The advent of GDPR could fuel extortion attempts by criminals

The number of exploit kit attacks is, slowly but surely, going down, and malware peddlers are turning towards more reliable tactics such as spam, phishing, and targeting specific, individual vulnerabilities. That’s the good news. The bad news is that everything else is on the rise: BEC scams, ransomware, stealthy crypto-mining, the number of enterprise records compromised […]

Russian, Indian banks lose millions to hackers

The Russian central bank’s Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (FinCERT) disclosed on Friday that hackers compromised a computer at a Russian bank and used the SWIFT system to transfer 339.5 million roubles (around $6 million) to accounts they controlled. No details about the heist have been shared, so we don’t know which bank has […]

Security lessons from the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Technology races ahead, seducing us with shiny buttons that go “ping!” Meanwhile, security cleans up the mess–or tries to. Sound familiar? We see this drama play out across industry and government, even the Olympics. A lack of security awareness at design phase incurs massive technical debt, sometimes with catastrophic results when the bill comes due. […]

Bitcoin thieves use Google AdWords to target victims

Researchers have uncovered a Bitcoin-stealing cybercriminal gang that has stolen millions of dollars by exploiting Google AdWords. On Wednesday, cybersecurity experts from Cisco Talos revealed that with the help of the Ukraine Cyberpolice, the team has been able to track and monitor the group over the past six months. In a blog post, researchers Jeremiah […]

Ransomware: Why the crooks are ditching bitcoin and where they are going next

While bitcoin has recently found itself in the public eye thanks to its rocketing — and, more recently, plummeting — value, it hasn’t appeared from nowhere. The blockchain-based cryptocurrency — the first decentralised payment method of its kind — first appeared in 2009. However, for over half a decade, it didn’t receive much attention outside […]

Here’s what keeps your CISO up at night

89.1 percent of all information security leaders are concerned about the rise of digital threats they are experiencing across web, social and mobile channels, according to the 2018 CISO Survey by RiskIQ. Some 1,691 U.S. and U.K. information security leaders across multiple verticals, including enterprise, consulting, government and education, provided insights into their cyber risk […]

LoopX pulls exit scam, walks away with $4.5m in investor cryptocurrency

LoopX has pulled an exit scam after launching a series of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which earned the startup roughly $4.5 million. The cryptocurrency startup promised to give traders consistent, high returns for investing in a proprietary trading algorithm. According to a cached version of the LoopX website — which has now gone dark — a series […]

Hackers exploit zero-day flaw in Telegram to mine cryptocurrency

Cyber thugs have been exploiting a zero-day flaw in the Telegram Messenger desktop app in order to mine for cryptocurrencies or to install a backdoor to remotely control victims’ computers. Kaspersky Lab discovered attacks on Telegram Messenger’s Windows desktop client back in October 2017. The vulnerability in the popular Telegram app had been actively exploited since […]

Android malware: Millions fall victim to drive-by cryptocurrency miner

Millions of Android users have unwittingly lent their device to a drive-by cryptocurrency mining campaign in what’s believed to be the first large operation of this kind to specifically target mobile users. Malicious apps and sites with malvertising are redirecting millions of users to websites set up for the purposes of mining the Monero cryptocurrency. […]

Cybercrime shifts: Rise of Russian cybercrime, attacks on cryptocurrency marketplaces

Cryptocurrency marketplaces, designed to facilitate trading on the full range of digital currencies, are experiencing a range of fraudulent activity. The world of cryptocurrency has moved from being the playground of the criminal underworld to be a prime target for attacks on legitimate transactions, according to the Q4 2017 Cybercrime Report by ThreatMetrix. Fraudulent new accounts […]