8 top cyber-attack maps and how to use them

Cyber-attack maps can be fun to look at, but are they useful? As usual, when it comes to security context is key, so CSO looked at eight of the web’s most popular cyber-attack maps. While the maps themselves are mostly eye candy with limited context, there are some creative ways they can be used. Read […]

Spam email remains a potent threat tool for hackers

Online criminals are keeping the faith with spam email campaigns, with more and more nuisance messages being sent today than ever before. Figures from IBM have shown that spam email remains a key tool for hackers, with the volume of such messages increasing 400 per cent in the past year. Read about the latest report by […]

9 of the Biggest Bug Bounty Programs

Bug bounty programs have become an increasingly popular way for organizations to find and fix vulnerabilities in their software and services. Until relatively recently it was mainly the software companies and technology firms that employed the tactic. Read/see the slideshow explaining the nine biggest bug bounty programs on Dark Reading.

8 guiding principles for establishing an enduring cyber security program

Read Anthony Bargar’s article about eight guiding principles on which companies can establish a good cyber security program on Enterprise Innovation : We have all seen the headlines and read the stories about how organizations fail to apply basic security practices– and ‘somehow’ expose sensitive data, or suffer interrupted business causing chaos and a loss […]

NIST issues ‘next-generation’ draft guidance for IoT integration

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued its fifth revision of security and privacy guidance that includes a new focus on Internet of Things vulnerabilities. Read about the new NIST guidelines for Internet of Things integration on Fierce Healthcare.

Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks

Read Alan Mihalic article about protecting smart buildings from cyber attacks on Engineering : It was an attack on a hospital like no other, reported the news in February 2016. The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had been hacked. Its services were crippled. As emergency patients were diverted to other area hospitals, hospital administrators received an […]

Gartner Predicts Information Security Spending To Reach $93 Billion In 2018

If you’ve been online or turned on a TV in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that there is a persistent and apparently endless stream of malware attacks and data breaches. Read about the new report by Gartner which reveals that cyber security spending by companies to reach $93 billion in 2018 on Forbes.

Accenture Security identifies top cybersecurity threats of 2017

Hackers are increasing their capabilities due to the proliferation of affordable, customizable and accessible tools available for their use, says a new report by IDefense, part of Accenture Security. Read more about the new report by IDefense of Accenture Security which identifies ransomware and hacking as top cyber threats for 2017 on Insurance Journal.

The cybersecurity risks to financial services that are making the biggest impact in 2017

Read Cliff Moyce list the top cyber security risks to the financial sector in 2017 on Bobs Guide : Cybersecurity products and platforms can do a great job for you—when your organisation has the expertise and number of people needed to implement and use them correctly, for example, to configure and tune the products and interpret […]

The cyber security threat in five charts

The threat of cyber security is unquestionably growing more serious over time. The impact of attacks on businesses can be devastating, and for many, the source remains unknown – as many as 35% of attacks on UK-based organisations are from an unknown source. Read everything you want to know about cyber security threats in five […]