Cyber war: A battle the U.S. is not prepared to fight

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse says the country is not prepared to defend or retaliate against one of its greatest threats against national security. Even more alarming is that most people don’t take the threat seriously. Read why United States Senator Ben Sasse says that US is not prepared for a cyber war on York News Times.

Is Cyberwar Turning Out to Be Very Different From What We Thought?

Read why Neal Pollard and  Matthew G. Devost say that cyber war is turning out to quite different than what was being thought on Politico : In a 2012 speech, then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned Americans they could face a “cyber Pearl Harbor” someday at the hands of a terrorist group or enemy state. […]

Cyber OpSec: A Critical Piece in the Battle for Security

Terms like “cyber-arms-race” and “cyber-war”—along with the establishment of a Cyber Command at the Pentagon—indicate just how much the virtual world has come to resemble the battle for physical security. Read why cyber opsec is the critical tool in a cyber war on Infosec Magazine.

Cyberwar, out of the shadows (Q&A)

A hacking attack on a Las Vegas hotel company. A power grid blackout in the Ukraine. A series of industrial accidents at an Iranian nuclear enrichment lab. What do all these things have in common? They were likely the work of foreign governments with a political ax to grind. Read the interview with Fred Kaplan […]

Cyberwarfare in 2016: The Virtual Battle for Your Information

Read Jen Martinson discuss the cyber warfare in 2016 on Trip Wire : In the 21st century, we can expect information technology to play a major role in international espionage and conflict. We hear constant news reports of data theft. Accusations made by world powers of online tampering or detrimental hacking are a common occurrence. Read […]

State-sponsored hackers raise the cyber threat stakes

The nature of cyber attacks has evolved over the past 15 years as state-sponsored actors have entered a sphere formerly targeted by pranksters and criminals, according to a cyber security expert. The types of threats presented by hackers have changed as well, said Grady Summers, chief technology officer of Milpitas, California-based technology security company FireEye […]

The new art of war: How trolls, hackers and spies are rewriting the rules of conflict

Read Steve Ranger’s take on the new art of cyber war on Tech Republic : Wandering the pretty, medieval streets of Tallinn’s old town, it is hard to believe that the tiny country of Estonia has anything at all to do with cyberwarfare. But first as victim of an attack and now as home to […]

A new global war front taking shape in cyberspace

Read why Krysia Lenzo says that a new global war is taking shape in cyber space on CNBC : The United States may still be the world’s preeminent superpower, based on size and reach of military and intelligence operations, but defending the virtual borders of cyberspace is another matter. Cyberattacks by foreign nations and their agents […]

‘@War’ details rising military-Internet link

A thought commonly attributed to George Orwell holds that good people can sleep at night only because rough men are awake and ready to protect them. But in the modern world, two other groups are also vital to a sound sleep: software engineers and computer geeks. That’s the scary but well-documented thesis of “@War: The […]