What is the impact and likelihood of global risks?

The World Economic Forum, a not-for-profit foundation that each year gathers participants from around the world to discuss a wide range of global issues, has published its yearly Global Risks Report. Based on the opinions of almost 1,000 global experts and decision-makers, the top 5 global risks in 2018 in terms of likelihood are extreme weather […]

Threats from Russia, North Korea Loom as Geopolitics Spills into Cyber Realm

Cyberthreat activity from Russia and North Korea ramped up last year in response to several geopolitical factors, while that from China — long a source of problems for US organizations — tapered off a bit, a new business risk intelligence report from Flashpoint shows. Flashpoint’s report provides an assessment of how cybercriminals and nation-state actors evolved their […]

Ten trends that will change business cyber security protection in 2018

2017 once again proved that the cyber threat landscape is complex and constantly changing, dictating the need for comprehensive and responsive defenses that step up to the real challenges that organisations face. AI-aided attacks, increased regulation and the exponential growth of endpoint and IoT devices present the opportunity for entirely new forms of risks to […]

One-in-Ten Employees are Aware of their Organization’s IT Security Policies

A new study shows that nearly half (49%) of employees surveyed consider protection from cyberthreats a shared responsibility, but only one tenth (12%) of employed respondents claim to be fully aware of their organizations IT security policies and rules. A Kaspersky Lab survey of 7,993 full-time employees asked respondents about policies and responsibilities for corporate […]

Responding to the Rise of Fileless Attacks

Cybercriminals take the path of least resistance — which is why more of them are adopting fileless attacks to target their victims. The threat is poised to grow as attackers recognize the ease of this method and more employees rely on mobile and cloud to do their jobs. Fileless, or non-malware, attacks let threat actors […]

FBI Director: Cryptocurrency, Nation-State Attacks, Among Agency’s Top Cybersecurity Concerns

FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined a list of growing cybersecurity concerns his agency faces during a speech this week at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York. A rise in nation-state sponsored computer intrusion attacks, growing frequency in “blended threats” involving nation-states that hire cybercriminals to do the work, advancements in artificial intelligence, […]

Microsoft: How the Threat Landscape Will Shift This Year

Unlike security professionals, who have stressed over digital threats for years, most average consumers didn’t recognize the importance of security until 2017. “Grandmothers and grandfathers and moms and dads are now aware of cyber intrusions,” says David Weston, principal security group manager for the Windows Enterprise and Security team at Microsoft. “It’s amazing, but it […]

Are you crypto-agile?

Our world relies on secure digital cryptography. Secure doesn’t mean unbreakable forever. No serious cryptographer will ever declare a cryptographic anything unbreakable. In fact, cryptographers always assume that every cryptographic algorithm will eventually be broken. The best pronouncement you can hope for from a crypto expert is that breaking it is “non-trivial,” meaning that no […]

Cybersecurity in 2018: Three predictions and one hope

Effective cybersecurity means keeping a close eye on the threats you currently face, and an even closer eye on the threats to come. As you consider your security strategy and investments for the coming year, you can read three key trends that will define the threat landscape in 2018 according to Zane Lackey, CSO at Signal Sciences, and one […]

The Future Of Cyber Threats Will Be Defined By Deception

The next 12 months will see major developments in the arms race between cyber attackers and security defenders as they continue to try to stay ahead of each other. Much of the cyber battle will revolve around the creation of new malware and defensive technology, but one of the defining factors of 2018 will be […]