Is Your Business Taking Security Seriously? 5 Checks To Make

Read about the five checks companies can make to check their cyber security preparedness on Business Matters : There’s no point having your cyber security up to date if your physical security doesn’t match it; you still need to take the threat of a break in very seriously because an easy-steal is hard to resist […]

Global data security threats evolve as hackers hold businesses to ransom

Read Judy Greenwald article about how hackers are evolving new threats to hold businesses to ransom on Business Insurance : Virtual shakedowns of organizations via ransomware computer software are becoming both more prevalent and more sophisticated, and are an increasingly major problem for businesses, Read her full article here.

Trend Micro 2016 Security Roundup reveals 752 percent increase in ransomware

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today released its annual security roundup report, “2016 Security Roundup: A Record Year for Enterprise Threats,” which proves 2016 was truly the year of online extortion. Cyber threats reached an all-time high in 2016, with ransomware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams gaining increased popularity among […]

Sifting Through the Cybersecurity Noise to Protect Data

Read Roy Urrico article about how the companies should sift through all the warnings to pinpoint real threats on Credit Union Times : Credit unions, like most organizations, are bombarded by news about breaches and cybersecurity issues every day. So how do they sift through the hype and warnings to determine which threats are real? […]

What Cybersecurity Threats Should Most Worry You?

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4 cybersecurity threats every hospital C-suite admin should be familiar with in 2017

With healthcare data breaches occurring at a rate of more than one per day in 2016, it’s vital for hospital administrators to understand their greatest vulnerabilities. Here is a bird’s eye-view of the top areas of concern for hospitals this year. Read about the four cyber security threats that every C-Suite employee of healthcare sector […]

Cybersecurity: computers or humans – where does the threat lie?

Digitalisation plays a key role in the fight against payment fraud. Yet Commerzbank’s cybercrime specialists in cash services show that even in this technologically advanced environment, security threats persist. Companies must take steps to ensure that human beings – as well as computers – are protected against crime. Read how computers and humans both form […]

From malware to cyber-spies, the 15 biggest threats online, ranked

Europe’s computer security agency has set out a list of the top threats in the online world, warning that hacking for profit is one of the biggest trends. “Undoubtedly, optimization of cyber-crime turnover was THE trend observed in 2016. And, as with many of the negative aspects in cyber-space, this trend is here to stay. The […]

How To Prepare For Cyber Threats Of The Future

Read Caleb Barlow’s article about how businesses can prepare for cyber threats of the future on Forbes : When it comes to cybercrime and crisis leadership, organizations would do well to borrow from the military concept of “left of boom, right of boom.” The boom, in this case, is the discovery of a cyber breach. You […]

Keeping up with Cybersecurity Threats in the Digital Age

Read Brian McDonald’s article on cyber security challenges to retailers and hospitality sector on Cisco Blog : Retailers are embracing and adapting to digital innovations to keep pace with rapidly-evolving customer demands. Online and mobile purchases continue to increase exponentially. According to Deloitte, 58% of consumers have used their mobile device to browse an online […]