Chinese APT10 Hacking Group Suspected of Global Campaign Targeting MSPs

In what is described as “one of the largest ever sustained global cyber espionage campaigns,” China-based hacking group APT10 is suspected of orchestrating a well-planned attack on companies across 15 countries, says The Telegraph, quoting a new report. Read about the new report by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), BAE Systems, and PwC which reveals that […]

IT pros fear cyberespionage may be top 2017 threat

A recent Trend Micro study found 20 percent of IT leaders believe cyberespionage will be the top threat of 2017. The study queried 2,402 enterprise IT decision makers in the U.S. and Europe and found that 17 percent said targeted attacks, followed by 16 percent that reported phishing attacks as being the year’s top threat. […]

Cyber-espionage Tops Security Threats to Businesses

Cyber-espionage is the top threat facing businesses, ahead of targeted attacks and phishing attempts, according to new research. Trend Micro’s research covered nearly 2500 organizations across Europe and the UK and found that 64% of businesses had experienced a ‘known’ major cyber-attack in the past 12 months. On average, businesses were hit by four cyber-attacks during […]

Researchers discover advanced cyber-espionage malware

Both Kaspersky and Symantec have unearthed a new type of malware so advanced, they believe it could have links to a country’s intelligence agency. They’re calling it “Remsec,” “Strider” (Aragorn’s nickname in LOTR) and “ProjectSauron,” because it has several references to the Necromancer in Tolkien’s series. Read about the new advanced cyber espionage malware discovered […]

Hack to the future: why industry should fear the rise of cyber-espionage

Fortunately, initial investigations into last week’s Talk Talk hack suggest that the incident wasn’t as bad as was initially feared, with the network provider claiming that just a fraction of its four million customers are affected. What’s more, with reports suggesting that the hunt for a perpetrator has now shifted from Russian cyber-jihadis to a […]

China, US Agree To Not Conduct Cyberespionage For Economic Gain

In a historic move, Chinese president Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama on Friday came to an agreement promising that neither nation would engage in cyber espionage for economic gain. Cyberspying has been a notoriously prolific US strategy for China, with the US among its top targets. Read about the new cyber security agreement […]

Hacker groups shifting to corporate cyberespionage schemes

Financially motivated hacker groups are turning their attention to corporate cyberespionage — specifically, breaching enterprises to obtain business secrets that can be sold to third parties or used to commit insider trading. In the latest cyberespionage case, nine men in the U.S. and Ukraine were indicted on federal crime charges for implementing sophisticated cyberattacks used […]

Corporate Espionage Risk Management For Financial Institutions

In the financial industry, business success and sustainability depends on the health of information systems. Damage to a firm’s information systems can tarnish its reputation, compromise its data, as well as result in legal fines and penalties. Large firms often depend on thousands of such systems interconnected via the internet, which raises a major security […]

Cyberespionage: You’re Not Paranoid, Someone Is Spying on Your Company

Read the views of Michael Sentonas, VP and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee on cyber espionage on Dark Reading : By now you, your peers, and your board should have accepted that cyber espionage is real, active, and not going away. Whether it is a customer or competitor, country or criminal, someone wants to know a lot […]

Nation-State Cyber Espionage, Targeted Attacks Becoming Global Norm

New report shows 2014 as the year of China’s renewed resiliency in cyber espionage–with Hurricane Panda storming its targets–while Russia, Iran, and North Korea, emerging as major players in hacking for political, nationalistic, and competitive gain. China unsurprisingly remains the number one most active and prolific nation waging cyber espionage attacks, according to a new […]