New Spider ransomware threatens to delete your files if you don’t pay within 96 hours

A new form of ransomware has emerged and is being distributed through malicious Office documents, infecting victims with file-encrypting malware. Uncovered by researchers at Netskope, the ‘Spider Virus’ ransomware campaign was first detected on December 10 and is ongoing. Like many ransomware schemes, the attack begins with malicious emails to potential victims. The email subjects and […]

Russian-Speaking ‘MoneyTaker’ Group Helps Itself to Millions from US Banks

A Russian-speaking cybercrime group has stolen millions of dollars from more than 20 banks in the US and Russia since at least May 2016 and appears poised to strike financial institutions across Latin America next, Moscow-based Group-IB warned Monday. According to the security vendor, the so-called MoneyTaker group’s modus operandi has been to break into […]

Return of Necurs botnet brings new ransomware threat

The Necurs botnet has returned to the top ten most prevalent malware during November 2017, as cybercriminals used it to distribute a new form of ransomware, according to Check Point. “The re-emergence of the Necurs botnet highlights how malware that may seem to be fading away doesn’t always disappear or become any less of a threat. Despite […]

Over 1 million monthly spam emails spreading new Adwind RAT variants

The holidays are busy times for most people – and that includes cyber criminals who are busy sending millions of spam emails carrying newly repackaged Adwind remote access Trojan (RAT) variants meant to avoid detection. Adwind is a cross-platform RAT that has also been called AlienSpy, Frutas, Unrecom, Sockrat, JSocket, and jRAT. This multifunctional RAT […]

Will IoT botnets catapult the industry toward security regulation in 2018?

Attackers demonstrated the power of an IoT-fueled botnet in 2016 when the Mirai botnet took down major websites like Reddit, Twitter and GitHub. Despite the damages, no significant changes to the IoT industry occurred. As a matter of fact, consumers continue to purchase and deploy IoT devices with little care outside the guarantee that the device works […]

What is phishing? How this cyber attack works and how to prevent it

Phishing is a cyber attack that uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need — a request from their bank, for instance, or a note from someone in their company — and to click a link or download […]

Mobile Christmas Shopping: Beware Of Fake Apps & Data Theft

With Christmas just around the corner and shops ringing in the high revenue-generating Christmas sales, it is not only retailers who are looking forward to the start of the shopping season. Cyber criminals, for whom the increasing proliferation of mobile shopping apps is opening up lucrative attack opportunities, are also likely to profit from this […]

NiceHash suffers security breach, around $70 million in Bitcoin stolen

NiceHash, one of the most popular crypto-mining marketplaces, has apparently suffered a breach that resulted in the theft of the entire contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet. Read more about the NiceHash security breach on Help Net Security.

FBI, Europol, Microsoft, ESET Team Up, Dismantle One of World’s Largest Malware Operations

A pervasive and long-running malware operation that used more than 460 different botnets and infected more than 1.1 million computers a month has been derailed in a yearlong operation by global law enforcement and cybersecurity vendors. The FBI, Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, Joint Cybercrime Action Task Force (J-CAT), Eurojust, and Germany’s Luneburg Central Criminal Investigation […]

New protections, vulnerabilities in fight against identity theft

Read Alexander Soule’s article about how to fight against identity theft on CTPost : As data breaches piled up this year exposing personal information to identity thieves, southwestern Connecticut was coming off a year in which complaints by local residents alerting officials of incidents affecting them fell precipitously. Read his full article here.