GAO: Congress Should Let Agencies Determine Insurance Coverage Level for Data Breach Victims

The Government Accountability Office has said Congress should consider allowing agencies to determine the appropriate level of identity theft insurance coverage for affected individuals of data breaches. GAO said in a report published Thursday agencies that experienced data breaches are required by law to provide identity theft services for impacted persons. Read why Government Accountability Office wants Congress […]

Why your company needs cyberinsurance

Read why Brendan W. Hogan says that all companies need cyber insurance on Lexology : Yahoo. Target. Home Depot. LinkedIn. Verizon. Wendy’s. Premera. Bethesda Game Studios. Cottage Health System. 21st Century Oncology. Natural Grocers. Drupal. Kirkwood Community College. What do these companies have in common? They have all suffered a data breach or cyber-related security incident […]

Untangling the Mystery of Cybersecurity Insurance

Read Sean Cooney’s article explaining the mystery of cyber insurance on Inside Counsel : IT security professionals used to warn that only two types of businesses exist: those that have been hacked, and those that will. Now, many are even more pessimistic and divide the world’s businesses into companies that know that they have been hacked, and those […]

A Close Look at Policy Wording Is Essential to Ensure Coverage for Cyber Risks

Read why A. Kate Margolis  says that studying the fine print of a cyber insurance policy is important on JD Supra : As the demand for insurance coverage for cyber-related losses continues to grow, more insurance companies are offering cyber insurance policies and endorsements, but the market is far from mature and the available policies far […]

When Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Small Business?

Read Maxime Reiman’s article about when small and medium businesses really need insurance on Business : Business owners know they need insurance — but figuring out exactly what types of coverage and policy limits they need can be pretty complex. Coverage needs vary greatly depending on things like your business’s location, employee headcount, and industry. […]

What’s the deal with data breach insurance

Read Joshua Horn explain how a data breach insurance works on JD Supra : A recent Investment News article highlighted a burgeoning market for financial advisors looking to protect their practices; namely, data breach insurance. Although such insurance seems like a great idea, you need to exercise due care when purchasing such insurance. Read his […]

Cyber Insurance: Coming of Age in 2017?

Read why 2017 can turn out to be a year of cyber insurance on Infosec Magazine : 2016 was definitely the year of cyber insurance emergence. As large-scale attacks and disclosures of massive data-breaches were reoccurring along the year, we realized once again that allocating tremendous efforts and resources to your cybersecurity defense does not […]

Protecting your organisation with cyber-insurance alone is not enough

Read why Neal McCarthy says that protecting your organisation with cyber insurance is not enough on CSO Online : Taxes, death and data breaches are now a fact of life. So how can businesses better protect themselves and manage the risks related to a data breaches and reduce the significant costs that can result from […]

Data Breach: A Wide Coverage Gap for Small Business

Read how there is a coverage gap of cyber insurance among small and medium businesses on Insurance Journal : Based on what we see in the trade press, it would appear most large businesses in the U.S. are addressing their exposure to data breaches in some way. But what about the small, Main Street businesses […]

The Essential Types of Insurance Your Small Business Needs

Insurance is one of those things that you never wish you’ll need, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad you have it. Protection in a world where anything can go wrong is extremely important. This is especially true for small businesses. A pitfall or issue can easily crumble a growing business if they don’t […]