Human factor: The Blindspot in Cybersecurity

As a major international centre for trade, finance and logistics, a cyberattack on Singapore’s network could potentially impact the wider regional and global economy. Despite the rapidly changing face of cyberattacks in this digital age, many logistics companies continue to rely heavily on traditional programmes and tools to tighten their security infrastructures.  Read the full […]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Threat Intelligence Program

Read David Bisson explain how companies can make most out their threat intelligence programs on Trip Wire : Organizations face a constant barrage of digital threats. To mitigate the risk of an attack, IT staff need to continually protect all of an organization’s endpoints, such as by creating patching schedules and by hardening vulnerable devices. […]

90% of Canadian Businesses Have Experienced Some Form of Hacking in Past Year

90 percent of Canadian businesses have experienced at least one hacking incident in the last year, according to a study of business risk managers released by The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada (HSB BI&I), part of Munich Re. And while 60 percent believe their companies are dedicating enough money or trained and experienced […]

Cyber security for SMEs

Cyber risk is the risk of an incident resulting from the use of computers and the internet: the loss or theft of personal data, the theft of trade secrets and commercially sensitive information, business interruption, intellectual property infringement, physical damage, personal injury, defamation and extortion. Nick Gibbons, partner at BLM writes for SME. Despite the […]

June 2015: The Month of the Breach?

With so many data breaches taking place in the month of June 2015, Harriet Cohen says that it should be declared the month of hack on Digital Guardian: From the very large to the very small, the drumbeat of stolen data continues. This blog post lists the more – and less – notable data breaches announced […]

Analysis : Accelerating Threats Reset the Goal Lines in Cybersecurity

Information technology provides an endless wellspring of innovation and societal benefits that are at once increasingly dazzling yet in many ways uncontrollable. Surging worldwide cybercrime, intellectual property theft and sophisticated warfare-driven cyber operations have spawned a global cybersecurity industry driven by the imperative for responsive reinvention to survive. In this environment of cyber threat act-counteract, […]

CyberSecurity News

BAE Systems Boosts Cybersecurity Arm BAE, which builds Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, will buy New York-based Perimeter Internetworking Corp., SilverSky’s holding company, using its existing cash reserves, it said Tuesday. SilverSky provides cloud-based cybersecurity services such as … Read more on Wall Street Journal   Russia ruled out as culprit in Chase cyber security breach, […]