A Dire Need for Proactive Cyber Security Investments: Report

Trend Micro Incorporated released its 2017 Midyear Security Roundup: The Cost of Compromise, detailing the threats from the first half of 2017, which continue to disrupt and challenge IT planning. Read about the new report called 2017 Midyear Security Roundup: The Cost of Compromise by Trend Micro which reveals that their is a dire need for […]

IoT Security Costs are Manageable

Read why Jake Sprouse says that Internet of Things device security has become more critical than ever and why the costs are manageable on EE Times : Gone are the days of security-through-obscurity for connected consumer products. Designers can no longer ignore the risk that a potential security compromise poses to their brands. As a result of […]

Report: Healthcare Organizations Spend $12.5 Million a Year on Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is costing businesses, on average, $11.7 million a year, a 23 percent increase from $9.5 million in cybercrime-related spending last year. The accelerating cost of cybercrime over the past five years also means that the cost of cybercrime has increased 62 percent since 2013, according to the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Cybercrime Study. Read […]

Too many UK small businesses still aren’t investing in cyber protection

Duo Security, one of the world’s fastest growing cybersecurity companies, in partnership with YouGov, has surveyed 1,009 senior decision makers in small businesses across Britain and found that 38 per cent will spend nothing at all to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats this financial year. Read more about the new report by Duo Security which […]

Cybercrime Costs Each Business $11.7M Per Year

The most expensive attacks are malware infections, which cost global businesses $2.4 million per incident. The average cost of cybercrime in 2017 was $11.7 million per organization, a 23% increase from $9.5 million in 2016 and a 62% increase over the past five years for global businesses. Read about the new report called “The Cost of […]

Report: Average enterprise data breach cost rises to $1.3M

The cost of a data breach for enterprises in North America increased this year, according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, released Tuesday. The total impact of a data breach now amounts to $1.3 million for large companies—up from $1.2 million in 2016, the report found. Read about the new report […]

Real Costs of a Global Data Breach

Did you know that the true cost of a global data breach is predicted at $53 billion? In fact, 99 percent of computers are at risk of being hacked, while virtually 100 percent of companies experience successful cyber-attacks. Read why Timothy Crosby of Spohn Consulting Services says that actual costs of security breaches aren’t just financial […]

The real cost of alarm fatigue

Read Tony Rowan explain the cost of cyber security fatigue that develops in a company’s IT team on Help Net Security : One of the toughest challenges for an IT security team is managing and sifting through the deluge of security alerts that are created on a daily basis.  Teams can waste considerable time chasing […]

Cyber threats are the biggest risks to business operations

Read why Sunil Gupta says that with cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication beyond a certain point, investments in prevention technologies show diminishing returns on Economic Times : Digital technologies have unlocked unprecedented avenues in the current market landscape for businesses. Today, it is as easy for a business to tap customers in […]

The millions lost by companies every year due to data breaches

Globally, companies are still losing a huge amount of money because of data breaches. According to a Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by Ponemon Institute, the participating 419 companies lost USD 3.63 million on an average in FY2017. This, however, is less than what companies lost during the last year as the cost decreased […]