Cyber safety threat lies in third parties

Read why  Muthoki Mumo says that cyber security threat lies in third parties on Daily Nation : You’ve probably taken steps to guard your company against the tremendous risks posed by cybercrime. You have invested heavily in the best security tools and even audit employee devices that might connect to your network. Read her full […]

Peter Strong: Cyber attacks are a clear and present danger to small businesses

The recent hit by cyber criminals on websites around the world reinforces the need to change the culture of businesses to help deal with modern threats to our day-to-day business activities. There has been a call from all and sundry for the small business community to focus on this real and immediate threat; there is clear […]

One New Cyber-threat Discovered Every Three Seconds in Q4

McAfee Labs discovered one new cyber-threat every three seconds in the fourth quarter of 2016, although the number of new malware samples including ransomware slowed during the period. Read about the new  McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2017 which reveals that a new cyber threat was discovered every three seconds in quarter 4 or 2016 […]

What Cybersecurity Threats Should Most Worry You?

Read y Jennifer Golbeck’s  article about how to figure out whom you need to protect yourself against on Slate : When it comes to your data—be it Facebook posts, emails, or credit card information—there is a lot to worry about. Recent years have brought us a slew of cyber breaches and attacks that have put millions of […]

Energy Sector Is A ‘Prime Target’ For Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks against energy companies have risen massively, with the industry a prime target for attackers. Keeping the lights on is becoming an increasingly difficult task nowadays, according to a new World Energy Council report, which warned of a “massive increase” in the number of successful cyber attacks in the past year against energy firms. Read […]

Ransomware most dangerous cyber threat globally: Norton

Ransomware has emerged as the most dangerous cyber threat for both organisations and individuals, with global losses now likely running to hundreds of millions of dollars, a new study says. Norton by Symantec, one of the global leaders in cyber security software, found that globally, consumers are the most likely victims of ransomware, accounting for 57 […]

Ransomware In 2020: Still A Threat?

Read Pete Kofod’s article how ransomware will be a threat in 2020 on Information Security Buzz : Ransomware is very much here to stay. First and foremost, ransomware should not be considered a technology threat; rather it is a criminal tactic that exploits any set of endpoint vulnerabilities. The age-old crimes of theft, fraud and extortion […]

The Cybersecurity Threat for Critical Infrastructures

Read  Aaron Hand explain the cyber security threats to the public key infrastructure on Automation World : It’s pretty easy to sensationalize the kind of havoc that a cyber attack could potentially inflict on an electric grid—images of a city, state or whole country brought to its knees by a malware attack; people dying from […]

Cybersecurity: The Greatest Threat at the Rio Olympics?

With the Rio Olympics now officially underway, security has been taking center stage at many different levels — from terror threats to concerns around the rapidly spreading Zika virus. But one leader in IT security recently warned about overlooking another viable threat: cyber security. Read why Fortinet says that cyber security is the greatest threat […]

Cyber Threats: An Unclear but Present Danger

Read why Siobhan Gorman and Mark Seifert say that cyber threats are unclear but very omnipotent threats on O’Dwyer’s Blog : Security technology company McAfee has reported that its “malware zoo” — where it logs all the malware it discovers — has grown at last count to 433 million species, around 70 percent more than the […]