PyCryptoMiner ropes Linux machines into Monero-mining botnet

A Linux-based botnet that has been flying under the radar has earned its master at least 158 Monero (currently valued around $63,000). The botnet is based on a crypto-miner written in the Python scripting language, a fact that serves to keep its existence on the down-low. “Unlike a binary malware alternative, a scripting language-based malware […]

Breach of India’s Biometric Database Puts 1 Billion Users at Risk

A breach of the Unique Identification Authority of India’s Aadhaar biometric system is putting personally identifiable information (PII) of more than 1 billion Indian residents at risk, reports the Tribune, an Indian publication. Attackers created a gateway to the biometric database, in which any Aadhaar user’s ID number can be entered into a portal, the […]

LockPoS Malware Sneaks onto Kernel via new Injection Technique

A sneaky new injection technique delivers LockPoS malware straight into the kernel, researchers report. This “silent” method bypasses traditional antivirus software. LockPoS is a type of point-of-sale (PoS) malware designed to snatch credit card data from the memory of computers connected to PoS card scanners. It reads the memory of processes running on the system […]

Healthcare breaches involving ransomware increase year-over-year

2017 has been a very challenging year for healthcare institutions as these organizations remain under sustained attack by cybercriminals that continue to target their networks. End of year research conducted by Cryptonite indicates that there were a total of 140 data breach events characterized and reported to HHS/OCR as IT/hacking in 2017 representing a 23.89% increase over […]

36 fake security apps removed from Google Play

Google has recently pulled 36 fake security apps from Google Play, after they’ve been flagged by Trend Micro researchers. Posing as legitimate security solutions, and occasionally misusing the name of well-known AV vendors like Avast, the apps seemed to be doing the job: they showed security notifications and other messages, warned users about malicious apps, […]

GPS tracking vulnerabilities leave millions of products at risk

It’s an IoT nightmare. One that is entirely preventable. Two researchers have disclosed problems with hundreds of vulnerable GPS services using open APIs and trivial passwords (123456), resulting in a multitude of privacy issues including direct tracking. Further, many of the vulnerable services have open directories exposing logged data. For some, the vulnerabilities discovered and […]

How to keep your browser and devices safe from cryptojackers

Cryptojacking makes surfing the web similar to walking through a minefield: you never know when you might land on a booby-trapped site. Stealthy cryptocurrency mining scripts have found their way to a variety of websites – streaming, gaming, online stores, and so on. The craze started with CoinHive, but copycats have soon started popping up and increasing the probability for users to […]

Small, Targeted Ransomware Attacks Emerge

Ransomware attackers in the past year have begun to launch small, targeted campaigns, seeking a better return on their investment of time and money. Cybercriminals are expanding beyond ransomware “spray and pray” attacks delivered by spam, and focusing instead on specific industries, geographies, or companies of a particular size with ransomware phishing campaigns, according to […]

How Healthcare is a Major Target for Cybercriminals

The internet of things has transformed the healthcare sector, allowing security practitioners to easily share information and deliver personalized treatments. Yet many experts in the security industry believe that of all the industries facing serious cyber threats, healthcare is possibly the most at risk. That’s because relatively speaking, healthcare organizations are still behind when it […]

Offensive Security, Cyber Insurance And Cryptocurrencies: 2018 Predictions

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s safe to say that cybersecurity, or lack thereof, dominated headlines. This isn’t likely to change in 2018, with GDPR just around the corner. Read about the key trends that will impact cybersecurity next year according to Charl van der Walt, Chief Security Strategy Officer at the UK’s largest […]