Data Helps Businesses Decide Where To Spend Cybersecurity Dollars

Read Don Bradley’s article about how data analytics helps businesses optimize their cyber security budget on Forbes : Around the world, cybersecurity teams have plenty to do — but they lack the money to do it. Ironically, when they are funded, they often don’t know how to spend it effectively. Analytics might help. Read his […]

Data analytics, cybersecurity and mobile technology among the top 10 challenges for health executives in 2018

Health IT is evidently top of mind for healthcare executives going into 2018. Data analytics, cybersecurity and harnessing mobile health technology were listed among the top 10 challenges for executives, according to a survey by the Healthcare Executive Group. Read about the new survey by Healthcare Executive Group which reveals that Data analytics, cybersecurity and mobile technology […]

News Poll: Data analytics has value in the industry

Data analytics and big data are big topics in the industry, coming up at several industry events—but is there value in it? Eighty-nine percent of respondents to Security Systems News’ recent poll say their companies are either using data analytics or considering it as an offering. Read about the new poll held by Security Systems News […]

Top 4 big data and analytics trends of 2016

Like mobile and cloud, big data and advanced analytics have been reshaping organizations and business processes. In 2016, organizations increasingly moved data analytics projects into production as they sought the capability to better interrogate internal and external data to better understand their customers and drive efficiencies. Read about the top 4 big data and analytics […]

The Need for Better Cybersecurity Prioritization Metrics

Read why Dr.Ulrich Lang says that companies need better cyber security prioritisation metrics on Trip Wire : Most organizations are overwhelmed, understaffed, and/or underfunded when it comes to cybersecurity. These constraints create a critical need to prioritize on the most critical cybersecurity measures. However, often these priorities are unclear or hard to determine, leading to […]

Big Data Basics: How to Build a Data Governance Plan

Read Rob Marvin explain how organisations can build a data governance plan on PC Mag : We’ve written a lot about the role of data in modern businesses. From startups and small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, data insights and analysis are more accessible to businesses of all sizes than ever before. This […]

20 Questions Security Leaders Need To Ask About Analytics

Read Joshua Goldfarb list 20 questions that CIOs and CISOs should ask about analytics on Dark Reading : It would be an understatement to say that the security world tends to be full of hype and noise.  At times, it seems like vendors virtually xerox each other’s marketing materials. Everyone uses the same words, phrases, jargon, […]

The New Security Mindset: Embrace Analytics To Mitigate Risk

Read why Todd Thibodeaux says that companies should embrace analytics to mitigate risks on Dark Reading : You’d be hard-pressed to find a business or IT leader today who would deny the importance of cybersecurity. But awareness is different from having the resources and strategy to combat them. Read his full article here.

Data analytics is the most important new skill

Read  Sead Fadilpašić’s article about how the data analytics has emerged as the most important new skill on IT Pro Portal : Data and analytics are some of the most important new skills you, as an employee, can have today. This is according to Alteryx, whose new report dives into the most important skills and […]

Safety first: The best use of the public cloud for analytics apps and data

Read why Mary Shacklett says that the public cloud should be put to a better use on Tech Republic : A survey of European IT executives in 2014 revealed that 72% of businesses didn’t trust cloud vendors to obey data protection laws and regulations, and that 53% of respondents said the likelihood of a data […]