An untold cost of ransomware: It will change how you operate

Read Paula Long’s article about the hidden costs of ransomware and how it affects businesses on Help Net Security : Ransomware is unfortunately an IT reality. With the complexity and frequency of attacks, there is a good chance you or someone you know has been impacted. Many victims attacked are tempted to just pay the […]

Risky Business – The Valuation of Data Breaches

Read why Richard Pain says that data breach cost valuation is a risky business on MIS Asia : How can you calculate the value of a data breach in your organisation and implement an effective mitigation strategy? This is the question that Todd Forgie answers in his fascinating presentation, originally delivered at CLOUDSEC Singapore. Read his […]

Cyber breaches have cost shareholders billions since 2013: report

Cyber security breaches erode companies’ share prices permanently, with financials the worst hit, a study issued by IT consultant CGI and Oxford Economics has found. Severe cyber security breaches, such as those having legal or regulatory consequences, involve the loss of hundreds of thousands of records and hurt the firm’s brand, caused share prices to fall […]

£42bn: The damage to UK investors from ‘severe’ cyberattacks since 2013

Businesses have increasingly come under attack by hackers over the past few years but the massive negative impact data breaches can have on companies’ valuations is not yet fully quantified. A recent study conducted by Oxford Economics reveals that “severe” cyberattacks have cost UK business investors close to £42bn since 2013. Read more about the […]

Neiman Marcus data breach settlement tells us plenty about the ROI of security

Read Evan Schuman explain how the Neiman Marcus data breach settlement tells us plenty about the ROI of security on Computer World : There is a security ROI dance in retail today. Executives know that they can skimp on security and have a statistically decent chance the company won’t get caught by a cyberthief before someone […]

Recent Home Depot Settlement a Reminder of Data Breach Ramifications and Importance of Risk Mitigation Policies and Procedures

Read Aaron D. Charfoos and Michael F. Derksen explain how the Home Depot’s $25 million data breach settlement is a reminder of how much a data breach can cost to any business on Lexology : When a retailer is hit by a major data breach—such as the one that befell Home Depot in 2014 and […]

Neiman Agrees to Pay $1.6M Over Data Breach

After three years of litigation, Neiman Marcus has agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle a class action over a security breach that exposed the credit card information of about 350,000 customers. Settlement papers were filed with a federal judge Friday in a case that alleged Neiman was liable for the breach because it failed to […]

Aussie SMBs lose $6600 for each cyber attack

Norton (a Symantec company) says that despite long and concerted cyber security awareness campaigns, many Australian SMBs are still ill-equipped or unwilling to assess and proactively secure their devices and data to minimise the threats against cyber attacks in an increasingly digital world. Read more about the new report by Norton which reveals that each […]

How can you predict the costs of a data breach for your company?

Read  Bob Siegel’s article about how companies can predict cost of a data breach on CIO : A common fear of privacy officers is a data breach, the unauthorized acquisition or processing of personal information that is maintained by an organization. The fear is enhanced by some IT security folks reminding us that “there are […]

Cybersecurity Breaches Cost UK Firms £30 Billion in 2016, Says New Research

According to a recent survey, more than half (52 percent) of UK-based businesses fell victims to some form of cybercrime in 2016. The survey – published by internet service provider Beaming and conducted by researchers at Opinium – revealed that a staggering 2.9 million British firms experienced a cybersecurity breach last year. Read more about the […]