Cyber insurance coverage must be appropriate to perceived risk

Read why Greg Reber says that cyber insurance must cover all the perceived cyber risks to the company on Security Info Watch : Public agencies and businesses around the world are making cyber risk a top priority. Insuring companies against data breaches is becoming a huge industry even as its nascent role and impact in […]

Why security leaders need to partner with their insurance companies

Read why  Michael Santarcangelo says that security leaders need to partner with their insurance companies to get the best benefits on CSO Online : What comes to mind when you read or hear the phrase “cyber insurance?” Most focus on the “liability” part of cyber insurance, the protection companies seek in the event of a security […]

Need for cyber-security insurance

Read why Sanjay Datta says that every organisation should opt for cyber security insurance on Tech Seen : We’re only halfway through 2017 and the security world has already been on a rollercoaster with plenty of attacks and breaches dominating the headlines. With new worms and viruses hitting the international markets regularly, the need to […]

Why security leaders need to support small business cyber insurance efforts

Read Michael Santarcangelo’s article about why security leaders need to support small and medium businesses to take cyber insurance on CSO Online : Business today increasingly relies on partners. The increase in third party risk programs suggests security leaders take this seriously. The reality is our partners, often small and medium businesses, face growing challenges, too. […]

Five Pitfalls of Cybersecurity Insurance: Lessons from the United States

Read Ruth E. Promislow and Ethan Z. Schiff explain the five pitfalls of cyber security insurance on Lexology : Given the increasing threat of cyberattacks and the corresponding costs, businesses are increasingly considering cybersecurity insurance. But insurance is only as effective as the scope of the coverage. Though Canadian courts have not yet interpreted insurance […]

Is Your Business Covered Against a Cyber Attack or a Data Breach? Here’s What Insurance You Need

Read Alisdair Lindley explain which type of cyber insurance cover your business should opt for to protect against a cyber attack or a data breach on As we can see from the recent cyber attack on the NHS and other businesses across the world, cybercrime is on the increase and experts predict that attacks like these […]

Lawyers and insurers set for data breach payday

Read Stilgherrian’s article about how lawyers and insurers will hit payday after the GDPR and Australian data breach notification regime come into play on ZDNet : Australia’s mandatory data breach notification laws come into force in February 2018. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which also requires breach notification, becomes law in May 2018. Brexit […]

Hacking Insurance ‘Surges’ Amid Cyber Crime Fears

Company fears over cybercrime stokes rise in cyber insurance policies, as European hack reporting rules loom. Fears about hacking and data breaches are contributing to the growing market for cyber insurance policies. Read how growing cyber crime fears is making businesses take cyber insurance on Silicon.

Start-ups can mitigate cyber crime risks with insurance

Businesses, both small and big, are increasingly shifting their processes and transactions online. The heavy dependence on the internet, however, comes with its own risks in the form of cyber crimes. Besides taking cyber security measures, fledgling entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses in particular need to purchase cyber-liability insurance to mitigate the risk from cyber […]

GAO: Congress Should Let Agencies Determine Insurance Coverage Level for Data Breach Victims

The Government Accountability Office has said Congress should consider allowing agencies to determine the appropriate level of identity theft insurance coverage for affected individuals of data breaches. GAO said in a report published Thursday agencies that experienced data breaches are required by law to provide identity theft services for impacted persons. Read why Government Accountability Office wants Congress […]