Cutting the Cost of Public Sector Cybercrime in 2018

The 2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study surveyed more than 2,000 security and IT professionals in 254 organizations worldwide and found that cyber attacks are not slowing down. Quite the contrary: The number of cyberattacks against government agencies is increasing, with public sector organizations experiencing 53 such attacks on average per week during 2017. The study also […]

‘Back to Basics’ Might Be Your Best Security Weapon

Despite an influx of best-in-breed security technologies, organizations around the world are seeing a continued rise in cyber attacks. There are big implications. Financial consequences include immediate costs of investigating the breach and extend longer-term to include lawsuits and regulatory fines. Loss of customer trust can translate into declines in business. Perhaps most damaging is […]

CISOs’ Cyber War: How Did We Get Here?

Jack Miller, Chief Information Security Officer of SlashNex, has spent a great deal of time on the front lines of the biggest conflict of our age: the cyber war. In almost 20 years as a security professional, he has reached the conclusion that while we are all fighting the good fight and winning some battles, we […]

Emailed Cyberattack Targets 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

A fileless malware campaign was discovered targeting organizations associated with the upcoming 2018 winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, report analysts at McAfee Advanced Threat Research. An unknown nation-state attacker is likely responsible. The campaign’s primary target was with 337 South Korean organizations included on the BCC line. Most targets had some involvement in […]

Cybersecurity: EU institutions strengthen cooperation to counter cyber-attacks

On 20 December 2017 EU institutions took an important step in strengthening their cooperation in the fight against cyber-attacks. An inter-institutional arrangement which entered into force on that day has established a permanent Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-EU) covering all the EU’s institutions, bodies and agencies. It consolidates the existing task force into a permanent […]

2017 was a dumpster fire of privacy and security screw-ups

If you thought 2016 was bad — a year of historical hacks and game-changing cyberattacks — 2017 was even worse. Sure, 2016 may have killed every famous person we ever cared about, but this year brought shame on our favorite companies for getting security wrong and violating our privacy. Companies betrayed you, covered up hacks and renounced their responsibilities, […]

Microsoft Office Docs New Vessel for Loki Malware

A stealthy new attack distributes Loki malware in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other Office applications. The attack, which was discovered by Lastline Labs, is tough to detect in its early stages. It bypasses traditional antivirus and is often dismissed as a false positive because it relies on malicious “scriptlets” that are added to Office files […]

WannaCry ransomware: Now the US says North Korea was to blame

North Korea was behind the WannaCry ransomware attack that caused chaos around the world earlier this year, according to the US government. “After careful investigation, the U.S. today publicly attributes the massive WannaCry cyberattack to North Korea,” Thomas Bossert, US Homeland security advisor, wrote in an article for the Wall Street Journal. “North Korea has acted especially badly, largely unchecked, […]

New Database Botnet Leveraged for Bitcoin Mining

An organized group of cybercriminals is currently targeting database services in a new botnet build-up that’s being leveraged for cryptocurrency mining, among other more traditional botnet attack patterns. Discovered by researchers with GuardiCore Labs, the so-called Hex-Men attacks have been slowly evolving since March and remain ongoing. The researchers say there are three main variants […]

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Requires the Right Cyber Threat Intelligence

A recent report from Grand View Research predicts that the cyber threat intelligence (CTI) market will reach $12.6 billion by 2025. This growth in demand isn’t surprising when you consider the ongoing success of so many high-profile and extremely damaging attacks. This climate of increasingly sophisticated breaches has moved many organizations — particularly, those that handle and […]