

Read Forbes Technology Council list nine things that can impact cybersecurity on Forbes : From the Equifax breach this past September to the recent hack of MyFitnessPal data through Under Armour, the number of high-profile cyberattacks has continued to climb in recent months. Every company, regardless of size, must be prepared for the possibility that they’ll […]

LocalBlox found leaking info on tens of millions of individuals

LocalBlox, a US-based data technology company that “crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments data in a variety of formats from the web and from exchange networks” and ties it all together to create profiles on individuals that contain personal, business and consumer data for marketing purposes, has been found leaking information on tens of […]

8 Ways Hackers Monetize Stolen Data

We are long past the era of the 14-year old teenage hacker trying to spoof a corporate or defense network for the fun of it, just because they can. While that still happens, it’s clear that hacking has become big business. From China allegedly stealing billions of dollars annually in intellectual property to ransomware attacks […]

Third-party and insider threats one of the biggest concerns to IT pros

External threats are not the main concern for IT professionals, but rather breaches that are linked to vulnerabilities caused by staff or third-party vendors operating within an organization’s own network, Bomgar’s 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report reveals. In fact, 50% of organizations claimed to have suffered a serious information security breach or expect to do […]

The Data Leak is Normal Now

Read Zayan Guedim why says that data breaches are the new normal on Edgy Labs Blog : Once upon a time, we joked about socially disconnected computer geniuses hacking their way from the comfort of their basement. Now, we’re at the whims professional hackers who devote all of their time and resources to ensure the success of […]

Uber’s Massive 2016 Breach Exposed Data On More Than 25 Million Americans

In 2014, ridesharing company Uber suffered its first serious hacking incident. Around 110,000 Uber drivers were impacted. Two years later, Uber was hit for the second time… and much harder. Hackers got their hands on 57 million records belonging to both drivers and customers. Read about how the massive data breach at Uber ridesharing company […]

2.6 billion records were stolen, lost or exposed worldwide in 2017

Gemalto released the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, revealing that 2.6 billion records were stolen, lost or exposed worldwide in 2017, an 88% increase from 2016. While data breach incidents decreased by 11%, 2017 was the first year publicly disclosed breaches surpassed more than two billion compromised data records since the Breach Level […]