Google now offers special security program for high-risk users

Today, Google rolled out a new program called Advanced Protection for personal Google accounts, intended to provide much higher account security to users of services like Gmail and Drive who are at a high risk of being targeted by phishers, hackers, and others seeking their personal data. Read about the new Advanced Protection for personal Google […]

How IoT Changes the Role of the Federal CISO

Read Phil Goldstein’s article about how Internet of Things changes the role of a federal CISO on Fed Tech Magazine : The Internet of Things has the potential to let agencies deploy innovative solutions, from wireless beacons that make it easier to track first responders to self-driving cars. Yet as the private sector has discovered, […]

Employees: The Culprits of Security Breaches?

Read why Victor Chukwuemeka says that the employees can be real culprits of security breaches on The Market Moghul : A senior sales executive in a medium-sized company is having a business meeting with a third party at a café bar – a potential client with whom the executive has never met with before. All the […]

PwC: UK Firms in the Dark Over Cyber-Attacks

UK organizations are unprepared for cyber-attacks, lack visibility into threats and aren’t doing enough to collaborate internally and externally, according to PwC. The professional services giant’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2018 polled 560 executives from UK companies and public sector organizations of all sizes. Read about the new report by PwC which reveals that […]

Creating a Culture of Data Privacy, Security in Healthcare

Read Elizabeth Snell’s article about creating a culture of data privacy and cyber security in healthcare on Health IT Security : Organizations of all sizes need to be working toward maintaining proper data privacy and security measures in the healthcare industry. The threat landscape is continuously evolving, and falling behind could lead to a large-scale data […]

14 Percent of Office Workers Aren’t Sure What Phishing Is

A recent Intermedia survey of more than 1,000 U.S. office workers found that 14 percent of respondents either don’t know what phishing is or aren’t confident in their ability to identify a phishing email, and 21 percent have fallen victim to a phishing attack. Read about the the report by Intermedia which reveals that 34 […]

Ebook: Defending critical infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened new pathways for security attacks. Sensor-controlled thermostats, lighting, doors and physical security systems are joining mobile devices, printers and scanners on the office network. Read the eBook about defending the critical infrastructure on FedScoop.

Mobile Phishing Attacks Jump, Financial Industry Is Biggest Target

That’s why the number of breaches continues to grow each year, and one of the methods in which they’re accomplished is through phishing. In a new report released by PhishLabs, data from Q1 to Q2 in 2017 shows a staggering rise, and the likelihood that it will slow down is slim. Read about the new […]

Bad passwords and weak security are making ships an easy target for hackers

Commercial shipping vessels have such poor cyber security it’s possible to track them down and hack into them via poorly secured communications systems. Ken Munro, a security researcher at Pen Test Partners, who has documented the lapses in security said they are “simply not acceptable”. Read about the new report by Ken Munro, a security researcher at […]

Beazley publishes special US healthcare data breach insights report

Timed to coincide with the 2017 American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) conference, leading specialist insurer Beazley has today published a special data breach report for the US healthcare sector. Read the new US healthcare data breach insights report by Beazley which reveals that unintended disclosure accounted for 41% of data breach incidents reported to […]