How to sell cybersecurity to your executive team

Read  Scott Schlimmer’s article about how CIOs and CSOs can sell cyber security to company boards on CSO Online : Despite repeated major, high-profile breaches, most cybersecurity teams still struggle to get sufficient funding. “After this hack, cybersecurity budgets are bound to increase.” We’ve all thought it. But, curiously, it may not always happen. Read his […]

How to Talk to the C-Suite about Malware Trends

Read Raj Rajamani article about how the CISOs and CSOs can apprise C-Suite and company boards about the malware threats on Dark Reading : WannaCry scared the world with its massive disruption. NotPetya reminded everyone why they can’t forget about exploits after the first time they are used. Mirai irritated consumers for a full day […]

Five things you need to know about executive protection

Read list five things that companies need to know about CEO, CISO, CSO protection on CSO Online : Protecting executives today is about much more than physically shielding them from danger. The cyber security risks are higher than ever, and organizations need to ensure that the network and data access many high-level executives have doesn’t […]

Five Key Challenges Facing CSOs Today

Read Ashwin Pal list five key challenges to the CSOs today on CSO Online : 2016 has been a tough year for IT security and the trend seems to be continuing into 2017. We have now become accustomed to groups such as Anonymous that have wreaked havoc on a number of large government and corporate […]

9 Critical Responsibilities Of The Cybersecurity Manager

Read Melissa Stevens list out 9 critical responsibilities of a CISO/CSO on BitSight : The larger the organization, the more narrow the focus becomes. For instance, if you were the only one running the show in the cybersecurity department for your organization, you would be tasked with everything from the technical aspects of security to […]

CSOs talk ransomware: Peril and profit

There may be no stopping cybercrime, but the best way to defend against it is with knowledge. Know what the threats are, what they can do, how they’re changing, and how to protect your business, and you’ll be all the more prepared for when the inevitable attack comes. As such, SiliconANGLE reached out to several […]

Chief Information Security Officer interview questions – Tough questions for CISOs and CSOs

The Chief Information Security Officer and CSO roles  have evolved in recent years from a relatively narrow focus as “guardians of the data” to members of the C suite who are expected to speak the language of business, participate in strategic planning and be perceived as business enablers rather than impediments. As such the CISO […]

14 Security Fails That Cost Executives Their Jobs

You had one job: Secure the data. What happened? Life as a CEO, CIO, or CTO is a bit more complex than that. Not every executive is directly responsible for IT security. Few have a deep understanding of it. But in our networked world, IT security is the foundation of a successful business, and blame […]

How to build physical security into a data center

There are plenty of complicated documents that can guide companies through the process of designing a secure data center–from the gold-standard specs used by the federal government to build sensitive facilities like embassies, to infrastructure standards published by industry groups like the Telecommunications Industry Association, to safety requirements from the likes of the National Fire […]