Unisys: Micro-segmentation and AI in the security wake of Equifax

The Equifax security breach is on everyone’s mind. Equifax has broken our trust and made clear that security is everyone’s problem — ultimately, no one is immune to the effects of poor computer security. Read why Tom Patterson of Unisys says that in wake of Equifax data breach all business leaders and technologists need to know about […]

The 10 biggest data breaches

Equifax’s data breach may be the most serious data breach, given that it covered 143 million consumers and involved reams of confidential information, but it wasn’t the largest. Following are the biggest to date. Read/see the slideshow explaining the top 10 biggest data breaches of all times on American Banker.

Report: Phishing attacks on the rise, executives and IT workers most likely to fall victim

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and employees at all levels of the enterprise are falling victim, according to Intermedia’s 2017 Data Vulnerability Report, released on Wednesday. Entry-level employees—commonly blamed for cyber breaches—are not the only ones at fault. Read more about the new Intermedia’s 2017 Data Vulnerability Report which reveals that one in five office worker […]

Cyber Security – be aware of social engineering fraud

Social engineering fraud refers to the tricks used by criminals to deceive and manipulate their victims into giving out confidential information and funds. Read how the social engineering fraud still manages to trick users into giving out confidential information and funds on Hellenic Shipping News.

Another day, another data breach? No way — stay outraged

Breaches and sloppy handling of data are common news stories: Yahoo. Adobe Systems. EBay. Equifax. TJ Maxx. JP Morgan Chase. Tumblr. Home Depot. Target. Evernote. Commission on Elections. All of these organizations have been hacked within the last five years. Read the Editorial on Dallas News about how data breaches have become a common news […]

Connectivity How to Get One Trillion Devices Online

ARM Holdings designed the chips inside almost every single smartphone on the planet. But when the Japanese telecom company SoftBank acquired ARM last year for $32 billion, it had more than phones in mind. Read why Chris Doran of ARM says that cyber security is the biggest obstacle for the Internet of things on Technology Review.

Hack of Wall Street regulator rattles investors, lawmakers

Wall Street’s top regulator came under fire on Thursday over its cyber security and disclosure practices after admitting hackers had breached its database of corporate announcements in 2016 and may have used it for insider trading. Read the news about the hack attack on Securities and Exchange Commission on Reuters.

Impact of Cyber Security Trends on Test Equipment

Read Avichal Kulshrestha’s article about the impact of cyber security trends on test equipment on Data Quest : Cyber security threats can be a nightmare for executives. Special-purpose test systems can control key actions today. Cyber security threats to these test systems can have a significant impact on an organization’s reputation and revenue, so it […]

Network Security Is For All Businesses [Infographic]

Is your business doing enough to prevent data breaches? Chances are the answer is no. Many small businesses don’t see the need to prevent data breaches because they think it can’t happen to them. The reality is that everyone is a hacker’s target, and preventing data breaches may be the only way to save your […]

14 Percent of Office Workers Aren’t Sure What Phishing Is

A recent Intermedia survey of more than 1,000 U.S. office workers found that 14 percent of respondents either don’t know what phishing is or aren’t confident in their ability to identify a phishing email, and 21 percent have fallen victim to a phishing attack. Read about the new report by Intermedia which reveals that 14 […]