Apple, Cisco partnership expands with cybersecurity insurance offering

Apple and Cisco announced Monday that they’re partnering up with insurer Allianz and risk evaluator Aon to offer discounts on cyber insurance to joint business customers. The companies said the aim is to offer businesses a more efficient and affordable way to manage cyber risks from ransomware and malware threats by bringing together security technology, secure devices, […]

Financial Impact of Cloud Failure Could Hit $2.8B in Insured Loss

The public cloud industry is projected to continue growing revenue at a rate of 36% each year through 2026, according to a new report from AIR and Lloyd’s of London. As demand for cloud services grows, so too do the potential consequences of cloud failure. Downtime at a major cloud provider could hit $19 billion […]

10 Costs Your Cyber Insurance Policy May Not Cover

If you handle enterprise security, chances are good you’ve purchased – or at least researched – cyber insurance coverage. After all, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be breached, but “when,” and it’s important to know you’ll be covered when the time comes. Cyber insurance is a relatively new field and coverage is evolving […]

Proxy Cyberwarfare, GDPR And Blockchain – The Prospects For Security In 2018

The last year has been a significant 12 months in the short history of cyber security, with headline security breaches such as Uber and a scramble to come up with new approaches, particularly as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force next May. According to Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions, 2018 […]

Offensive Security, Cyber Insurance And Cryptocurrencies: 2018 Predictions

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s safe to say that cybersecurity, or lack thereof, dominated headlines. This isn’t likely to change in 2018, with GDPR just around the corner. Read about the key trends that will impact cybersecurity next year according to Charl van der Walt, Chief Security Strategy Officer at the UK’s largest […]

Does Your Small Business Need Data Breach Insurance?

Read why Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead says that even small and medium businesses need data breach cyber insurance on Small Biz Trends : Cyber security breaches cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Breaches in 2016 reached a record peak. Data from the Identity Theft Resource Center reveals in 2016, U.S. businesses and government agencies suffered a record […]

Homeowner’s policy not enough to protect a home-based business

Read why homeowners policy is not enough if you are running a business from home on News Day : While running a home-based business has its perks, it also comes with potential risks that your homeowner’s policy will likely not cover. These can range from slip and fall accidents to exposure from a data breach. Read […]

Small Businesses See Promise in Cyber Insurance

Despite the relatively new nature of cyber insurance policies, small businesses are finding value in their offerings, according to witnesses who testified before the House Small Business Committee on July 26. Read why  Robert Luft of SureFire Innovations says that cyber insurance is a must for small and medium businesses on Meri Talk.

Cyber insurance and security work in tandem to limit risk

As businesses fortify their data and networks against the next cyberattack, some business owners might be considering cyber insurance to limit their exposure to the uncertain and evolving risk of a network or data breach that could disrupt operations. Read how cyber insurance and cyber security can work in tandem to limit risks of cyber […]

Small Business Cybersecurity Insurance Is Vital, House Panel Told

The nascent cybersecurity insurance market can play an important role for smaller businesses, which remain a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals, witnesses and congressmen said at a House Small Business Committee hearing July 26. Read more about the United States House Small Business Committee hearing where the importance of cyber security insurance was discussed […]