Nearly 70% of UK firms have no staff training for cyber attacks, figures show

More than two-thirds of Britain’s biggest businesses have admitted staff lack training to deal with the growing threat of cyber attacks, new research has shown. Top companies and charities have been told to do more to protect themselves from online threats after a Government survey of leading firms found one in 10 FTSE 350 companies had […]

Cyber security specialists in demand as threat from online criminals and cyber attacks continues to grow

Cyber security specialists are in demand as organisations face a growing threat from online criminals. Adam Shapley, senior regional director from recruiters Hays Information Technology says the implications of being attacked online are far reaching. Read why Adam Shapley of Hays Information Technology says that companies are scouting for cyber security pros even as cyber attacks […]

3 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

Read Omri Barzilay list the three ways in which blockchain technology could revolutionalize cyber security on Forbees : The second quarter of 2017 was a wild one for blockchain companies and investors, with nearly 60 initial coin offerings (ICOs) closed in the quarter for more than $750 million, and it looks like this is just […]

A Bipartisan Bill To Strengthen Cybersecurity For The Internet Of Things

Intelligent indoor lighting that follows you where you go, smart refrigerators that send pictures of their contents to grocers, sentient thermostats that adjust the temperature based on activity, free and unhindered access to an unlimited library of information has transformed an entire generation. Read about the Internet of Things cyber security bill introduced in United […]

Calls for UK boards to be better educated on cyber threats

The latest government cyber governance health check and a survey of the UK’s top 350 companies have revealed that more than two-thirds of boards have not received training to deal with a cyber incident, but this is no surprise, according to security commentators. Read about the latest United Kingdom government cyber governance health check which […]

Why you need to implement security controls across your environment

Read why Mirko Zorz says that companies need to implement security controls across their entire environment on Help Net Security : In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2017, Tim White, Director of Product Management, Policy Compliance at Qualys, discusses the importance of security configuration assessment as part of a comprehensive vulnerability management program, and […]

UK Retail Data Breach Incidents Double in a Year

The number of UK retailers experiencing data breaches has doubled over the past year, according to new stats shared by law firm RPC. The City-based firm claimed that the number of breaches reported to data protection watchdog the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) increased from just 19 in 2015/16 to 38 in 2016/17. Read about the new […]

Few own up to source code theft cybersecurity threats

Read why Joel Shore says that a very few companies own up the source code theft on Tech Target : Application security isn’t enough. Though we design software to limit a malicious attack from hijacking processing logic or stealing data, a glaring omission exists: security against stealing the program source code itself. Few will discuss the […]

Doing things right: Cloud and SecOps adoption

Read Zeljka Zorz’s article about cloud computing and SecOps adoption on Help Net Security : There is hardly an organization out there that isn’t planning or hasn’t already taken advantage of the cloud. And, according to Threat Stack CTO Sam Bisbee, there is hardly a technology-oriented organization anywhere on the small-business to-enterprise spectrum that isn’t […]

Physical Security Might Be Easier To Understand, But Cybersecurity Is Where Data Center Tenants Should Focus

Read Julia Bunch’s article about why data center clients should concentrate on cyber security on Bis Now : As cyberspace grows, protecting it only gets more complex. As companies across all sectors increasingly turn to data centers to store their information, prioritizing privacy does not always get the budget and attention many think it deserves. […]