Cybersecurity expert: Protect your company from internal threats

Robert Shields spent 20 years in the FBI hunting cybercriminals and cyberterrorists. When he started, criminals were snatching data off diskettes. Then crime went virtual. The job was intense. He loved it. He rose through the ranks and retired as special agent in charge. Read why Robert Shields says that it is important for companies to […]

The looming threat of . . . Cyber crimes

Read Leonid Bershidky’s article about the looming threat of cyber crimes on businesses on NWA Online : The recent ransomware attack that brought down MRI scanners in the U.K., railroad ticket machines in Germany, interior ministry computers in Russia and parts of the FedEx network in the U.S. is bound to cause a backlash against spy […]

An ethical hacker can help you beat a malicious one

Read Georg Thomas’ article about how ethical hackers can help companies beat the cyber criminals on Business Standard The recent spate of cyber attacks on computer systems across the world shows how some organisations are not doing enough to protect their systems against malicious hackers. But if organisations had engaged the services of an ethical […]

The WannaCry ransomware attack and the threat of cyber organised crime

Read Leonid Bershidsky take a look at the latest WannaCry ransomare and the threat of organised cyber crime on Australian Financial Review : Last week’s ransomware attack that brought down MRI scanners in the UK, railroad ticket machines in Germany, interior ministry computers in Russia and parts of the FedEx network in the US is bound […]

Start-ups can mitigate cyber crime risks with insurance

Businesses, both small and big, are increasingly shifting their processes and transactions online. The heavy dependence on the internet, however, comes with its own risks in the form of cyber crimes. Besides taking cyber security measures, fledgling entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses in particular need to purchase cyber-liability insurance to mitigate the risk from cyber […]

5 Ways A Bad Guy Can Steal Your Data

Read Christopher Frank’s article about the five ways in which cyber criminals can steal data on Forbes : In this day in age, we have a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. Your digital footprint is the portion of data that lingers around the internet. Some of it is data you have personally shared, the rest is data other […]

Looking to the feds for help in fighting cybercriminals

Read Jenni Bergal’s article about how federal authorities can help businesses in fighting cyber criminals on GCN : In just the last two months, hackers may have obtained the personal data of millions of job seekers in 10 states that outsource job-search services. In Pennsylvania, Democratic state senators were locked out of their computers for two […]

Cybercrime and Data Breach a Rising Threat to All Employers

Read why Bryan Carey says that cyber crime and data breach is a rising threat for all employers on JDSupra : Over the past six months, we have observed a significant uptick in inquiries about data breach and other cyberthreats from area businesses.  We are asked about pursuing claims for recovery of funds lost due […]

Kaspersky: Criminals Make 95% Profit on DDoS

According to Kaspersky Lab, DDoS-for-hire services are generally self-service, eliminating the need for direct contact between the organizer and the customer. Customers can make payments, get reports on work done and so on, all online. In fact, Kaspersky said that the order page “looks more like the web page of an IT startup than a […]

What’s the difference between state-backed hackers and cybercrime gangs? Nothing at all

Read why Danny Palmer says that there is no difference between cyber criminals and state backed hackers on ZDNet : Organised cybercrime is now as sophisticated as any government-backed hacking group — and businesses are losing the fight against both. Cybercriminal groups are more organised than ever. Many of the most sophisticated groups operate as if […]