7 Non-Financial Data Types to Secure

As more and more personally identifiable information (PII) has moved online, cybercriminals have been able to gain access to deeper stores of data and build more complete pictures of their victims. Whether the information concerns health, movement, or political views, it adds up to a rich, complete version of an individual that can be stolen, […]

100% of web applications vulnerable to attack, despite billions spent on security efforts

Companies will spend an estimated $96 billion on cybersecurity efforts in 2018, but 100% of web applications remain vulnerable to attack, according to Trustwave’s eleventh annual Global Security Report, released this week. The report examined how the cyber threat landscape has evolved in the past decade. In 2008, the largest cyber threats were opportunistic, with attackers trying […]

Hackers target ad networks to inject cryptocurrency mining scripts

Hackers are now injecting cryptocurrency mining scripts into web advertising platforms to make a quick buck, security researchers have found. Trend Micro wrote in a blog post this week that its researchers tracked web miner traffic linked to MSN.com, a popular ad-supported home page, which was displaying an ad that was using a computer’s processor to silently […]

Sharing Is Caring: These Tips Can Help Your End Users Avoid Tax-Related Scams

As more and more Americans continue to turn to technology to file their taxes, there is an undercurrent of risk. But that risk is doing nothing to deter the use of e-filing methods. According to eFile, of the more than 135 million tax returns filed for the 2016 tax year, 92% were filed electronically. Still, in […]

3 Emerging Innovations in Technology that Will Impact Cyber Security

The war between security experts charged with the responsibility of protecting information and cyber-criminals who threaten to compromise the integrity of data for different entities has become a cat and mouse game. For instance, as soon as white hats counter one form of malicious behavior using encryption tools, there is the almost immediate development of yet another malevolent form […]

Cryptocurrency mining malware uses five-year old vulnerability to mine Monero on Linux servers

Hackers are using a five-year-old security vulnerability to infect Linux servers with cryptocurrency-mining malware. The cryptojacking campaign exploits CVE-2013-2618, an old vulnerability in Cacti’s Network Weathermap plug-in, an open source tool which is used by network administrators to visualise network activity. Attackers can use the vulnerability to inject HTML and JavaScript into the title of maps […]

Criminals Using Web Injects to Steal Cryptocurrency

Criminals have deployed a variety of tactics in recent months to try and profit from the cryptocurrency boom. One of them is the use of Web injects to intercept and modify traffic between user browsers and cryptocurrency sites in order to steal coins from victims and transfer it to accounts held by criminals. Third-party risk […]

A look inside the big business of cybercrime

For three months, Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) research team compiled and analyzed data from the black market to shed light on the type of activity threat actors are participating in and how underground forums operate in the burgeoning industry. Just as big businesses operate based on regulations, the laws of supply and demand, and even customer […]

Cyber-crooks find a new way to share malware and scams

Yet another cybercrime-as-a-service offering is making it easier for even wannabe crooks to carry out large-scale malware campaigns. Known as BlackTDS, the service further lowers the bar for prospective cybercriminals. It allows individuals without technical know-how to instruct the service owners to carry out highly scalable, potentially massive spam and malvertising campaigns on their behalf. […]

Cybercriminals launder money through mansions, private islands and crypto currency

Cybercriminal proceeds make up an estimated 8-10 percent of total illegal profits laundered globally, amounting to an estimated $80-$200 billion each year, according to a nine-month academic study by Dr. Mike McGuire, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Surrey University. Many cybercriminals are using virtual currency to make property purchases which convert illegal proceeds into legitimate […]