Protect against the fastest-growing crime: cyber attacks

Cyber theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S., and cost the global economy more than $450 billion in 2016, with more than 2 billion person records stolen. By 2021, cyber crime damage costs could hit $6 trillion annually, according to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures. Read about the new report by Cybersecurity Ventures which reveals […]

Digital Crime-Fighting: The Evolving Role of Law Enforcement

Read Travis Farral’s article about how law enforcement agencies are catching up with cyber criminals on Dark Reading : As the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve, methods of policing it must change as well. The increasing number of cyber attacks propagated by everyone from nation-state actors to average criminals is blurring lines between cybersecurity and […]

Ombudsman says SMBs are a growing target for cybercrime in Australia

According to Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, half of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Australia believe their limited online presence protects them from cybercrime. Read why Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman says that small and medium businesses are a growing target for cyber attacks in Australia on ZDNet.

Survey: Consumers Concerned about Card Security Even as Fraud Rate Falls

Efforts by financial institutions to secure card payments and prevent fraud appear to be paying off, according to a recent survey commissioned by Transaction Network Services. Forty-six percent of Americans believed their payment data has been put at risk by a data breach, down from 60 percent in 2015. Read about the new report by Transaction […]

Fraud and the Internet of Things

Read Rahul Pangam’s article about how Internet of Things devices can be used for cyber fraud on Network World : During the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the hottest movements of our time. Although many technology trends and buzzwords come and go overnight, it’s clear that the IoT is […]

Cybersecurity Attacks Are on the Rise

Global cyber security attacks such as the Wannacry ransomware outbreak make headlines, but small and medium businesses are also vulnerable to cyber threats originating from their own employees, especially those who work remotely. As telecommuters grow in number, so does the potential for cyber breaches caused by lax cyber security habits. Read about the report from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) puts the financial loss from […]

Can Artificial Intelligence & Robots fight the Cybercrime Epidemic?

Read why Alexandra expects artificial intelligence and robots to play a significant part in cyber security on Chip In : As digital technology relentlessly disrupts and sculpts the global landscape it exposes organisations to opportunities and threats. All evolution comes with challenges and the dark world of cybercrime continues to thrive and is this year’s […]

Cybersecurity expert: Protect your company from internal threats

Robert Shields spent 20 years in the FBI hunting cybercriminals and cyberterrorists. When he started, criminals were snatching data off diskettes. Then crime went virtual. The job was intense. He loved it. He rose through the ranks and retired as special agent in charge. Read why Robert Shields says that it is important for companies to […]

The looming threat of . . . Cyber crimes

Read Leonid Bershidky’s article about the looming threat of cyber crimes on businesses on NWA Online : The recent ransomware attack that brought down MRI scanners in the U.K., railroad ticket machines in Germany, interior ministry computers in Russia and parts of the FedEx network in the U.S. is bound to cause a backlash against spy […]

An ethical hacker can help you beat a malicious one

Read Georg Thomas’ article about how ethical hackers can help companies beat the cyber criminals on Business Standard The recent spate of cyber attacks on computer systems across the world shows how some organisations are not doing enough to protect their systems against malicious hackers. But if organisations had engaged the services of an ethical […]