​Why the CIO should care about Cyber Security

Read why David Gee says that every chief information officer should care about cyber security on CSO Online : In the past Information Security and Risk were not in any measure a key focus areas for the CIO. Today there are multiple risks that every business faces and cyber security is now becoming on the […]

What is the Greatest Cybersecurity Threat: Insiders or Outsiders?

Read Jeff Desjardins take a look at which of the cyber security threat is bigger, insider threat or outsider threat on Visual Capitalist : In a short two years, it is safe to say that the prospect of cybercrime has suddenly shifted to be a top concern for many decision makers around the world. It […]

7 cybersecurity issues small businesses need to understand in 2017

Security breaches and cybercrime incidents hit the headlines in 2016, as high-profile news of data breaches, malware, DDoS attacks and compromised systems became mainstream news. Read about the seven cyber security threats that small and medium businesses need to be aware of in 2017 on Byte Start.

Fight insider threats by screenshotting employees’ every action

Read David Braue’s article about how companies can fight insider threat by screenshotting every employee action on CSO Online : Even as many companies try to plug security holes by introducing ever-tighter endpoint management tools, some security pundits are advocating for a higher level of protection that takes the surveillance state to the employee desktop. Read […]

4 Reasons You Need Developers With Cybersecurity Skills in All Tech Teams

Read Istvan Lam list four reasons why companies need developers with cyber security skills in all their IT teams on Entrepreneur : According to a recent study, the global demand for cybersecurity professionals will create more than one million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2019, with one of the most desired skills being secure software development. […]

Invest in encryption and get it right

Read why Mark James says that companies need to invest in encryption on We Live Security : Fines by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for security breaches have been a matter of discussion for some time. For most, they seem fairly small; and if we think about the actual monetary value when compared to […]

Want Stronger Network Security? Pay Attention to Your Packets

Read Peter Ekner’s article about how companies should invest in network security on Infosec Magazine : Too bad there isn’t a “CSI: Network” show to learn from because in the digital world, dusting for fingerprints just won’t do. Cyberattacks don’t have a traditional, physical crime scene where evidence can be collected for investigation. Instead, we are […]

​Company Boards are becoming more cyber security savvy

AGL is a large generator, distributor and retailer of energy including alternative sources. Where do you spend most of your attention? AGL is transitioning its business, focusing on how it can deliver reliable, affordable energy to its customers and decarbonise its generation portfolio over time, and the digital agenda Read the interview with David Gee of AGL […]

IoT attacks: 10 things you need to know

Something major happened in October. Internet of Things (IoT) devices were exploited by cybercriminals and turned into a rogue and malevolent army. A series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks affected websites connected to the cloud-based internet performance management company Dyn, including Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and PayPal. It’s possibly a watershed moment. Read about […]

Protecting your organisation with cyber-insurance alone is not enough

Read why Neal McCarthy says that protecting your organisation with cyber insurance is not enough on CSO Online : Taxes, death and data breaches are now a fact of life. So how can businesses better protect themselves and manage the risks related to a data breaches and reduce the significant costs that can result from […]